How to Choose The Perfect Patio Doors

If you are shopping for new patio doors, it is super important to know what will work best for your house since you want to do the job once and correctly, enjoying the new units for many years to come. So how do you choose the right patio doors, and which ones are the best?

Our team made a market analysis and reached out to experts from ecolinewindows.ca to ask for all the essential information covering patio door selection and what value do these units bring when it comes to home renovation and improvement. Want to know everything in detail? Stay tuned!

What to Look for When Choosing Your New Patio Doors?

When choosing new patio doors, Canadian homeowners should not only rely on prices and friends’ recommendations but also take into account the architectural design of the house, exterior/interior, energy efficiency and many other crucial aspects.

That is why together with the experts we have compiled a great list of main tips to consider when choosing the new units that will complement your house design, bringing you comfort and peace of mind. All of them are essential so make sure you consider every step before buying any patio door or contact your local door company. Keep reading!

1. Decide on Patio Doors Style Taking Into Account Available Space

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When you go with swinging and French doors, it is essential to remember that those styles require some room to open. That is why you have to consider furniture and wall placement factors in advance before deciding on which opening method would work best for the space you have in your home.

If space is limited, think about installing modern sliding patio doors. They would match any home design and occupy not that much of your area since they are to open horizontally by sliding the glass door along the tracks.

2. Outdoor Living Space

Select a patio doors design with a wide doorway to your outdoor living space. If you need to take something big out of your house or seek more ventilation, you may want to install French and Swing doors into your design since they provide you with a more broad entry.

3. Choose the Right Glass

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Glass is the most significant component of your new patio doors. That is why you’ll want to go with the right type of glass to get the most out of it. Low-E glass (coating) aims to lower your annual energy bills and protect against UV fading. You may also want to get the glass to ensure more privacy and daylight. Do not hesitate to ask your door company to explain to you all the options available so you can choose the right glass for your needs.

4. Get the Right Material

Strive to purchase patio doors made of durable and easy-to-maintain material, particularly if you have any plans on using your patio door as the main entrance to your home. While you can go with fiberglass, aluminum or other frame materials, the most trendy material among Canadians is vinyl. It is super durable, energy-efficient, requires little to no maintenance and is affordable. With all those perks available, vinyl is considered a great alternative to all the classic materials.

Sliding Patio vs French Doors: What to Choose?

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Experts say that these 2 are the most common types of patio doors you will find at any Canadian home. But what to choose to complement your home design and get the most benefits? Here is the handy list we have made for you.

Choose sliding patio doors if

  • You have limited space and do not want to occupy it;
  • Unobstructed view is the main concern for you. With a huge glass area with no check rails and other add-ons,
  • you are welcome to enjoy your outside with no obstacles;

You want an easy to operate and safe for kids doors. Sliding horizontally, these patio doors are effortless to you, either for kids or older people. Energy efficiency is what you are looking for. These units are incredibly great at this point, helping you to cut down on your energy bills significantly.

Choose French Doors if

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You want classic units. French doors are sleek but traditional, so they will complement your house design perfectly. You need a wider entry. Since both doors can be open – you are welcome to enjoy a wide doorway outside. You are looking for superb ventilation. Just leave both doors open and enjoy the fresh air coming to your space.

Go with the Right Installers

If you have decided to buy new patio doors, it is an excellent step towards enhancing energy efficiency and adding value to your house. However, what is important to remember here is that you need not only to buy great units but also to install them correctly. This is not the DIY project you may want to go through. The work requires skilled professionals that will:

  • Make the correct measurements
  • Help you with choosing the right style
  • Follow the CSA guidelines and your local building codes

Ensure the installation is done correctly, and your new units will bring the value they are supposed to bring
If you want to make sure you are working with the right company, start by checking their reviews online. A reliable door installer should have a significant number of real customer reviews and opinions on sites like HomeStar, where you can check the project, SoW, pictures (before and after), and final reviews & ratings from real Canadian homeowners.

The next step is to ask your family and friends. Maybe they have dealt with a particular installer or company and can recommend someone to you. Word of mouth here works best. Finally, make sure that a preferred door company only sells and installs patio doors that are Energy Star-rated and NAFS-11 tested. This step is vital since the purchased units are a long-term investment, and you definitely want your new doors to be energy efficient, match your home style and meet industry standards.

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