Is Cooking with an Air Fryer Really Worth it?

No person in the world wouldn’t like to make a cooking process much faster. Now, we are living in such a busy time where we don’t have enough free time for anything, let alone cooking. When we say this, we mean that it needs to be easier, delicious, and faster. We can see there are countless products whose manufacturers claim they’ve invented a magic formula that will make it way easier and faster.

Sadly, we can see that this is not true most of the time. At the same time, we can see that there are, in fact, some products that can provide us with a lot of benefits in this regard. Surely, one of the most popular ones in the last couple of years is the air fryer. We are talking about a product that offers a wide array of different possibilities.

In fact, some dishes can’t be made without it, in home conditions, of course. If you would like to see some of them, be sure to take a look at Since there are many uncertainties about this product, we would like to talk about whether is it worth the money you would potentially invest into it. Let’s get started.

What is an Air Fryer?

For those who are not aware of what an air fryer is, it needs to be said that we are talking about a kitchen appliance that has a special use. We are talking about a product that uses the circulation of hot air to cook the food. Depending on the model, and the price range that goes between $70 and $200, you will be able to choose from a two-liter to six-liter appliance. The decision is, of course, entirely up to you, and should be based on your needs and preferences.

Is the Food Healthier?

We can see that the manufacturers of air fryers claim that their products can be used for healthier food preparation. Also, we can see that they say that the texture and taste of the ingredients will not be lost in the process. For example, it’s often said that it is a much healthier option than deep frying. While there are no solid facts that can provide us with this kind of knowledge, we can see that some users pointed out this one as the biggest virtue of these products.

Does it Cook Faster?

When it comes to the question about whether the cooking process being faster with air fryers, it needs to be said that this is correct. The reason is that high temperatures are reached in just a couple of minutes. When you compare this to the ovens, who take around 15 minutes to reach these temperatures, it surely is a really big advantage. Since there’s no person with enough free time, this segment of these products surely looks like a way to go.

What Can You Make in One of These?

Now, we’ve got to the tastiest and most interesting part of our article. We would like to talk about what kinds of foods you can prepare in air fryers. For example, you can prepare pizza, different sorts of cakes, roasted garlic, etc. Even though it might seem that this question wasn’t a necessary one, we don’t agree with this statement. We are talking about a product that many people are not aware of, mainly in its most important characteristics. Therefore, our readers will not have the opportunity to take a look at the best of the examples.

What’s the Price?

If we are talking about the price, it needs to be said that the range is pretty wide. For example, the price can go from under $100 to $200, depending on what kind of air fryer you are looking for. Thankfully, chances are that you will be able to come across some opportunities where some discounts can be taken into consideration.

What are the Benefits?

Now, we would like to point out the most important benefits of using an air fryer.


One of the greatest benefits of air fryers is that they will not waste too much of the kitchen space. The average model has the size of an average coffee maker, which surely doesn’t take too much of it, right? So, you can see that they are perfect for smaller kitchens, RVs, and dorm rooms. In some cases, they can even serve as a replacement for the oven. Plus, it can even replace a steamer or a toaster. With so many options, you will be able to remove some things that you don’t really need in your kitchen.


There’s a wide array of different styles of cooking you can use with one of these. We are talking about reheat, baking, roast, air fry, steam, etc. In fact, there are some ways you can cook that don’t really look when you take a first look at it. Basically, it all depends on the capacity you have. Therefore, it wouldn’t hurt you to take a look at all the available models before you decide to make the purchase.

Simple to Use

You will certainly agree that the highest percentage of air fryers are designed to be simple to use. You just need to set the temperature you would like, and how much time it needs before the process is completed. Of course, you will be able to achieve much better results if you just shake it a couple of times to avoid it getting stuck. We can see that there are cases when parents had a much easier time helping their children to learn how to cook with air fryers. So, be sure to try it out.

The Verdict

Making the verdict on whether an air fryer is worth your money is a pretty hard one. It should be based on your preferences and needs. Buying anything without needing it is not something that anybody should do. Therefore, we would say that you need to think carefully before making the ultimate decision. All-in-all, you see what are the main characteristics. See all of them and come up with a decision.

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