Top 5 Humorous Co-Op Games for Bonding

Especially now, during a global pandemic, it’s a great idea to spend time bonding or connecting with your friends by playing light-hearted cooperative multiplayer games. Co-op games grant players the flexibility of gaming together locally or online, in most cases. Staying connected is crucial in friendships and other types of relationships, and nothing breaks the ice in an attempt to bond like multiplayer games filled with laughs and giggles.

Eneba digital games marketplace recommends five engaging and humour-filled co-op games to occupy you and your friends or family members for hours of rich entertainment amidst the trials of social distancing. We picked out games that are popular in the gaming community and have gameplay characteristics that share a common element – cheer. So settle down comfortably on your couch and check out the games measured by giggles produced per second.

Human: Fall Flat

The charm of this indie game lies in awkward physics and controls that were designed deliberately by the Lithuanian developer studio No Brake Games. Hilariously bizarre in-game physics adds challenge to the 3D puzzle-platformer and creates a perfect opportunity for you and your friends to laugh at each other until you run out of breath, likely.

The difficult control mechanics are designed for challenging gameplay that makes for a perfect co-op experience rather than a single-player campaign because it can simply get too frustrating otherwise. Participate in various in-game activities like bowling or basketball, except that you will probably keep flopping down, but that is alright! The point of Human: Fall Flat is to fail so absurdly in your co-op session that your epic stunt receives a round of laughter instead of applause.

Among Us

Just a few months ago Innersloth’s Among Us received sudden attention on a global scale and now the game has several dozen million active players. The idea of the game is simple – the players are sorted into Crewmates, the characters that have to carry out the tasks within the spaceship and watch out for the others, the Imposters. An Imposter (typically one or two players, depending on the number of players in a lobby) is a predatory kind of alien assuming the form of a Crewmate to blend in and win by killing enough players or sabotaging the ship.

The fun lies in the social deduction part as players are trying to figure out who is the deceitful Imposter among them. Each time a dead body is discovered, an emergency meeting takes place and all hell can break loose when players accuse each other, attempting to figure out who is the murderer before everyone ends up dead. These matches have seen some real catfights… Isn’t it hilarious to trick all of your friends and then watch their demise?

The Jackbox Party Pack 7

Another great choice for spending your time with friends is The Jackbox Party Pack 7 developed by Jackbox Games studio. This title is a package of several mini-games designed for party gatherings and co-op sessions with friends or family, each game crazier than the other. The focus of the mini-games is to put people in comical situations by prompting them in the given tasks, so creativity and a good sense of humour is the key to winning these games.

In this edition, you will find these games: Quiplash 3, The Devils and the Details, Champ’d Up, Talking Points, Blather ‘Round. For example, the Quickplash 3 has been revamped and included as a fan favourite mini-game that unleashes the darkest humour even in the most innocent people. Conveniently, the game can be played via computers, tablets, and phones, so long as you have a steady internet connection. Gather up, pick out the mini-game, and have a blast together!

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Jackbox mini-games may be quirky but Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the quirkiest battle royale up to date. With up to 60 other players online, you participate in a game that is so unlike most battle royale titles – instead of bloody encounters, wacky obstacles are waiting for you to wipe you out in the most ridiculous ways. This game is a perfect choice for spending leisure time with your friends because laughter is going to echo all around, and be warned, frustration is going to happen as well.

Devolver Digital’s indie game revolves around difficult physics and critical thinking as to how to deal with the route full of obstacles, both visible and hidden. In addition, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout contains several game modes, some are team-based, and some are competitive, so there is versatility in the gameplay and your squad of friends is not likely to grow bored of the game anytime soon. Massive online pandemonium – that’s how this knucklehead game can be defined, and if you’re looking for giggles, then this is one of the best choices to opt for.

Overcooked! 2

Team17 knows how to make comical online games, their newest project Worms Rumble proves it, but this time our focus turns to another title made by them – Overcooked! 2. The Onion Kingdom is in need of help, and you, along with your friends, might be the salvation Onion king is seeking. Or not. The game mechanics are rather difficult, so cooking up in the kitchen with others proves to be quite a challenge, and the more you progress, the worse it gets – the kitchen starts moving and becomes a living obstacle itself!

The colourful animation, adorable characters, and humoristic atmosphere create a rather easy-going air to the game albeit the whole cooperative cooking process being quite steamy (after all, you are in the kitchen). It’s as chaotic as the chaos goes, so if you love swashbuckling co-op experiences, Overcooked! 2 might just be up your alley. Grab a friend or a few of them and play online until your belly hurts from all the laughing, and let’s expect you still have friends after a couple of hours of joint cooking!

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