Top 5 Great Games Every Gamer Should Play

Each gamer has a favorite or at least several favorite games they enjoy. Some of them might be truly great games in general. Game developers have produced several such titles over the years and, regardless if they’re your favorites or not, you should give them a shot.

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You can think of these video games as classic or iconic titles that don’t go out of fashion just because they were made by developers with a deep love for the genre. Time and effort have gone into them and that’s why they remain evergreen. Here are a few such titles:

1. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

The vast universe of Star Wars will be at your disposal in KOTOR. You’ll even get to create your character and go from planet to planet to complete various missions. You can go for the side missions too and play some Pazaak if you want to.

In Pazaak, you’ll get to beat your opponents when your card value is exactly 20 or near 20. You’ll get cards that increase or decrease the value and even cards that can go both ways. This game is rather similar to blackjack as this casino game served as inspiration for it. You can win credits, new cards, and even gear when you beat a Pazaak player and you’ll be able to use all of them in the game to give your character the upper hand.

A final note about KOTOR is to be mindful of your dialogue choices and actions. They will help you become a Jedi or turn into a Sith. And you’ll earn or lose friends because of it. This is what makes KOTOR a great game and why you should give it a shot.

2. The Resident Evil Franchise

You must have heard of this franchise as it has been going on for years. Even if you haven’t, you might not have had the chance to play the first few titles. Don’t worry as they received worthy remakes. The first one looks similar to the original game and the second and third remakes of the same games are worthy of quality standards today because they look so good. Zombies aren’t as scary as you’ll think they are and you’ll get to play a variety of characters including Jill, Chris, Leon, and many others. Get ready for a story that spans several titles.

3. The Assassin’s Creed Franchise

This is another franchise that has been going on for quite some time. You might have heard of Ezio or Altair, but what about Bayek, Haytham, Connor, or Shay? In other words, this is a franchise that features a bunch of characters throughout different periods. Desmond Miles links them all and once he sets out on the Assassin’s Path you’ll get a story like never before. You’ll get to meet two factions that have been warring for centuries and continue to do so, at least in the game.

More importantly, you’ll get to visit Italy during the Renaissance, Constantinople, the US before it became independent, France during the Revolution, and more. You’ll get to climb every building in your sight and help spread Assassin or Templar influence depending on the character you’re playing with. This is an unforgettable and great franchise that will continue in the future.

4. The Dragon Age Franchise

Good franchises are never missed and this one will keep expanding. So far, it has three titles with a fourth one on the way as confirmed by Bethesda. However, everything needs a beginning which is why the first one is titled Origins. In this one, you’ll get to take on the Dark Spawn as it tries to gobble up the world. You’ll become a Grey Warden in this quest and you’ll get to be either a rogue, warrior, or mage. In the second one, you’ll follow pretty much the same quest with an Inquisitor and you’ll spark a mage rebellion to save humanity.

The third and final entry in the game takes you as head of the Inquisition and you’re there to banish the monsters and close the rifts that spawned them. All of them will have different classes and races to pick from and you’ll get to customize your character any way you want. The story is pretty good too although it may sound like a cliché at this point. You’ll meet lots of characters along the way and some of them will become your companions for life.

5. Cyberpunk 2077

The future is yours to explore in Cyberpunk 2077 as you enter Night City as either a Corpo, a Nomad, or a street kid. Each class will have its perks so can play the game from every perspective. So, you’ll start the game differently, but all the starting points will pull into one. Two major corporations are looking to dominate the world: Arasaka and Militech. You’ll tangle will Militech early on as you get a job from a fixer and, once you complete it, you’ll get a pretty tough Arasaka job. You and your buddy Jackie will steal a very important chip, but along the way, things will complicate.

The fixer will turn his back on you and you’ll find out why the chip was so important. In the game, you’ll get to explore vibrant Night City and enjoy all the missions it has to offer. Additionally, you’ll get to see what it’s like to be a cyborg and how far you can go when infusing implants into your body. You’ll also meet Johnny Silverhand and take a tour of your life in the game. Although it’s a new game and has seen its fair share of controversies, Cyberpunk 2077 is an amazing RPG with no rival.

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