Toyota Prado and Pajero Sport Key Features Every Buyer Should Consider

Though confused with the Toyota land cruiser, the Toyota Prado is a bit midsized but has almost the same weight as the latter. Its exterior features describe it as a top-class 4WD that can fit in different localities. On the other hand, the Pajero sport is a seven sweater drive equipped with modern technology specs to provide the market. The two models differ in design as well as functionality. Check out the following features for more comprehension of what the two rides have to offer.

1. Interior

The Toyota has comfortable leather seats, which can replace with the buyer’s liking. They are heated and ventilated to promote the driver’s and the other occupants’ comfort. The model has high-quality headlamps that enable safety, especially when lighting is required at night—the Pajero sport and the best sunroof, which protects the car from overheating in the interior. The material on top is also conducive for it provides a warm environment when it is cold. Should you require charging your phone, this model offers the best sub outlet that allows fast charging. The music systems in both the Toyota Prado and Pajero sport are on point and connected to other devices such as your phone.


The texture and color of the two models’ seats are the best and friendly in any spills that can cause stains. The seats can be cleaned at ease, too, and take minimal time to dry.

2. Exterior

Both the Toyota Prado and the Pajero sport have the best and functional brake lights, which alert a driver behind you in case of emergency braking. The Toyota brand has well-modified braking lights with a collision alert system to the front. This ensures that the driver does not encounter any challenges when parking the car. The tires to the Pajero sport are well built to support the capacity that the car can hold. You can, however, replace the tires with the kind of your choice. It is, however, recommended for one to consult the service provider to have the best alignment that cannot affect the braking system of the vehicle. In both cars, the side mirror and the windscreen are functional and designed to suit the driver’s preference. The side mirrors are adjustable and help the driver be notified of vehicles approaching from either side. It is advised that a buyer have a good assessment on both cars before purchase to be enlightened on the maintenance cost.

3. Power and performance

The Toyota Prado has a turbo engine that accommodates 150kw for reasonable fuel consumption. The Pajero sport engine makes 133kw of power, which helps run the car with the owner’s choice of fuel capacity. There are different things that you can practice to increase your engine performance.

  • Making use of synthetic lubricants helps ease friction and protects the car from high-temperature effects.
  • Outsourcing for helpful ignition features that can be of help to the vehicle.
  • By increasing horsepower to your engi8ne, you tend to increase compression, which helps maintain the car.

When buying a used car, checking out details on how much fuel the vehicle consumes is necessary. This is because it will affect the speed and efficiency of your car. It would help if you learned how to notice when your car experiences power problems. This is through the vehicle developing unusual noise, unpleasant smell as well as poor gas mileage.

4. Safety features

The Toyota model has the best anti-lock braking system that ensures that the car does not switch into motion despite its condition. It also has the best airbags that prevent the driver from steering wheel collision in an accident. The Pajero sport has rearview cameras that provide the driver with the best focus if they weren’t to reverse or switch lanes in traffic. The two vehicles have the best vehicle stability that is promoted by proper wheel alignment. The Toyota Prado has a modern vehicle tracking system that allows promoting the security of your car. This is helpful, especially for people who have encountered cases of carjacking. The GPS tracking that is connected to the vehicle helps to spot its location at best. The Toyota Prado windows have a beam protection feature that allows the drivers not to be affected by the sunlight. The two have an emergency braking system that notifies the driver of a mandatory stop or a pedestrian crossing.

5. Capacity

The Toyota model has a capacity of 2500 kg which tends to change and advance as the models are more introduced to the market. The Pajero sports can accumulate up to 5400kg. The two vehicles can hold this kind of weight when there are no modifications to the car, such as weight rising, which allows the vehicle to carry more cargo. It is also important to note that the more weight you add to the car, the more its lifespan will be threatened.

6. Engine and transmission

What cannot compare the engine and transmission of the Toyota Prado to the Pajero sport is fast and more efficient. This is due to the Toyota model’s ability to transform power quickly as it has a high number of horsepower. If you want to know more about Toyota Prado’s engine updates, read more on Car Expert. If you are interested in replacing your car’s engine to speed up the power consumption, you must look into the following points.

  • The cooling systems of the car
  • Air conditional
  • The features that allow fuel reservation
  • Professional wiring service
  • Fuel systems

Having your car checked by a mechanical expert is always essential. This is to have the best advice on replacing the engine of your car or buying a new one. This is because some of the modifications done to the car engine would lead to the vehicle’s slow functioning.

7. Mileage

The Toyota model consumes diesel and has a mileage of 2982cc.On the other hand, the Pajero sport has a mileage of 2477cc, whereby it consumes diesel. It is regarded necessary to inquire on this since it determines the warranty of a new car. If you are planning to get a used car from either of the two models, always have the owner’s vehicle background. This will save you many disappointments that come with replacing interior parts of the car now and then.

The Toyota Prado and Pajero sport have the latest features that every buyer would assess when buying a vehicle explained above; checking out on each and relying on other buyers’ reviews is always essential. However, by taking a quick assessment on both, you can note that they have almost the same features. Having a quick check on price from different dealers is always recommended. This is because you will make a reasonable decision before purchase and be enlightened on the care and maintenance tips to keep it on the run.

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