How To Build An Outdoor Kitchen (DIY Project)

It was always one of my goals to achieve an outdoor kitchen, especially during these months when warmer days are right around the corner. The sensation of having to sit in your outdoor pergola or patio while enjoying summer is one of the best feelings anyone could ask for.


But recently, I had just imagined having an outdoor kitchen in my backyard, and it gave me off the roof excitement. I mean the idea of having to grill meat while your whole family gathers around your backyard, what a lovely sight to see. So I started to turn my imagination into reality by searching for some outdoor kitchen ideas. I saw different kinds of suggestions, and one of them seemed to have caught my attention.

There was an article where he bought a Roccbox by Gozney portable outdoor pizza oven and stated that it was one of the best ideas he made for his backyard. The portable pizza oven allowed them to enjoy freshly home-made pizzas for their backyard summer party. If you are interested in this portable outdoor pizza oven, you can visit PizzaOvenPros.com and check some of their reviews and blogs.

Looking at the portable outdoor pizza oven answered my dilemma when I was deciding on installing an outdoor kitchen in my backyard. The main problem I was thinking of was the amount of money I have to pay for hiring a professional contractor to build an entire outdoor kitchen in my backyard.

But thanks to that outdoor pizza oven idea, it came to me that I can create a DIY outdoor kitchen for my backyard without hiring someone. So this time, I searched for some DIY ideas for outdoor kitchens, and here are some of the results.

How to build a DIY outdoor kitchen


Let’s start with something small

1.Stainless steel double burner gas stove with a portable stainless kitchen sink


Nothing’s going to stop you from creating your DIY outdoor kitchen, not even insufficient funds. If you are tight on budget, you can buy a portable gas stove and place it in your backyard. If you still have money to spare, then pair your stove with a mobile kitchen sink, and you now have an outdoor kitchen sink in your backyard.

This is already an excellent outdoor kitchen for starters since you already have the fundamentals needed for a kitchen which are a stove and a sink. With your set-up, you can already cook meals while you are having a family gathering. This kitchen set-up is also good enough to let your children play in your backyard while preparing breakfast in your outdoor kitchen. Bacon and eggs seem to be more delicious when eaten outdoors.

2.Portable Grill


If you want an outdoor kitchen that can match that summer vibes, then you should purchase a portable grill and instantly transform your backyard into an outdoor kitchen. Just set your grill somewhere shady in your backyard, grab a table for the utensils, and you got yourself a nice DIY outdoor kitchen.

This is also perfect if you are tight on budget, but unlike the first where you can have different kinds of meals, you can only serve what grills can produce.

3.Portable wood-fired pizza oven


After a long day of bonding in your backyard, it would be great if you finish it off with a delightful snack. Well, how about pizza for a snack? By buying a portable wood-fired pizza oven, you will instantly have an outdoor kitchen perfect for creating a pizza that can fill up some bellies. Just place it in your backyard together with a working table, and everything will work just fine. You can easily make a homemade pizza using a homemade dough (check out the recipe at thefoodxp) in just a matter of minutes.

4.Portable burger grill with a deep fryer


This one is a bit pricey, but if you have extra funds to spare, then why not? A portable burger grill is perfect for summer parties, especially when you have family gatherings. Let them smell your burgers while interacting in your backyard by placing a DIY burger grill outdoor kitchen. What better way to enjoy burgers than pairing it up with fries.

With a portable grill with a deep fryer, you can cook tasty burgers with crispy fries as your side dish. You can place your portable grill with a deep fryer on your patio to have an outdoor kitchen of your own.

If you have enough budget, then consider these DIY outdoor kitchens:

1. Patio kitchenette


The first tip on how you can build a DIY outdoor kitchen is through putting a kitchenette on your patio. This is possible If you have a huge extra space on your patio. If you do, simply add a built-in grill, extra cabinets, mini-refrigerator, and a sink then your patio is set for outdoor cooking.

You can also add some tables and chairs on your patio to achieve that restaurant look that you loved so much. This outdoor kitchen allows you to cook some meals without missing any fun in their outdoor activities and bonding. You can also let your family sit on the patio while you cook; that way, you can still talk to them while cooking.

2. On-deck DIY outdoor kitchen


This DIY outdoor kitchen is positioned on an existing deck if you have one. The whole kitchen includes a brick pizza oven matched with a cinder block, built-in grill, extra cabinets, and a stainless steel sink put together to form a DIY outdoor kitchen.

3. Outdoor Built-in grill with sink and an overhead pergola

This DIY outdoor kitchen is not only built for outdoor cooking, but it can also be used as a beautiful outdoor decoration. It will not only feed your hungry guests but could also elevate their mood because of the airy ambiance.

The DIY outdoor kitchen is composed of a portable stove, a built-in grill in the middle, a stainless steel sink on the side, cabinets, and a pergola above the kitchen. The overhead pergola is the wow factor of this outdoor kitchen that would amaze your guests. In this outdoor kitchen, you will be able to grill some meat and cook some soup or home-made meals. You can also provide comfort to your guests while cooking by providing them shelter with the overhead pergola.


There are many more DIY outdoor kitchen ideas that you can follow online. You can also create your outdoor kitchen because I am confident that you can produce more creative DIY outdoor kitchens for your backyard with these examples.

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