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What are some of the most annoying things about YouTube?

YouTube is otherwise known as the cesspool of the internet, it is a video sharing platform that allows millions of users around the world to interact with various videos covering dedicated disciplines Every second thousand of users are uploading videos on YouTube and at the same time, millions more are streaming and interacting with different content according to their liking. Despite the fact that it is the biggest video sharing platform there is, some inconsistencies make the experience hollow or even dreadful for a few users. Here are a few things that are seriously wrong with YouTube and need to be fixed;

1. Copyright issues


If you are new to YouTube and have your channel then you need to bring original or unique content on-board. If you try to so much so take a ten seconds clip from a copyrighted song or movie, your video is going to get removed and you might face copyright issues. This is an annoying thing because it is not like users are taking the full song or uploading a complete movie, despite being rational here YouTube continues to support those who claim copyright of their song, TV series, or movie clip.

This is a major roadblock that prevents people with channels on YouTube to put forth something amazing and engaging with their audience. The basis for copyright claim should be reevaluated and a dedicated set of rules should be implemented as well to make sure that the person or channel getting copyright hit is actually going out of bounds.

2. Ads before the video begin

This is singlehandedly the most disturbing aspect of YouTube. Suppose you are sitting there with some friends or family wanting to listen to a new music video and before your ears could take in the sweet melodies that are about to pour out from the speakers an ad shows up. There is nothing more devastating and cunning to off your mood than an ad that shows up even before you get to experience your video. This is something that disturbs a whole lot of users out there and the funny thing is that you can’t do anything about it. Some ads are skip-able which means that you can skip ahead of these but then some are not which means you will have to experience the ad in its entirety before you get to have a glimpse of the video you wanted to watch.

3. Video not available in your region

Another crucifying aspect of YouTube is that some videos are not accessible in your particular region, this is either because the channel owner has placed a limitation or it comes directly from YouTube. Either way, it is equally disturbing to not be able to enjoy something that should otherwise be accessible to you despite the region or part of the world you are from.

There is currently no workaround there but if you don’t bother using a VPN connection then you can bypass the geographic limitation and get access to that particular video. But it is a lot of work and it is frustrating, many users wouldn’t even bother going to such extreme lengths and would give up the whole idea of watching that video altogether. This stops people from having the freedom of equally enjoying music videos and other content that every other person seems to be doing without any problem.

4. Ads that can’t be skipped

If showing ads in the beginning or middle of the YouTube videos wasn’t enough there is a new element there and these are the unskippable ads. Suppose you are playing a video and then a two-minute-long ad shows up, you wait for a while for the skip button to show up and then it never does. You can very much imagine the frustration that it would cause. Users absolutely dread this, no one wants to watch a minute-long video if they have to watch a completely useless two-minute-long ad that can’t even be skipped. This has been going around with YouTube for some time now and it seems there is nothing that you can do about it except to pray that you get a shorter ad so you can just get to enjoy the video you came here to watch in the first place.

5. Video recommendation

The videos that get recommended to you are the result of an algorithm that speculates the kind of stuff that you are into or are watching on YouTube. This algorithm then processes all that data and when you come back to YouTube after some time you would see a bunch of new videos that are showing up as ‘recommended by YouTube’. It is nice to have recommendations but when the recommendations are something entirely different from what you like or were watching in the first place, it can become a little hard to understand the logic of this.

This function can be improved however if some more time and focus is given to the algorithm and this is what gets most people annoyed, to be seeing some random videos coming at you which you don’t like or are completely out of perspective for you.

6. Consistent buffering

Another alarming thing about YouTube is the consistent buffering at times. People might think at first that this might have to do with their internet speed but when things start becoming apparent, they will realize that it has nothing to do with the internet speed at all. The videos will get stuck either in the beginning or right after they have reached the middle, it is really annoying for every user out there. The complaints of the video not being able to start even after it is fully loaded are also coming to light. This is something that can’t be tolerated by any margin and YouTube should be focusing on getting this fixed.

This makes watching videos extremely difficult and the most annoying aspect of this whole thing is that users that have a relatively faster internet connection suffer from this problem too. But maybe in the upcoming updates this issue could get addressed.

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