5 Billiards (Pool) YouTube Channels to Follow in 2024

Internet is a strange place; by now, we are all aware of this fact. A simple thing such as billiard was always played and learned on the spot, in a bar intended for such activity. But, as with everything else, most of the activity related to the pool is now transferred online. You have many more billiard players online than you have those playing at the real tables. But, it’s not only about those who love to play. It is viewed as a sport today, this extraordinary activity, and there are millions of people who love to watch it and get involved with it visually.

When YouTube became the platform it is today; things changed even for billiard players and fans. Their passion is present on this platform and in great numbers. There are many people who dedicate their time to sharing news and stories regarding this sport on their YT channels. If you want to watch this sport, or simply to learn a few tricks or how to play on a basic or a more professional level, you can educate yourself on the subject on one of the YouTube channels. Of course, there are too many of them out there, and you maybe won’t be able to go to the right one on your own. Luckily, you have us to help, and we are going to give you the five billiards (pool) YouTube channels to follow in 2024. With these, you’ll always be in touch with all the recent stories, news, and updates regarding billiards. Let’s start.

Red Cube Billiards


This is one less known channel, but one that launches high-quality content and in reasonable quantities at that. If you want to be piled on by billiard videos every few days, this is the place for you. If they continue pushing their channel at this pace, Quezon City, Philippines, will soon be famous for its billiard. Their video will pop out every two days as they try to keep up the pace they set, which now stands at sixteen videos a month. This is not a new channel, but one rather reputable, operating since 2014. They had more than fifteen thousand followers before their dispute with YT. Today, they are starting all over with the same old good videos. It’s not easy starting from scratch, so they should consider buying followers and views. If you are interested in this type of approach, please read more.

You can follow them at


Learn Billiards


Here we have another fully billiard dedicated channel. Their focus is solely on teaching a new player the charms of the game. With Learn Billiards, you can get into the details of 8 ball or 9 ball, straight pool, and all other variants of this game. Their diapason is broad, and everyone can find what they like in this part of YouTube. Learn Billiards also focuses on the right way to play, and they have exciting videos on the right approach and stance when it comes to pool.

Furthermore, they’re not shy of talking about billiards related products and giving honest reviews of them. For those wanting to do this activity seriously, owning equipment is imperative, so they’ll find the approach this channel has useful. The best part for some might be the fact they’re not forcing their content onto anyone with two videos a week. The track was established in early 2018, and it’s still going strong. At the moment, they have more than ten thousand followers, over a million views, and numerous videos.

You can visit them at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-vjoLBATWaGr4aZrZ23F1g/videos

Club Billiard


Now, here we are talking about a massive player in this department. CLUB BILLIARD is a channel that counts over one hundred thousand members. One hundred and sixty-two thousand, to be precise. This US channel is focused only on the most exciting billiards videos out there. Their focus lies on the fun aspect of the game combined with some of the best performances that come with this sport. As they’re focused on the quality, they only post two videos a week, but trust it’s enough for full enjoyment. By following this channel, you’ll realize how legendary this game is. One of the signals of their excellent work is the fact that they amassed this large of a following in less than four years.

You can follow them at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6BJ2BAArutbGmRWiiThOPQ/videos

Dupree Trickshots


This channel and its videos are going to show you all the best sides of this fantastic sport. With this many tricks available, it’s no wonder that many people are still super fascinated by this activity. Dupree Trickshots is a heaven for all of those in love with this sport. Billiard lovers from all over the world gather on this channel to enjoy what they love the most at its finest. Considering that trick shots aren’t something you see every day, they don’t have too many videos published often. In fact, they try to make it one video a month regime. Despite the low frequency of videos, people still appreciate their hard and good work, which their one hundred and forty-four subscribers confirm. The channel was founded in 2016, and it’s still going strong.

You can visit them at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOzAA0I-Nls0IgW-ryQkxEA/videos

The Billiard Brothers


Billiards or pool isn’t only played in the far east and the United States. Brother Russians are also very well versed in this sport. Their channel named The Billiard Brothers can vouch for this claim. As their name suggests, this channel has four members: all pool players from Moscow and are brothers (probably only in arms, or this case – billiards). Their medium is full of exciting pool videos consisting of trick shoots, games, and exercises. All moves in videos are made by these four men. They look to upload videos as often as possible, which you can see if you subscribe and receive up to three videos a week. The channel is not a YouTube novelty as it has been around since July of 2015. At the moment, they are getting close to fifteen thousand subscribers, so you can push them with one subscribe click.You can visit them at


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