Best Podcast to Follow about Cryptocurrency in 2024

It seems like it happened ages ago, but actually, bitcoin is quite a recent invention. One thing we can say about it, it certainly has made everyone talk about it, and no wonder, since quite literally, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are definitely a big part of our future. As bitcoin has evolved into what it is today, a similar evolution occurred in media. Of course, we are talking about the growth and importance of podcasts. It really doesn’t matter what your interests are, as there are so many for every topic, and since any topic has many podcasts, imagine how many of these shows have the crypto world as their field of interest. Some people might think that reading a book on this topic is their best option, but honestly, by the time book is written and printed, the information inside is already obsolete. Things change quickly in the crypto industry, and if you are looking to be a part of it, following the latest trends is essential. So whether you are yet to embark on this journey or are already in business with digital money, and looking for some great place to continue making profits, click here and make the most of trading cryptocurrency. And for those interested in learning about the best possible podcast to follow to keep up with the latest news, here are our top five recommendations.

1. The Bad Crypto Podcast


Now let us recommend a beginner-friendly podcast. The Bad Crypto Podcast is an amazing choice for those with any doubts about any part of this industry. If you give them the opportunity, they will remove all of these doubts and show you all the ropes. Joel Comm and Travis Wright are in charge, and they have plenty of knowledge to share with everyone. Their format is a bit different, instead of doing weekly episodes with guests like podcasts usually do. Their idea is that every episode explains some topic, so they have around thirty episodes every year. Since they are active for a couple of years, there should be plenty of episodes for everyone to check out, and we guarantee no one will regret giving them a chance.

2. Unchained

We have to introduce Unchained and not only because its host Laura Shin is one of the rare female hosts out there. We have to mention this podcast because it’s definitely one of the best out there. Shin is one of the first mainstream journalists that recognized how significant the crypto industry is. She follows a familiar pattern, experts will appear, and she will take an interview with them. Unchained is a weekly podcast that lasts around half an hour, and Laura’s goal is to make sure to follow every significant change in the crypto world and then analyze how it can affect other industries. She is, after all, a finance expert and has plenty of experience in this field.

3. The Bitcoin Podcast Network

Another great weekly source of knowledge out there is The Bitcoin Podcast Network. Usually, podcasts have one person in charge, but here, we have several enthusiasts that are part of the industry from the very beginning. We all wish that we invested in bitcoin in 2009 when it first appeared, but we lacked vision. So what better way to increase intuition than to listen to those who were correct from the very start. There are a number of panels with exceptional hosts and conversations that go extremely deep into the details of the issues. Also, they answer questions from the audience, so if every other podcast out there has failed to provide an answer to the question that bothers you, they might be your last hope.

4. Epicenter

The epicenter is another exceptional choice you could make. It started over seven years ago, so we know they have experience. They are a podcast rooted in the community and have an amazing grasp on the situation no matter what happens in the crypto world. It’s a weekly show, but be prepared to listen for a while, as the show can last for more than an hour, and sometimes some issues need two episodes to be fully explained. There are so many tips they can give us, but, most importantly, they can teach us everything we need to know and keep us up to date with recent changes. Furthermore, they are a match made in a haven for those who are looking for a long podcast for a long jog or commute.

5. The Decrypt Daily

Let us end with a suggestion that is maybe flying a bit under the radar right now. The Decrypt Daily is an astounding podcast, and everyone should try them out at least once. As you can guess from their name, they upload episodes every day. Well, not on the weekends. They have a right to rest too. Host Matthew Aaron will help us out with his wisdom, and make no mistake, Mathew’s knowledge is abundant. The show is quite fast-paced, lasting only around twenty minutes, but it tries to give us all essential information as simply and precisely as possible. It is almost like a classic radio show format but still a cryptocurrency podcast. Everyone should check this one since they are easy to follow, and they don’t last long. In addition, given how many episodes already exist, if you want to learn more, there will always be an episode out there for you, and just search for the topic that interests you.

As we have seen, it doesn’t matter what kind of format you are personally looking for, the best thing to do is to give them all a chance, at least for a few episodes. There is no doubt that one of these should be a match for you since they are all amazing but different in certain aspects. So it doesn’t matter how often you want episodes released, or how long you want them to be, or do you want one host or several, one of these will be perfect for you.

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