10 Possible Reasons Why Air Conditioner Unable To Turn On

Is the air conditioner unable to turn on even though you’ve pressed the remote control? This can be very annoying, especially if the heat from outside has successfully reached you!

The problem with your air conditioner is a common issue that homeowners may have to face. After all, an air conditioner is a home appliances machine that will need extra attention in order for it to work properly and optimally when we need it the most.

Worry not if suddenly this kind of issue bothers you! To know what to do to troubleshoot this common air conditioner problem, you have to know first what the main cause of it happening. Keep on reading to know about the various possibilities that make your air conditioner unable to turn on even though you have tried to do it.

1. Aircon remote is broken


An air conditioner is controlled by its remote. If the remote is damaged or runs out of battery, it is only natural for it to be unable to send a signal properly to the air conditioner. This way, the first thing that you should definitely check is whether the air conditioner remote is working or not. Because the main problem can actually be in the remote, and not on the air conditioner unit.

To be sure, try bringing the remote closer to the air conditioner and then try to control the air with the remote. If the remote doesn’t work, try replacing the batteries with new ones. However, after you have replaced the remote battery but you still can’t use it to turn on the air conditioner, chances are the remote is damaged and you need to replace it with a new one.

2. The aircon sensor is off


When turning on the air conditioner using the remote but it cannot be turned on as usual, the problem may not only be due to the air conditioner remote as mentioned above. You need to also suspect that the air conditioner sensor might also be in a damaged condition.

There are several things that can cause the air conditioner sensor to break or turn off, one of which is the sensor being exposed to water. If the problem is with the sensor, you need to contact professional help to troubleshoot this matter.

3. The air filter is clogged


Do you change or wash the air conditioner filter often? It’s something most people know they need to do on a regular basis, but unfortunately, it is not something they prioritize.

Let’s take a look at some of the basic rules for an air conditioner unit. A clean air filter ensures proper airflow. When they are coated with dirt and dust, the air is blocked. Under normal circumstances, the air conditioner will absorb moisture from your home. The water droplets will then fall into the condensation tray, and drain out through the drain.

However, when your air conditioner’s air filter is dirty, the water droplets freeze, covering the coils with a layer of ice. Thus when this situation arises, your air conditioner may be unable to work properly, thus resulting in it can be turned on or able to be turned on, but the air conditioner unit won’t emit any cold air.

4. The fuse is broken

To find out if your fuse is working properly or not, you will need a multimeter to do a continuity test. Thus, contacting a professional technician is a must. Ask the technician to test both fuses. If the multimeter beeps, the air conditioner fuse is working. If one of them doesn’t beep, it means that you need to pay an extra cost to buy a replacement fuse at an electrical shop.

5. Dirty evaporator coil


Fluff, dirt, dust, and all the other debris can accumulate on the evaporator coils or condenser inside your air conditioner. In essence, your air conditioner is full of components that are prone to dirt buildup. When debris builds up on the various components of an air conditioner, it makes the system less efficient and can eventually lead to a complete breakdown and failure to start.

6. The electric current is broken

The air conditioner is an electronic item that can only work when there is an electric current. If the current is cut off, it’s no wonder your air conditioner won’t turn on!

7. The motor is faulty

In most cases, your air conditioner unit will shut down completely or won’t start if the motor is damaged. In this case, you have to decide whether your air conditioner motor can be repaired or if it should be replaced.

8. The compressor is faulty

Problems with the compressor can cause your air conditioner unit to turn off and not turn on. Keeping the compressor clean can help prevent this problem.

9. Refrigerant shortage

If your air conditioner unit does not have enough refrigerant, it may not turn on or may not operate properly. Check if a hissing sound is heard which indicates that the gas line leaks. You should always have a professional technician check the refrigerant level and replace this fluid.

10. The thermostat is broken


Be sure to eliminate the possibility that the air conditioner unit will not turn on because the thermostat is faulty. If you suspect your thermostat is bad, try turning on the air conditioner from the main unit. If the unit will turn on manually, you may have a thermostat problem.

Upon knowing all of the reasons why your air conditioner is unable to turn on, it is best if you immediately hire a professional technician to help to troubleshoot your air conditioner problem. They can help to examine what is the main reason this happened, and how to get it back to normal.

To prevent further damage, it’s important to schedule regular air conditioner maintenance and service, at least once every six months. Book now at http://www.luceaircon.sg/services/aircon-servicing!

You will be able to get a professional technician that can help to shoo all your worry away!

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