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Everything you need to know about RV Air Conditioner

Being comfortable is one of the most important things to experience while you are on a camping trip. And if the vacation you chose is on hot summer days, you will be annoyed and uneasy with that clammy feeling, mainly when your sweat sticks to your skin.

To avoid that exasperating situation, try investing in an RV Air Conditioner. There are a lot of excellent products that you can select from in the market. If you want to read some comprehensive reviews about these air conditioning units before deciding to purchase one.

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Types of RV Air Conditioner

Air conditioners change the room temperature by removing the heat and humidity. Different types of them can help us combat the heat during the peak of summer days. Among these are:

Rooftop Air conditioner

As its name suggests, this type is installed on the rooftop of your RV. This type gives more space to your RV for you to utilize. They come in two more classes: the ducted and the un-ducted.

The ducted one is generally more expensive, and it centralizes the airflow system. This type is suitable for larger camper’s van. But if your RV has limited space available inside and has no built-in airflow system, you can use the unducted type of air conditioner. It has a remote control, making it easier for you to regulate the temperature inside, unlike the ducted type that requires you to reconfigure the regulator in its control panel, letting the air pass through the ducts.

Portable Air conditioner

If you bought a portable air conditioning unit, you do not need to mount it in your RV. It only means no installation cost at all. Its advantage is that you can also use it while you are at home and not camping, since it is not installed in your van.

Window Type Air conditioner

This type of air conditioner also saves you from space since half of it is exposed outside. Though it is cheaper than the other classes mentioned above, it can still provide the same kind of cooling effect. It is ideal for those who have a lower budget but wishes to experience the comfort, and A/C unit offers.

Benefits of investing in an RV air conditioner

Since the perfect time for you to go camping is during summer. You can do many outdoor activities, and the only inconvenience that might hold you back is the extreme heat and humidity during this season. So to get rid of that concern, the air conditioner will be the best for you. It assures you that you will still be comfortable and untroubled during the day, and most especially in your sleep at night, despite the scorching weather.

What to consider before buying one

If you are confused about what RV air conditioner to buy for your van, remember these essential considerations to get the most out of your money and ensure that you have purchased the right one.

Convenience to mount

A simple installation process is what you need if your camper’s van has limited space. You may also not require professional help in setting it up, thus reducing the mounting costs.

Cooling power and efficiency

This feature of an A/C unit must never be taken for granted as it will benefit you more in the long run. The greater the efficiency, the more power it releases to cool off your RV and the less energy it consumes. When your RV air conditioner consumes less energy, the amount of power it saves can be utilized by the other appliances you have.


Of course, the price must be taken into account when buying an air conditioner for your camper’s van. The low price must not compromise the product’s quality. But it does not necessarily mean that you should purchase the most expensive unit available. Look at the product’s pros and cons, then decide what features your RV can disregard so you can determine what the perfect one for you is.


You must always consider the space where you will put the air conditioner. It must be fit and should not affect the placement of other appliances you have inside your RV.


The air conditioning unit you must buy should be durable enough to withstand your usual usage longevity. It is one of the most important aspects to keep in mind. Though the most durable ones are primarily pricey, they can last for a long time, functioning very well. It makes it a better choice if you have the means to purchase it.


Even if you are comfortable because of the cold temperature maintained in your RV, the air conditioner’s loud sound is still a big no. We are sure that you don’t want to be woken up at night by its tacky noise, so keep in mind to ask the sales representative how audible the noise from the unit is.

Weight and Portability

You must consider the weight and portability if you are looking for an air conditioner to carry around your RV. Opt to purchase a unit that has high-quality handgrips and wheels. And if it does not have wheels and telescopic handles, assess if you can carry its weight.

Maintenance of an RV air conditioner

To use your air conditioning unit at its maximum efficiency level, you have to maintain it as much as you can. Enumerated below are some essential maintenance tips that you should follow.

  1. Ensure that there are no water leaks.
  2. Keep the unit, its filters, and coils free from bugs and dust particles.
  3. Cover it when not in use.
  4. Check for cracks and corrosions.
  5. Straighten the unit’s fins to allow proper dissipation from the condenser.


We hope that we have helped you be acquainted with the basics of RV air conditioners. Although they are mostly expensive, you will not regret investing in one because it will guarantee your comfort throughout every trip. Always remember that your convenience and relaxation are at all times justifiable and worth it.

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