How To Tell That It’s Time For Duct Cleaning

Nothing is satisfying as having a clean home. However, to have a clean home, it takes more than just dusting your floor and other surfaces. It encompasses opting for duct cleaning l from time to time since air ducts also determine how comfortable and clean your home will be.

Unfortunately, many people care less about ductwork, and once it is installed, they don’t care whether it is supposed to be cleaned and replaced altogether at some point. HVAC air ducts harbour a lot of dust and debris and of not cleaned, they can become a perpetual source of dust that comes into your home. Unluckily, ductwork is hidden, and some homeowners may not know where the dust is coming from. In this location, you may find it hard to locate where the dust is coming from. That is why you need to call a professional duct cleaner to inspect your ductwork every one to two years.

1. Mould In The Conditioning System And Furnace


You need to hire a duct cleaning expert to inspect your HVAC system and clean it. Some manufacturers recommend that the HVAC system be cleaned at least twice a year. Since condensation can occur in both furnaces and the AC system, mold is possible, which is so probable for those living in a humid climate.

However, if the technician that you hire tells you there is mold in your HVAC system, make sure that you see it. If that is true, contact a mold expert. Your technician may not have the necessary skills to identify mold, so that is why it is essential to look for an expert from Comfort Clean.

Sometimes, mold occurring on the air handler, furnace, or the air conditioner doesn’t mean that the ductwork has been affected. However, there are higher chances that if it is not infected, it might be infected soon. Always rely on NADCA-certified professionals to do duct cleaning as he can thoroughly deal with extreme cases of mold infection.

2. You Home Is New Or You Have Recently Renovated It


After constructing a new home, despite how experts might try to keep it clean, dust, debris, and other specks will always find somewhere in your home to settle. One of such places it will settle would be in your HVAC system unless it were wholly covered during a home renovation. Even with that, dust will always find its way into the ductwork.

To ensure your home is free of dust and other particulate matter, it is essential to consider duct cleaning after renovation or starting to use a newly constructed home.

3. Your Home Is Dusty Regardless Of How You Clean It


Dusting your home may be enjoyable since after it is not done every day and once done, you see results. However, what about if, despite dusting every surface, after just a few minutes, you notice the surfaces have become dusty again? If that is the case, you should inspect your home to know the source of the dust that never seems to go.

One of the culprits would be your dirty air ducts. Whenever you run your HVAC system, the dust is blown into your rooms, and that’s why your dusting efforts never pay.

To solve the problem, ask for professional duct cleaning services to have your ducts cleaned.

4. Your Energy Utility Bills Are Rising


If your heating cooling bills have been increasing for the past three months, but you don’t seem to understand the cause of that change, you should direct your investigation to your air ducts.

Generally, your energy utility bills should be predictable, and if they are not, then there could be something creating that change.

In some cases, your air ducts become clogged by dirty and other debris such that they cannot allow the free flow of air into your rooms. If this happens, your HVAC system should work exceedingly harder to maintain an optimal temperature. This will be translated into your heating and cooling bills.

5. You Get A Terrible Odor Everywhere


One prompt sign that your home needs duct cleaning is that the air duct system has debris lurking from inside. When you get an awful smell at your home, and you cannot understand why, even after checking every possible corner, it is time to look for an air duct system. When too much debris gets clogged in it, the system stinks.

Call your technician and ask him to check the air duct systems from the inside. When he does, he will look for debris that is trapped and causing the smell. He may also find mildew or mold that is producing the odor.

6. The Air Filter Feels Clogged


One reliable indicator will prove that debris or dust has clogged in and around the HVAC System. It is a reusable or filthy disposable air filter from the furnace system or the HVAC.

If you notice the signs early and look forward to getting rotational cleaning frequently, or choose to replace your air filters, this issue will be nipped away right from the beginning. Hence, it will prevent and save from air duct clogs, and you will not need to clean it thoroughly.

7. Airflow From The System Becomes Uneven


You may notice that the air flow is even and has good strength from a few air registers in a few rooms, but the air from the air registers in other rooms doesn’t have much pressure. This is generally due to the blockage of debris and dust in the system. They have clogged at the inside of your air system.

This can also happen because of the leaky ducts that have degraded or are ripped. Hence, it would help if you asked your HVAC technician to inspect both while looking for the cause of concern.

8. You Have Not Had A Duct Cleaning Before


It is only from the last few years that the latest air quality technology is known to the public to a great extent. It has considerably come into public knowledge. If you are living in an old home, probably ten years or more, and you know that the previous owners have no record of getting air duct cleaned, you should get it done. Get it cleaned professionally. This will help your system get rid of all dust and debris that has settled over the years.

9. You See Dirty Coils Of The A/C And Other Parts On The Interior


Suppose you start noticing dust in the coils of your air conditioner, and other interior parts. You may see debris, mildew, mold, or any other detritus, and then this is alarming that the HVAC system has accumulated dust. The dust has started to travel all way long from the duct system to impact other peripheral system elements. It is recommended that you get the entire system checked and cleaned to take care of the problem.

Final Words: Don’t try to get to the extreme bottom of this problem yourself, instead, call a professional. They have years of experience in the field and ensure that you will not have to face the same issue again. Get all your HVAC related queries answered and get your system working effectively.

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