10 Popular Holidays for Flower-Giving in the US

Holidays in the US are the perfect day to give the gift of flowers to the people you love. There is no doubt that the flowers you give will be appreciated, especially on these holidays. The celebrations will never be complete without flowers. In collaboration with Little Flower Hut we have summarized the dates and you can check out the following holidays in the US where you can send and give lovely flower bouquets and flower arrangements as gifts:

1. Valentine’s Day on February 14


In the US, Valentine’s Day is among the holidays wherein the florists sell the most number of Roses and flowers. Based on records, nearly 300 million of Roses, in various colors and arrangements, were sold last year for Valentine’s Day. People send and give the gift of flowers to everyone they wish to greet on this special day of love and romance. This is a holiday for flower giving and it will never be more memorable and meaningful without the gift of flowers.

2. Patrick’s Day on March 17

St. Patrick’s Day is not a legal or national holiday in the US but it is a special day to send flowers as gifts to celebrate the Irish-American culture. Many Americans celebrate and remember the Irish Ancestry through the patron saint St. Patrick. People parade in the streets in their Irish costumes, mostly green and orange, including the symbols of harp, snakes, serpents, and leprechaun with a pot of gold.

3. Employee Appreciation Day on March 6 or on First Friday of the month of March


Across the US country and states, bosses appreciate and thank their staff and employees on this special day. Although the day is not officially holiday, yet it is a day recognized throughout the country for bosses to show their appreciation to all their workers. Flowers are among the best gifts they give to the staff to let them know that they are appreciated.

4. Easter Sunday on April 12

Easter Sunday in the United States is a day wherein people celebrate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. This traditional flower giving holiday is more on reflecting the true meaning of Easter and remembering the promise of eternal life. Sending flowers to loved ones is a way to convey wishes of a blessed Easter Sunday to everyone.

5. Mother’s Day on May 10 or on second Sunday of May

Annually celebrated to appreciate and honor mothers and mother figures, Mother’s Day is a perfect day to give flowers to the woman who never fails to show love, care, and support to her children and family. Mother’s Day originated in 1800s in Michigan by Juliet Calhoun’s sons who honor their mother each year.

In 1870, Julia Ward Howe also started the celebration of Mother’s Day and continued to be held in Boston. After ten years, the celebration stopped. However, in 1907, Anna Jarvis privately commemorated her mother, Ann Jarvis, in West Virginia by organizing the “Mother’s Day Work Clubs” in her area. In 1908, she arranged a service for mothers in the Andrew’s Methodist Episcopal Church, which was later on recognized as the International Mother’s Day Shrine.

6. Memorial Day on May 25 or on last Monday of May

Commemorating all men and women of the military who died in the service for the country, Memorial Day is a holiday for flower giving. This day was created to give honor to the Union and Confederate Soldiers who died in the American Civil War. Flowers are brought to the cemeteries in honor of the family and loved ones who gave their lives for the country.

7. Father’s Day on June 21 or on the third Sunday of June

In the US, Americans, take advantage of this day to thank and honor the fathers and father figures in their life. Among the gifts that people give their dads on this special day are flowers, cards, wines or champagne, neckties, mugs, and golf clubs. According to the florists, this special day is one of the days for most number of flower sales in the country.

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8. Grandparent’s Day on September 13 or on second Sunday of September

National Grandparents Day is celebrated in honor of grandparents. People give flowers to their grandparents as a way of telling them how much they are appreciated. Aside from flowers, they also give gifts like personalized greeting cards, basket of fruits, and posters. Kids and students do their artworks in school as a tribute to their grandparents on this special day.

9. Thanksgiving Day on November 26 or on the fourth Thursday of November

People in the US take their day off from work to celebrate the holiday with the family. Families and friends gather together in a festive meal which includes roasted turkey, pumpkin pies, and more. This is the day for flower gifting to express the true meaning of Thanksgiving Day, not only to people but also to God. This special day also marks the start of the Christmas holidays and shopping season.

Christmas Day on December 25

People celebrate Christmas by exchanging gifts. More than that, they also remember and give importance to the true meaning of Christmas, the gift of God to mankind through the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. Part of the Christmas celebration is the giving of flowers in festive and glamorous arrangements to express the warm wishes and greetings of the holidays. Christmas Trees, dining tables, chimneys, and door posts are also decorated with the Christmas flowers.

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