8 Ways to Significantly Improve your Journey Time

When it comes to travelling, no matter the distance, you want to keep it as short as possible. Nothing’s worse than setting out on a journey only for it to take longer than it needs to. Luckily for us, there are so many ways in which we can improve your journey time, but it depends on which type of transport you plan on using. Some modes of travel have a number of advantages and ways that you can significantly improve your journey time. We’ve compiled a few, and details on how you can do this.

Use technology to your advantage

As we said, Google Maps is an excellent option. However, for a better travelling experience, people may want to check out Chad Kimball maps. They can also make the entire process of finding the particular place a lot easier.

Public or shared transport

Public transport is known for being a long-winded mode of travel. What with the constant stopping and starting of buses and possibilities of delays, it can make you feel that public transport is a no-go when it comes to efficient travel. But there are some ways to avoid those pesky delays.


Ridesharing is a great way to travel and improve your journey time in ways you wouldn’t think of. By easily hopping in a rideshare taxi, you can cut your journey down by avoiding responsibility for your car. When you drive somewhere, you have to consider where you’re going to park your vehicle and how much that parking will cost. When car parks are busy or you’re running a little late, parking your car can turn into somewhat of a mini nightmare.

But, if you opt for ridesharing, you can totally eliminate this, at times, time-consuming extra step and complete your journey much more quickly. Your journey time can be shortened to a quick jump in and out of a car and you’ll be on your way! So whilst ridesharing can’t avoid the traffic you can get stuck in, no matter whose car you’re in, it can take away unnecessary extra steps such as parking. Apps like Ridecell could be very useful for ridesharing!

Use smart transportation

The great thing about public transportation is that many cities and towns have developed smart transport options that can speed up your journey time. You can avoid getting stuck in traffic by using buses that can drive on specially designated bus lanes which can provide great shortcuts to your destination.

You can also significantly reduce your journey time by taking ‘fast’ options. Trains and buses alike have efficient routes that cut out smaller stations and stops that can help you get to your destination much quicker. If you’re heading to a major transport hub or key destination, this can be a great way to shorten your journey time. So plan your journey in mind with these routes and try to catch your train or bus on a quicker route. This will cut out some journey time and depending on the route, can cut your journey time down significantly.

Private transport

If you’re getting yourself to your destination, you can use a few tips to keep that journey time down. When it comes to travelling on the roads, there are so many things that are out of your control. From traffic to accidents and road closures to roadworks, the best way to keep your journey time down is by focusing on the things you can control. And that’s to do with your own actions and tools you use when travelling.

Use technology to your advantage

Technology is a great way to make most things we do more efficient. And travelling is no different. Rather than trying to follow a paper map or use your own sense of direction, technology can be a great way to shorten your travel time. Using travel apps such as Waze or Google Maps can be fantastic for cutting down your journey time. They can work out more efficient routes and even teach you new ways to travel. They will even let you know if there’s a quicker alternative route you can take that will save you time.

Even if you know your route well and don’t need directions, these apps are crucial if your journey hits a snag. Whether it’s delays, congestion or unexpected road closures, using a travel app will significantly reduce your travel time by calculating alternative routes.

Try to travel in non-peak times

During peak times, traffic can build up a lot, with people tending to be on the roads at particular times throughout the day. For example, this can include early in the morning and in the early evening when people are travelling to and from work. Avoiding times like these can improve your journey time and help you to also avoid unexpected delays. When more people are out on the roads, the reality is that there’s a higher chance of accidents happening.

Plan for delays

No matter which mode of travel you take, the reality of the situation is that you may have some delays on your journey. No matter what you do, we cannot control events in our external environments, so the best way to deal with these possibilities is to plan for them. Filtering in time for any delays means that you can react to them faster, and therefore improve your journey time.

You can also do this by leaving your home earlier. When you give yourself more time to arrive on time, you can allow for potential delays. Plus if you don’t run into any delays, you’ll actually arrive earlier!

Remember that safety comes first

Overall, whilst getting to your destination in a timely manner is vital, you should remember that safety always comes first. It is important to keep this in mind when thinking about how to cut down your journey time. No matter what you choose to do to limit your travel time, it must be safe. So avoid cutting corners such as speeding when you travel. In fact, speeding only cuts your travel time by a small amount and uses much more fuel up. So you’re risking your safety and spending more money unnecessarily by doing this.

If you do choose to risk your safety and end up having an accident, the time you’ll lose dealing with that defeats the whole point of trying to improve your travel time

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