9 Simple Ways to Improve Your Home Security 

Owning a home is pretty challenging because you need to renovate it occasionally, replace the broken things, but also, secure it from uninvited visitors known as burglars, who can only harm your house and apartment. Many people forgot to install a home security system when they remodel the home or buy a new house, leaving that job for later. But, the number of those who suffered burglaries is very big and most of them just forgot about this task or had a plan to do that later.

Burglars can destroy your furniture and stole valuable things, such as jewelry, expensive pieces of technology, bikes, motorbikes, or even your car. It’s very bad to know that you are not that safe at your home as you hoped before. That means that you immediately need to take care of this, so you can avoid these not so pleasant situations. Also, you don’t need to build a fortress around the house in order to protect it, but you need to take a few simple steps that will increase home security. You can never be 100% sure that your home is fully covered, but you sure can make it difficult for the burglars to enter your house and move further inside.

1. Never hide a reserve key outside the house

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You can learn to always have your home key with you and teach your family to do the same. Many households have a so-called secret place when they hide a reserve key, so if someone forgot theirs at home, they can find it and don’t need to wait for another family member to unlock the door. But, you also need to know that these hiding places, including under the rug or inside the lightbox, are pretty predictable and the burglars can easily find them and enter the house with nothing that can stop them. Also, another option is to install a smart lock that can be unlocked with a code, similar to buildings security lock systems. You only share the code with the people who live in the same house. Don’t give it even to your best friends.

2. Prevent people from looking inside


If you think that curtains are not successful enough to prevent people from looking inside, you can go for the products by Roller Shutter People. Yes, a number of homes are now installing roller shutters on both doors and windows to keep out burglars, thieves and other anti-social elements from the house. This is a simple, affordable and guaranteed way to boost your home’s security and prevent prying eyes from gaining access to your home.

3. Don’t keep the valuable and worthy things visible to the passengers

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The more your expensive things are visible, the more your home is attractive to the burglars. This step will cost you nothing. You only need to put your expensive car in the garage, close the windows and don’t overshare with the neighbors what you have and what you bought. Put the curtains over the windows so you can protect your home from curious and potentially dangerous people. It’s understandable that you are proud of your new car, TV, or sound system, but keep it for yourself.

4. Secure all the doors

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You need to secure every door in your house, even those on the second floor. A lot of burglars successfully enter the house by only using force on the front door. Avoid glass doors on the first floor. Also, if you live in a residence building, you can’t always hold on to the general security system. You need to install one on your apartment door. Sliding doors are easier to open, so if you have something like that on your balcony, you need to take more security steps. For example, you can install an alarm system with sensors that will alarm you if something unusual is happening.

5. Sign up for a professional security monitoring

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Home monitoring safety systems become more and more popular in recent years. To see the available protection options, you can visit alamosecure.com, so you can choose the best option for your home. Most of the professional monitoring companies offer 24/7 availability, camera, smart locks, alarm systems, moving sensor lights, and every one of those features can be synchronized with your smartphone and you can follow everything that happens inside your house, even when you are on a vacation or longer trip. You only need to find a trusted and legal company near you and sign a deal with them, so you can know your house is fully protected.

6. Don’t leave gardening tools in the yard

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Every ladder, shovel, or any other gardening tool can be used to break the glasses or reach to the higher floors. So, always lock these tools in your garage or basement, because if you don’t do that, you basically offer your home to the burglars.

7. Lock the gate

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Even when you live in a safe neighborhood, you need to always lock the gate together with the home doors. Sometimes your family members will say you overdo it and you are afraid of nothing, but you will sleep better knowing that you did everything you can to protect your home and family.

8. Use fake TV devices

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You can find a lot of fake TV devices on the market. You can’t leave your TV on if you go on a vacation, because it will increase your electricity bill. But, a LED-based fake TV light will switch on and off different cells of it, making lighting similar to the TV. This device will fool the potential burglars into thinking that you are at home, and they will probably give up on their idea to illegally enter your house and literally destroy everything you have.

9. Don’t share on social media that you are not at home

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We all want to check in on Facebook and publish our beautiful vacation photos on Instagram. But, you need to consider not doing that, even when you have private social accounts. Most of the time, the burglars are well informed about your movement patterns and what you have at home. We don’t say your friends or family want to steal something from you, but the potentially dangerous people can use them and their social profiles to get to know more about you if your home is their target. You can always share an album when you are back at home.

As a responsible homeowner, you can’t do magic to protect your home and family, but you sure can follow these instructions and make your own research on how to make your house more secure and unavailable to the burglars.

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