Business Gift-Giving Etiquette: A Brief Guide

It might sound like a great way to cheer someone up or express appreciation when you want to send someone a gift. However, things are not that simple in the corporate world. When we look at one side, it is a tradition, and many people in higher positions are using this option all the time when they decide to send a gift to a loyal or potential partner.

On the other side, keep in mind that some choices could be out of place. Also, the situation is quite different depending on whether you want to send it to some of your colleagues, workers, or people outside of the company.

When you are sure that choosing this is a great way to keep good relations with someone, the selection of the right gift is very important. The great thing is that there are many businesses specialized in selling all kinds of products for different events, like the business gift set that you can check if you visit this site.

Still, learning more about etiquette is very important since it will help you make the right choice, leave the best impression, and avoid mistakes. Here are the best solutions and things to avoid when buying business gifts.

Check the Law

The biggest problem is when you decide to send a gift to someone outside of your company, who is in a position to make some things in favor of your business. That can be someone working for the official institution, or from the executive board of some other company. If you don’t follow some rules, your gift could be considered a bribe, especially if it is a more valuable one.

When it comes to corporate gifts, it is not allowed to send products that are too expensive, to send anything to people working for the court or other official institutions, send a lot of gifts all the time, and more.

Inside the Company

Commonly, companies are organizing all kinds of events all the time. Also, people are celebrating birthdays and many other dates. These occasions are perfect for choosing a nice gift for some of your workers or colleagues. However, it is important to pay attention to some details when you are making the choice. For example, if there are people from the same department, and you want to get something for their birthdays, be sure to choose items that have similar value.

Also, make sure that the item you are choosing is appropriate. If you want to give that during some public event, think twice about it in case it might make some people embarrassed or unpleasant. Some things are much better to give in private. Also, if you decided to gift your female colleague with something more expensive, that might leave people wondering why you made that choice. Also, the person who got the present may consider it as a way to approach it, or even a mobbing.

If you want to surprise your boss, there is no need to spend a lot of money on that. Other people won’t like that, but the same might happen with the boss as well. Before you choose a present, think about the effects and what the other person and people around it will think about that.

Outside of Company

We already mentioned the types of positions in which buying any sort of gift can be a huge mistake. On the other side, it can be a perfect way to keep good relations with your clients or partners. The key is to have your brand printed on the package since it represents a great way to keep them interested in your business. When there is a logo on the box, you are expressing that you are gifting the person in the name of the company, not privately.

Difference Between a Group and a Single Person

When you want to reward your team for excellent results, be sure that the gifts you bought have the same value. Also, there is no need to focus so much on adding branding to all products. There is no need to do that since people are already working there. Some level of branding should exist, but not too much.

On the other side, things could be even more complicated when it comes to a single person. There are many things that could be considered inappropriate. For example, if you decide to give a present to a person for some great results, pay attention to how it might affect other people and that person. If you want to give something more valuable to it, the best option is to do that in private.

Existing and Potential Partners

There is no need to try to impress someone. It is a much better solution to invest in a good package with your brand on it. The key features are elegance and simplicity. Again, think about the effects of this move and how they can affect the other side.

What you are trying to achieve with loyal clients is to make them sure that you are aware of the good partnership, and that you appreciate that. When it comes to potential clients, keep in mind that spending more on presents might lead them into thinking that you are trying to buy them by sending these gifts.

Last Words

The point is to improve or establish good relations with someone when you are sending a corporate present. The gift should be unique and have some promotional value. On the other side, keep in mind that spending a lot of money on gifts won’t impress anyone. For example, a potential partner might even start thinking that you are desperate enough to spend a bigger amount of money only to establish a better connection.

Therefore, the key is to keep it simple and elegant and to never go over your limits when it comes to the price. In the end, you should always determine the reason why you are making this move. It should never be random. Instead of that, choose important dates for the company.

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