The Best Camping Air Mattress Reviews of 2024

This is the first time for you to look air mattress for your next trip!! Then, you will get plenty of options and brands in these days market. So, with so many options, it is very hard to choose the best air mattress for you and your kids.

In order to take the right decision on an air mattress, we’re giving you this useful buying guide and also air mattress reviews. I hope, this guide helps you to know all essential factors and understanding all available options.

Are you ready??

Overview of Camping Air Mattress:


If you need a good night’s sleep and don’t like to carry a heavier bed for camping, then an air mattress is the right choice for you. This is because camping air mattress allows easy and quick inflation and deflation, so it is very easy to deflate the mattress and store it in a small area. In addition to that, the camping air mattress is lightweight and comes with attached pillows.

Thus, it is very easier to fold and carry the camping air mattress along with you during hiking. When you confused with foam bed and air mattress, you should know the air mattress doesn’t allow you to feel ground underneath. Therefore, it is always better to choose an air mattress for camping or hiking.

At the same time, the camping air mattress ensures the comfortable and as well as luxury surfaces to sleep well even on the outside. And, you can also use an air mattress for every day, so it suits both home use and outdoor use.

Heavier or Lighter?

You know, camping air mattress available in 2 different types based on the weight such as heavier and lighter. This is because there are various materials used to manufacture the air mattress for camping. Among these 2 options, which is better?


When looking for camping air mattress, some people give priority for comfortable whereas, others are not. If you’re one of such a person giving more priority for comfort, then heavier air mattress is an ideal choice for you, because the heavier mattress is made with thicker, soft and comfortable materials.

With the heavier mattress, you will feel sleep as like as your home and it also lives for a longer period.


If you’re one of such a person want to enjoy only your trekking or hiking and don’t want to sleep comfortably, then lighter weight air bed is the best choice for you. And, the lighter air mattress is portable, compact and lightweight, so you can carry this mattress along with you easily.

Finally, choosing either heavier or lighter bed is ups to your hand. Thus, choose the bed based on you and your kid’s requirement.

Hand/foot pump or Electric pump?


The air mattress allows you to inflate the air to open up the mattress to sleep and deflate it to store. And, you can accomplish this inflation and deflation in various ways such as

  • Electric power
  • Battery power
  • Hand/foot pump
  • Portable pump
  • Self-inflating

Each method has its own merits and demerits, so you have to compare those features with your needs to match and take a right decision.

Hand/foot or electric pump:

It is very easy to do inflation and deflation using an electric pump and also the best option, if you have your car parking near to camp because the electric pump is heavier to carry and difficult to carry with you.

If you camp is far from car parking, then it is better to choose an air mattress with a hand/foot pump.

Portable pump:

When it comes to an electric pump, some require DC power supply and others need AC power supply. If your air mattress is based on DC electric pump, then you can get power supply from your car’s 12V. But, the air mattress needs AC electric pump and then you have to look for a wall outlet to plugin.

Therefore, it is always best to buy a portable pump and buy electric for next time.


Nowadays, air mattresses are made with a built-in pump to work on a pair of 4D batteries. This battery-powered mattress is an ideal choice, if you won’t like to use external outlets and want to do inflation easily and handy way.


The self-inflating is another handy way to inflate the air mattress without using any batteries or power supplies. This does not offer that much comfort compared with other mattresses, but this is the only option for long-distance trekking or hiking.

So, you need to think about few factors such as distance, place, car parking, flexibility and facilities available in camping or trekking, before sticking with any one of the above-listed air mattress pump.

Size of Camping Air Mattress:


The most important thing that you need to consider before paying for air mattress is size. This is because of the air mattress available in various height and width. In this case, you need to think about the size of the tent, so here is to see which options are there for you. And, choose the right air mattress that perfectly fits in your tent and also provides some space to store things and walk.

For example, if you have a small size tent, then the queen size air bed is a bad choice because it occupies all spaces of the tent without leaving space to walk or store things. Therefore, checking size is very crucial to get more comfortable.

Price Range of Camping Air Mattress:

The camping air mattresses are available from very cheap rate to expensive price ranges. So, you can buy anyone that comes within your budget. But, you need to know that the low-cost mattress offers only less convenient to sleep. On the other hand, it offers some advantages in certain situations.

Meanwhile, the costlier camping air mattress comes with a bulkier electric pump, which makes you feel difficulties to handle and use. In such a case, saving your money by buying a cheaper air mattress is the right decision. And, the inexpensive air mattress comes with inbuilt batteries or self-inflating to reduce the complexities in inflation.

Thus, check more options and think twice or thrice to pay for a kind of camping air mattress.

Brands of Camping Air Mattress:

As I said before, there are so many brands available for camping air mattresses in these days market. If you’re considering buying the only popular brand, then you will meet some discomfort. So, along with the brand name you also need to think about your requirements.

However, before deciding on any one of the air mattresses, you need to read the reviews of each brand of the air mattress, so that you can able to ensure the best buy. The user reviews are the only way to find the best brand and air mattress.

After reading the customers reviews, you can take a right decision by comparing air mattresses of all brands. Here at, you can check the mattress comparison and read the reviews of all mattresses.

Where to buy Camping Air Mattress?

You can able to buy camping air mattresses from retail shops and online shops. But, from these 2 options, online shops are the best places to look for right camping air mattress. This is because where you will see more and more shops and able to compare one air mattress with others.

In this way, you can pick the best option for you and your kids. In the online itself, there are so many sellers. But, you need to choose the reputable websites to buy a camping air mattress.

Best Recommendations on camping air mattress:

With plenty of options, here we’re going to give you some best recommendations on camping air mattress after comparing all the options.

1. SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress with Included Rechargeable Air Pump


The SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress is mainly designed for campers with an excellent technology called as ComfortCoil technology with I-Beam air coils. This construction of air mattress provides more durability and comfortable to sleep.


  • It includes patented external pump for fast inflation and deflation.
  • It features a heavy-duty rechargeable battery.
  • 3 minutes is more enough to inflate the air mattress.
  • This is made with extra thick materials to give more durability.
  • This is available in various sizes, so you can pick any size
  • It comes with a carry bag for easy transportation.
  • It provides a one-year limited warranty.

“If you’re looking for a queen or twin sized air mattress for camping with warranty, then SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress is an excellent choice for you.”

2. Coleman SupportRest Double High Airbed


The Coleman SupportRest Double High Airbed is designed with heavy-duty construction, so it offers more durability and comfortable surfaces to sleep well.


  • The comfort coil construction offers even sleeping surfaces
  • It also made with support lock reinforced construction
  • It keeps the bed stable while you’re moving
  • Its AirTight system ensures the leak-free mattress for camp
  • You can easily adjust the firmness of the bed
  • You can use either battery or plug in to inflate the bed
  • It is very easy to deflate and store the mattress.

“If you want to buy a mattress with both batteries based and plugin power supply, then Coleman SupportRest Double High Airbed is the best choice for you.”

3. Lightspeed Outdoors 2-Person PVC-Free Air Bed


The Lightspeed Outdoors 2-Person PVC-Free Air Bed is a 2-users air bed made with a lot of features. And, some of those are as follows.


  • This is made with thermoplastic polyurethane material construction
  • It offers more durability and lightweight to carry
  • It is very easy to fold it in small size and store
  • It comes with a battery-operated pump with a storage bag for transportation
  • This is a PVC-free mattress
  • It includes a patented stabilizer system and 2-way Boston.

“If you really way to buy a reliable mattress for your camp, then I recommend you to choose Lightspeed Outdoors 2-Person PVC-Free Air Bed, which is a great abrasion and puncture resistant mattress.”

4. Intex Classic Downy Queen Airbed WLM


The Intex Classic Downy Queen Airbed WLM is made for both indoor and outdoor purposes. And, it offers the following features.


  • It has a 2-in-1 valve that extends the opening for easy inflation and deflation.
  • You can inflate or deflate the mattress with either manual pump or electric pump
  • This is made with wave beam construction, so you will get more durability and comfortable
  • It features waterproof resistant

“If you’re looking air mattress for both indoor and outdoor, then Intex Classic Downy Queen Airbed WLM is one of the best choices.”

5. Coleman Quickbed – Twin, Full, Queen, & King


The Coleman Quickbed is made with comfortable coil system for great support. Apart from that, it also includes the following features.


  • To give luxury support, the top of the air mattress has soft flush
  • It offers N roll storage system
  • Its AirTight system ensures the leak-free mattress
  • It has double lock valve that keeps the inflation for longer time
  • It is very easy to store for transportation
  • It provides more cushion and comfort to sleep

“If you want to buy a queen size bed that comes within your budget, then Coleman Quickbed – Twin, Full, Queen, & King is an ideal choice for you.”


Camping, hiking or trekking is a kind of hobby and more and more people in these days having this hobby. At the same time, the camping should have certain kind of hardiness to make the successful trip and takes more days too.

Thus, a comfortable sleep is very important to enjoy the camping, but we can’t able to bring the actual bed to camp. This is where camping air mattress comes and solves difficulties. And, there are thousands of air beds available to confuse the newcomers. But, if you’re clear with what you need in your trekking, then it is easy for you to pick the best suitable option.

So, make use this guide to know basics of camping air mattress and how to match your needs with an air mattress.

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