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What Is a Chatterbait? Here is Everything you May Need to Know

With the right luring jig, your favorite fishing spot and the perfect weather, fishing can be the best fun way to spend your free time. Nothing beats the thrill of capturing the likes of bass, tuna, salmon, mackerel and sardines among others.

In recent times, there is a lure that has taken the fishing market by storm. Chatter bait has rave views from anglers who attest to its efficiency as an artificial lure bait. Despite its rising popularity, not many people understand it and how it works.
But come to think about it crictically, what is a Chatterbait in the first place? This is a question that has been asked on numerous occasion from friends, colleagues and even readers from online forums. If you have been wondering what the fuss is with this lure, then I hope this article provides the answers you need.

A simple description of what a chatterbait is

A Chatterbait is a luring jig with a blade and a hook as the main working elements. When thrown into the sea (water body), it attracts fish by using its color, vibration, motions, and sounds. On retrieval, the blade produces vibrations and clicking sounds which lure larger fish types.
These characteristics make it suitable for fishing in muddy waters where the fish tracks the movements by using their sonar ability. The fish then takes a bite of the foreign object which it mistakes for a wounded prey thereby swallowing the hook as well.

How to Choose the Best

In my experience, I have come across several types of Chatterbaits which makes it a little hard to decide on the exact one for your needs. They vary in terms of color, shapes and sizes. Each of these is perfect for the fishing occasion for which they are made for.
When shopping for new Chatterbaits, I normally come up with the following criteria for selecting the one I need.

  • The Color

In my opinion, I think the color of the lure is just as important as the lure’s proper use. With this in mind, let me talk you through some of my favorite colors for a Chatterbait. And since I am the type of person to keep my Chatterbaits simple, it does reflect in my choice of colors.
Most of the time, I restrict the choices to four colors: Green pumpkin, shad, Chartreuse, and black-blue. Of these, the Chartreuse and shad are great if your fishing spot consists of majorly white-looking fish. If you spot shad and crappie, then these two are your best choice.
Green pumpkin becomes a favorite color as winter nears the end. At this time of the year, bluegill supply increases making for a great time for opportunism. It is the time (even early spring) when bass starts to spawn.
The bluegills tend to go to their nesting beds and stir them up, much to the annoyance of the bass. Therefore, by imitating this tendency, the bass is lured to the bluegill look-alikes and bites.
For dirty water fishing, the blue and black Chatterbaits work best for me. These colors blend in impressively with the dark water. This is particularly as you do not need the lure being spotted by the fish because of its contrasts.

  • The Trailer

The ability to add any trailer of your choice is what makes Chatterbaits so versatile. With these, I normally choose from two options; the swimbait/paddle tail and the craw-like trailers. The type of bait you are trying to imitate with the trailer is what informs the choices between the two.
If you feel that the trailers that the bait comes with do not provide enough action that the lure needs, then you can make the upgrade to any of your choice. These are the ones that amplify the vibrations from the blade to attract the attention of bass fish.

  • Chatterbait Blades


Although the blade is not given much attention since it comes in the unique hexagonal shape, it should be duly considered when buying a Chatterbait. It is the part that produces the chattering vibrations that’s synonymous with Chatterbaits.
The flush vibrations make bass curious and this will make them come nearer to “strike a blow” to the disturbance. As you shop around for one, ensure that the head is closer to the bait head so that it is able to produce the vibrations efficiently.

  • Chatterbait Size

Lastly, the size of the Chatterbait matters too. Depending on the size of fish you would be fishing, size matters a great deal. If it is too big, then the fish will not be able to take a bite. Alternatively, if it is too small then any fish can take a bite on the hook.
Generally, I prefer using the 3/8 to 5/8 oz. They are not that fancy but still work great for me whenever I go fishing.

Benefits of Using a Chatterbait
  • Highly Effective

Just as I had earlier on noted, the jerky movements of a Chatterbait make it an extremely effective lure for big fish. These movements imitate those of wooded preys, tricking fish of the presence of an easy catch.
With a proper color choice in collaboration with the vibrations, it is a sure way of getting back home with a catch.

  • Debris Do Not Hinder It

The blade fitted on the hook is not only for producing the vibrations and flushing in water. It also acts as a debris deflector with the relatively sharp edges. In turn, the bait is not snagged and caught up in seaweeds.

  • Easy to Cast

The streamlined profile of the lure makes it an easy jig to cast. To be honest, I even cast it in high winds to the exact spot I had intended to. And since its weight is unevenly distributed, falling more to the head, the bait is drawn in the direction of your choice.

  • Retrieving is a Breeze

Just as the profile enables a quick cast, it does the same for retrieving the bait out of the water. The profile moves swiftly through and out of the water.


So, what is a chatterbait? It can be said that it is a jig consisting of a blade at the top. It is mostly made up of two parts, the lead sinker (head) fitted to the hook and a body (skirt) made from plastic/metallic foils.
The sinker weighs down the whole body into the water as the soft skirt deceives fish that the bait is food. Chatterbaits work on this simple principle. I hope this article has answered all your Chatterbait questions and if any wasn’t answered, then kindly let me know in the comments sections.

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