Everything You Need to Know About Purchasing a Vape

Smoking is a terrible habit and requires extreme willpower if you wish to quit. Perhaps you’re looking to quit smoking but are unsure where to start. Going cold turkey rarely works, and many smokers succumb to their addiction. Thus, one step in the process you can consider is switching to vaping. The evolution of the vaping industry has led to the expectation that the e-cigarette market will grow by 4.31% annually.

Vaping differs from smoking in fundamental ways, with vape kits coming in different varieties and fulfilling the needs of their users according to their experience. Before investing in a vape kit, you need to have knowledge regarding vape products and which one will suit you the most. Keep reading as we explain the first steps in switching to vaping from smoking.

A Starter Kit for Vaping

If you’re buying a simple plain vaping device, that’s nowhere near purchasing a vape starter kit. A complete vape kit will include everything required for vaping in one single box. While a vaping device entails just the device and its charging cable, a starter kit comes with a vape tank and replacement coils too. All you need to do then is fill it with e-liquid. As a first-time vaper, it’s recommended to go with the complete vape starter kit.

Vape Kit Types

Before shopping for a vape kit, you should identify the kind of device you want. We’ll look at the four main types in this section.

1. Vape Mod

Also referred to as a box mod, a vape mod is the largest and most solid vaping device available in the market. However, they can be complicated to use, and since they typically involve tanks that equip direct-to-lung inhaling, a beginner won’t prefer vaping with them. Vape mods aren’t the most popular choice among new vapers.

2. Pod

In a pod system, the vape juice is stored in a detachable plastic pod containing an in-built atomizer coil. They work well with e-liquids having strong nicotine levels and are the go-to for most beginner vapers. As for the e-liquid, consider nicotine salt vape juice because they provide a great experience with the pod system.

3. Disposable Vape

This device doesn’t come with a refillable pod or a rechargeable battery and is single-use. You can take around 200 to 400 puffs from disposable vapes, making up about one or two cigarette packs. With a disposable vape, you can figure out the taste of an e-cigarette and whether you enjoy how vaping feels. They’re the most convenient vape kits but need to be frequently bought, which makes them much more expensive as compared to rechargeable and refillable vaping devices.

They are perfect for those who are new to vaping or simply don’t want the hassle of maintaining a rechargeable device. However, it’s important to note that disposable vapes come with their own set of drawbacks. For instance, they are not environmentally friendly as they add to the already mounting e-waste problem. Additionally, frequent purchases can make them more expensive in the long run compared to refillable and rechargeable devices. Nevertheless, disposable vapes from IndeJuice remain a popular choice for many vapers who prioritize convenience over sustainability and cost-effectiveness

4. Vape Pen

Vape pens are larger than pod systems, supplying superior battery life and vapor production. If your body is used to high levels of nicotine intake, a vape pen is a good choice. Additionally, if you’re a pod system owner who has been craving improved performance, you can switch to a vape pen as it is definitely a step-up.

Evidently, vape pens and pod systems are the top vape kit options for people just getting into vaping. Not only are they easy to carry, but you can also learn how to use them quickly. They help subdue your cravings for a smoke because of the high nicotine in their e-liquids, which is hard to resist in the initial stages of quitting cigarettes.

Buying Your First Vape Kit

Before we conclude this guide, let’s look at a few do’s and don’ts of a vape kit so that you can have the smoothest vaping experience as a beginner.

1. Mouth-to-Lung Inhaling Device

A mouth-to-lung inhaling device is the closest you’ll get to replicating the cigarette smoking experience. Most pod systems are designed in this style, and the mechanism aligns well with e-liquids of higher nicotine amounts. If you’re interested in purchasing a vape pen, examine the tank’s mouthpiece to find out the inhaling style it’s built for. A narrower mouthpiece (resembling a cigarette filter) is the right tank for you.

2. A Straightforward Control Scheme

You don’t want a device where you have to spend ages understanding how it works. The control scheme of a vaping device should be simple, and you should be able to operate it right from the beginning. The most agreeable device consists of auto-firing, in which vapor is automatically generated when you puff.

On the other hand, a vape where you have to press a button to be able to puff can also be convenient for a beginner. While devices with manual fire buttons will produce more significant clouds of vapor, they’re not as straightforward to use as auto-firing devices.

3.  A Built-In Battery

It’s costly to buy a vape that operates with a removable battery because you have to buy it separately. Learning how to charge, store, and transport your removable batteries will also be a hassle. Remove the additional stress from your life by investing in a vaping device that has an in-built battery. To charge it, you’ll have to connect its port to a socket or your computer.

Vape Flavor

E-juice companies make their juices using both artificial and natural food flavors, such as flavoring components found in candy, fruits, and sodas. Not everyone will have the same taste or preferences, making vape flavors very subjective. For this reason, companies sell a wide range of flavors to cater to user pallets.

Whether it’s coffee, mint, chocolate, or something else, you’re bound to find a flavor eventually that you genuinely enjoy. You can even purchase tobacco-flavored e-juices if you prefer no taste at all when you’re vaping. Click here to visit one of the largest online vape distributor sites offering vape juices and other products from top-selling brands.


As a newcomer, stepping into the vaping world can overwhelm you at the start. There are various new techniques and terms to familiarize yourself with, and it takes a while to get used to all the details involved with vaping.

Although the best course of acting would be to not indulge in vaping at all, if you feel like there’s no other way you can quit smoking, then you can switch to a vape kit. It’s essential to research and educate yourself on different types of vapes and flavors so that you can make an informed decision regarding your personal vaping experience.

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