Top 5 Richest Gamblers in 2024

As we enter the final leg of the year where online casinos are the new norm for gamblers and with most casinos still closed on account of the Coronavirus pandemic, and avid gamblers itching to get back to tables, let’s look at some of the most successful gamblers to date and how they20 achieved this remarkable feat.

1. Bill Benter (Blackjack)

Anyone who is rather new to gambling, and thought gambling is all about luck, well Bill Benter will definitely change your perspective. He is an ideal example how using math can benefit you in life. As a graduate in Physics he used his brain to extract the exact science of counting cards. According to Wikipedia counting cards is a strategy used mainly in Black Jack, but can be used in other card games. It’s used to influence the decision of a player, whether the next  move will be more favorable for the player or the dealer or other competitors. As well as making a killing on the black jack tables, he didn’t just stop there. He teamed-up with powerhouse Alan Woods, to find the ultimate formula for anticipating the winner at horse racing events. As to date their formulas are widely regarded as the most accurate model in predicting the winner.

2.Edward E. Thorp ( Blackjack and Roulette)

As mentioned above, the richest gambler in the world Bill Benter was famous for card counting, but who invented this skill? Well, no one other than Edward Thorp, he created the most powerful technique and skill of the modern era. Thorp, actually is a bonafide genius; he finished his PhD in mathematics at UCLA, and pursued a career as a professor. With most geniuses the norm of normal life became much too boring, and decided to pursue a dream elsewhere. Step forwarded, black jack and roulette. Thorp also invented the first software able to fit on your wrist. He used this technology, for at least 20 years, before it was forbidden. He was also a magician in predicting the stock market. It’s rumored that he has a net worth of 800 million dollars.

3. Zeljko Ranogajec (Black Jack and Horse Racing)

This guy showed some real courage; he gave up on his college education and substituted it for the rich and royal life of professional gambling. Being born to Croation parents, in Australia, life was difficult for Zeljko in the beginning, but he quickly used his math skills to good use. Along with his photographic memory, he could quickly change a 100 dollar bet into a seven figure win. After altercations with some Australian casinos, regarding his technique and abilities he moved to the world of horse racing. He quickly conjured up a formula to predict which horse has the highest probability of winning. This was never confirmed by reliable sources, but according to whispers in the industry his estimated net worth was in the high millions, and the biggest win was recorded to have been in the upward regions of seven million dollars.

4. Billy Walters (Sports Betting)

If you are a regular sport better and have moved with the right crowds, you would have probably heard of the next guy on the list. Billy Walters is one of the most, if not the most, famous sport bettors of all time. He was born to a simple life, with most of his experience of gambling coming from his father and nephew, his nephew coincidently being a professional gambler. His life was filled with a lot of controversy, quite notably, Walters is barred from most of the book makers and casinos in Las Vegas, but uses the service of celebrities to place bets for him. Walters has excellent analytical skills and uses these skills to earn most of his fortune. He is reported to make around fifteen million dollars a year, with his single biggest win reported to be two million dollars.

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5. Alan Woods (Horse Racing)

Last but not least the late Alan Woods. He is widely seen as the horse racing software guru. As mentioned above he was one of the leading entrepreneurs in developing software with regards to horse racing. He was born in Australia, like most gamblers starting off he was known for counting cards at blackjack tables. Woods and Benter developed this software using key statistics like the horses form, past winners on the tracks and also the weather. Nowadays most gamblers and sport bettors alike use this formula to calculate the most likely winner, truly remarkable!

An honourable mention

This list wouldn’t entirely be complete if I don’t add in a poker player. With the sheer popularity of poker, this honorable mention could’ve gone to so many good players but I had to give it to one of the most famous poker players out there, Patrik Antonius. This Finish born maestro has the record for the first ever win of a hand over one million dollars, the pot totalled one million three hundred and seventy seven million dollars. His first tournament win was in Helsinki and his love for the game grew exponentially. After his success he would intermittently move between Las Vegas and Monte Carlo, just for some clarity Antonius’s dream was never to be a professional gambler, he only turned to poker because of a back injury which prohibited him from playing Tennis.  After he moved to the online poker scene and today he is seen as the big shot, in online poker games. His estimated net worth is said to be around four million dollars.

To Conclude

Most of the people on the list have made their millions on blackjack, and websites like LVBet have great offers with regards to blackjack especially with evergoing closure on casinos. It’s very important to realize that all of these gamblers started off with a simple idea, playing for fun and just enjoying the buzz of gambling. It later turned into their livelihood. So if you’re sitting at home bored you just need to remember, a successful project, only needs one small idea.

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