How to Win at Online Slots – 6 Beginner Strategies You Did Not Know

When compared to other gambling games, slots are entirely founded on chance or some would say luck. This is because all of the devices – even the older ones – feature the so-called “random number generators”, which means that the result of the last spin is decided as soon as you pull or press the spin button.

Although you may think that there aren’t a lot of things that you could do to improve your probability of winning because they’re based on chance, this isn’t true, mostly because there are a lot of strategies that could help you succeed. As a beginner, here are the top six methods that you didn’t know and that you must definitely try:

1. Firstly, You Must Learn How to Handle Your Money

The strategies on this list won’t really help you win if you first don’t learn how to handle your money properly. The initial thing that you must do is to establish a budget that could be founded on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and by doing so, you could prevent yourself from losing the funds that you cannot allow yourself to use. You’ll probably create your own system that’ll prevent you from overspending and once you develop it, stick to it since it’ll assist you when things get a bit complex.

2. You Should Consider Games With Less Lucrative Jackpots

It could be extremely tempting to opt for a machine that promises a really big jackpot, however, you should remember that the money that’ll eventually be given to someone comes from all the people that tried winning the jackpot and failed. Because of this, you should consider playing slots that promise less lucrative jackpots or that pay out money by the hour or daily. This suggests that choosing a smaller jackpot might give you a better chance of a win.

For example, if you choose a device that’ll pay out a 5.000 max credit instead of one that promises 15.000 credits, your chances of a win are greater due to the lower difference in the structure of the game. It’s also worth mentioning that, no matter what type of payout you’ll be targeting, it’s crucial that you opt for the top and most reliable online platform out there, which leads us to the next point in this article…

3. Choose The Online Platform Carefully And Wisely

If there is one thing that you must remember from this particular list, it’s that you must choose the online gambling platform carefully and wisely. Why? Well, for starters, there are a lot of scammers out there, meaning that you might, for example, end up depositing cash to a platform that isn’t an actual casino. Second, if you don’t check out the platform you’re planning on using, the games could all end up giving you a smaller payout than on some other sites.

Due to this, it’s crucial that you do some digging into the site you’re planning on utilizing. Hence, you should read the reviews left by previous users, and of course, if there are more negative than positive testimonials, you must opt for a different site. Additionally, reliable sites such as will supply you with an “about us” section, as well as a customer support team that’ll assist you if a problem occurs, thus, only search for and use such sites.

4. Choosing to Make Smaller Wagers is Forever Smarter

Although you might have heard people say “go big or go home”, this is one of the worst tips that you could follow. Why? Well, it’s simple – you’ll most likely lose your capital quickly, which means that you won’t have funds to place wagers with, however, you might also end up not sticking to your budget, which can cause you to lose the cash that you cannot afford to lose. Because of this, you might want to follow a tip that goes “place more wagers and earn more cash”.

It’s important that you recognize that, with this type of game, your chances of getting a prize or losing are the same, no matter if you opt to wager $2 or $10 per spin. Nevertheless, if you carefully use your budget, you’ll be capable of playing more, hence, you can guarantee that you earn more money to return to your betting budget. This is why sticking to the budget you’ve set is one of the most significant techniques that you could have and use.

5. Betting on The Provider’s Edge is Not a Good Idea

Slots usually have a house edge that ranges from 2 to 15 percent, which means that the platform you’ve opted for will take 2 to 15 percent of all wagers. Now, this might make you think that you’ll keep at least 85 percent of the cash, however, in reality, most individuals will lose the bet they’ve placed. Also, a lower edge doesn’t suggest that your spin will give you a payout next time you press the spin button, instead, it’ll impact your chances of a win if you opt for enjoying the game longer.

6. Always Read The Terms of The Games You’re Playing

This is a point that you must memorize, especially since you may be wondering what will happen if you get the best payout combination, but don’t receive the payout. There is a big possibility that you weren’t wagering on the max bet amount, which suggests that you cannot receive the payout. This applies to some of the most used slot games out there, including progressive options that a lot of individuals like.

To prevent yourself from making such terrible mistakes, you must guarantee that you read the terms and requirements, as well as the house rules before you even place a bet. Hence, once you opt for a provider, first read their house rules, and once you pick the slots that you prefer, proceed to read their terms and conditions of them. By doing so, you’ll assure that you understand what you have to do to guarantee the highest payout.


If you’ve just started enjoying online slots, the tips and strategies we’ve mentioned above are some of the most useful ones you can follow. Not only will you ensure that you enhance your chances of a win, but you’ll also ensure that you prevent yourself from spending more money than you could afford.

By now, you most likely comprehend what you must do in order to secure more wins when playing slots, and if so, you really should lose any more of your time reading guides such as the one above. Instead, you should start with the first strategy we’ve mentioned – which is establishing how much money you’ll be using on slots.

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