7 Last-Minute Birthday Gift Ideas Your Grandma Will Love

We all know that buying presents is a highly stressful thing to do especially if you are buying for someone you care a lot about. Birthdays, holidays and similar events tend to bring us to an edge especially if we can’t find that special present we imagined.

To combat these stressful situations, we advise you to prepare in advance. You probably know when are those big holiday and birthdays of those special ones in your life. If that is correct than start planning, don’t wait until the last few days.

With buying gifts especially for older women like your grandmothers you have to be a bit of a detective. If they won’t outright say what they need or want, you have to do a little digging around to find out their wish.

If the detective work somehow doesn’t help you, then you have to be innovative and original. Make a list of your grandmas activates, what she likes doing, and based on that try and make a list of presents that support that.

Below you will find a list of ordinary presents that should bring joy to anybody’s grandma, regardless of her activities and hobbies. If this list for some reason doesn’t have that something you like then read more here and see if you can find something for your grandmother.

1. Don’t go with stereotypical gifts

We know that our grandmas are old but in their hearts and minds they are at their best age, some of them even still feel young. This is why stereotypical presents, meaning presents meant for older women are a bad idea. You don’t want to insult your grandma on her birthday by buying her something that will remind her just how old she is. Not all grandmas like to knit, collect small porcelain figurines or something like that. You have to think about who your grandma is and what she likes or even what she used to like. Sometimes the best gift is to shop for posters from, then find something that will remind her of her younger age or some people from that period that aren’t close to her or aren’t even around anymore.

2. Sometimes you are the best gift

If you don’t spend a lot of time with your grandmother maybe you should consider changing that and make it a unique gift of sorts. Many of us work far from home and are unable to spend time with friends and family as much as we used to. Our grandparent, over time, learns that stuff is not that important and that human and family contact is what they need the most. So if you are thinking about the next present for your grandmother think about spending more time with her. Go shopping, movies, carnivals whatever you think she will enjoy. If she is not that into wandering around, a simple conversation on the porch with coffee and tea will be more than awesome.

3. Vouchers

Vouchers are always a great idea. If you can afford it a weekend trip somewhere nice is always an awesome gift. Maybe a free massage or a spa day? All of these are something your grandma will highly appreciate. If you can combine all of those into one great weekend vacation, we believe it would be the time of her life. If you manage to include a visit to a place she wanted to see for a long time but couldn’t, you will become her number one grandchild.

4. Experience gifts

This category implies that you know what your grandma likes. Experience gifts could be something like tickets to a movie or a theatre show. Maybe she likes vines and you could send her to a winery where they have field trips and a place to sleep. With these, you have to know her interests and know what she wants to see and experience while she still can. These are very thoughtful gifts and believe us they will be more than appreciated.

5. Stylish vintage gifts

This age group of women appreciate stylish and vintage things likes vintage jewellery, broaches, vases, chandeliers – it all depends on what they are into. These are items that bring them back to their youth when those were popular. Sometimes your grandmas wanted a certain piece back when they were younger but couldn’t have it. Imagine you find out what that something is and buying it for her. I can already see the smiles and tears combine. Those are the gifts you want and those are the emotions you will get.

6. Gifts that help them learn

If you think about it our grandparents are people that have a lot of free time on their hands. If they don’t have a garden or something to work on, then they have time to learn something new. Pottery classes, painting classes, or something like curiosity classes that have a lot of these things included so your grandma can pick what she wants when she wants. This will also be a great place for her to meet new people that are into the same things as she is. It’s a win-win situation.

7. Special perfume

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Now, this is an awesome idea. There are a few websites online like that specialize in perfumes and they have an online shop where you can design your sent. So if you know what your grandmother likes as a scent then you can make a one-of-a-kind custom perfume just for her. That is a pretty frequent gift idea but this one will be something special because it will be one of a kind smell and designed just for that one person.

We hope that these few ideas and hints will help you in your gift hunting. It is always a good idea to know as much as you can about your special person to make this a successful gift hunt. There is another thing to keep in mind. Although there are things your grandmother probably prefers she will undoubtedly appreciate more the thought and attention of the gift than anything else. Even if you manage to miss the thing she needs or hopes for, your attention and time you give her back will be worth more than any gift out there.

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