4 Tips for Buying Luxury Art Online with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is moving towards something more than just an investment currency. Various platforms are adopting it as a currency to trade things. For example, you can donate digital currency for humanitarian causes and also as funding. Furthermore, a lot of people and companies also pay their employees through bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency.

Now, you can even do shopping through Bitcoins as a lot of shopping sites and malls are accepting it. Furthermore, this is not limited to malls and large platforms but the luxury brands are also accepting it. Therefore, you don’t have to convert your Bitcoins to real-world currency.

Instead, you can use it directly at various shopping sites like It is a shopping platform that offers branded watches and fine jewelry. deals directly with Bitcoins. You can find bracelets, earrings, rings and some really beautiful necklaces.

Furthermore, they are not limited to that only. So if you wish to buy some luxury watches, you can buy them too. And all of the payments will be done directly through Bitcoins even the prices are mentioned in the same currency.

Things you can buy through cryptocurrencies

The list of things that you can buy through cryptocurrencies is always growing. But right now you can buy

  1. Luxury vehicles, airplanes, and boats; Dennison Yachting and SkyCraft Airplanes.
  2. Getting the 2nd citizenship; Vanuatu island accepts transactions in Bitcoins and you can purchase their CBI i.e. Citizenship by Investment.
  3. Higher education; from the University of Nicosia (Cyprus) and King’s College of United States.
  4. Luxury properties; the real estate department of the United Kingdom deals through cryptocurrency.

Some tips for you

Yes, you can do shopping using bitcoins but you need to be careful of a lot of things. As this thing is relevantly new in the market, the chances of fraud and scams are more. That’s why we are going to share some tips that will help you do safe shopping using your Bit Wallets.

1. Opt for a virtual wallet

Digital currencies do not work like real-world ones. Cryptocurrencies work anonymously and therefore, you can buy and sell things without the need for any financial details. Furthermore, you don’t even have to exchange the records.

But for buying and selling Bitcoins you need a Bitcoin wallet. The problem arises with the wallet selection. There are plenty of wallets available online but not all of them are safe. So if you select the wrong wallet, you are likely to lose all of your bitcoins.

Therefore, our first suggestion for you is to choose a virtual wallet. Because these wallets do not have any Governmental guarantee. So if you lose your coins, you cannot do anything to get them back. So do a little bit of research before finalizing your wallet.

2. Buy Bitcoin locally

Instead of trusting some anonymous person or site, you can choose to buy from some local. Yes, this is a fact that most of the buyers are not aware of. Through such methods, you can meet the seller personally and buy the coins. Furthermore, there are some sites that will tell you the details about the local sellers.

Buying coins locally will minimize the risk of frauds and scams. Furthermore, you can learn about the dealings from the seller personally.

3. Find the shopping sites

After you are done purchasing the bitcoins, now is the time to do shopping. Although the number of sites that accept crypto coins is increasing, you still have to spend some time on that. For example, “”, here you can buy your favorite jewelry and it is not only for women. They have men’s watches too.

If you want to buy electronics including gaming consoles, T.V, and computers, you can go to Newegg. If you are a user of Microsoft, you can transfer your coins from your wallet to your Microsoft account and vice versa. Thus, you can use them at Xbox and Windows store.

There are certainly other platforms like booking hotels and flights and also arranging vacation rentals. All of this is also possible through using some bitcoins. Moreover, if you are using Dish Network, you can actually pay your bill too.

There is also a pizza delivery app, PizzaForCoins that does its transactions through bitcoin. And if you like to do shopping on Etsy, there are some sellers who accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Especially when you are buying some luxury items and art pieces, online shopping becomes a bit untrustworthy. There are plenty of scammers. Therefore, if you have to buy luxury items like Rolex watches and Paintings, make sure to properly check the site information. It is better to shop from the direct website of a brand than from other platforms.

You can even send gift cards by paying through your crypto coins. There are some really popular gift card websites like eGifter that allow you to pay through bitcoin wallet. The gift cards include some known retailers like Home Depot, Best Buy, Dunkin Donuts and Target.

4. Selecting the payment method

After you are done adding things to your cart, it’s time for you to pay your bills. It is not that hard and is the same as that of your credit card. When you see the option of paying, you have to click on “pay with Bitcoin”. Afterward, you will have to provide your wallet information or you have to scan the provided code.

Scanning the QR code is the most common option while shopping through mobile. Now you are done with your shopping and the amount is deducted from your account, the things will arrive at your place. And that’s it.

To sum up

Online shopping trend and the use of bitcoin is increasing at a surprising rate. People are even buying luxury items online because they don’t have time to go to the shopping malls. Furthermore, with the skyrocketing prices of bitcoin, the coin holders have earned a large sum of money. So instead of converting it to the other currencies, they prefer to use it as it is. And there are stores and online sellers that accept it.

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