6 Tips to Improve Roofing for new Construction

The roof over our heads is constructed after a lot of deliberation. The items that need to be used to keep the roof strong and sturdy; materials that will keep it water and heat proof need to be carefully selected. Many factors, such as the materials, are also used to determine the appearance, but designing the roof is up to you. But planning is advantageous to make the roof project successful.

You need to keep in mind a few key components while planning and executing to improve roofing.

Thermal insulation


Loads of energy are lost through the roof, but this can be prevented with well-planned thermal insulation fitted into the roof. The thermally well-insulated buildings are energy efficient and keep the internal temperature of the building uniform.

In terms of energy consumption by the whole building, maintenance of the temperature, protection from extreme heat or cold, cost-effectiveness; are a few reasons to get thermally insulated roofing. The different kinds of roofings can be insulated in different ways.

Pitched roofs have three methods that can be implemented to get the proper thermal insulation. For warm roofs, a bitumen seal can protect the thermal insulation placed during the roof construction. Waterproofing is done over the thermal insulation for inverted roofs to protect the latter with an additional layer. In cold roofs, free space between the sealing and the thermal insulation is filled with air.



Roof sealants are one of the most important elements that require a lot of deliberation and decision-making as to which is the right one for your roof. Sealing the roof is a supreme task as the roof needs to protect itself from extreme weather to protect the building’s whole interior inturn.

Thus, a sealant used for the roof needs to be carefully chosen as the roof protects the whole structure. A sealant is viscous and solidifies after it is applied to the given surface. Upon solidification, it becomes ready to be a protector against extreme weather, dust, smoke, air, etc.

Different materials are used for sealing the roof, and the roofer can best decide which material is best for your roof. There is a choice between bitumen membrane and plastic membrane for flat roofs, both with their advantages.

The bitumen membrane is manufactured from petroleum. Sometimes, for bitumen sheeting, raw materials such as jute are also used alongside petroleum. Most commonly, the bitumen sheet is layered, with two sheets placed upon one another. One visible disadvantage of a bitumen sheet is there is a possibility of its melting if and when exposed to extreme heat.

On the other hand, plastic is used within polymer bitumen membranes. The Polymer bitumen membranes are manufactured with a slight modification where elastomers are added. This makes Polymer bitumen more heat resistant. The plastic used in polymer bitumen varies from PVC to others. The plastic sheeting proves to be more flexible and is thus easier to process. Generally, a single layer of it is sufficient.

But, in the case of pitched roofs, the case is completely different from flat roofs. The roof covering, in this case, is the top layer, and thus, the variety for each kind of pitched roof is also large.

Roof tiles and roof stones that are made of clay are traditionally used roof coverings for pitched roofs. They are light and versatile, manufactured with concrete and clay on the outside, available in various colors and shapes. Slate, another naturally occurring stone, is used. Slate is durable and robust, resistant to bad weather conditions. There are many variations available for roof slates. Due to the method of construction, the design also varies. Thirdly, titanium zinc is another material that occurs in the form of a web and sheet. It is a metal that is ideal for the dormers and gables. Its life expectancy is high, and it is also resistant to extremely bad weather conditions.

Proper ventilation


Roof ventilation needs to be ensured to increase the durability of the roof. Ventilation directly impacts the roof’s capability to moderate the temperature, keep cool during summers, and reduce moisture during winters.

Solar Systems


Solar systems fitted into the roof can help produce energy and heat and sustain during extremely cold weather. But, solar system installation places an additional load on the roof. It is better to ensure the sustainability of this measure beforehand. More factors define this measure’s success rate, such as the inclination of the solar system, its orientation, and the shade of the solar panels.

The system is ideally oriented to the South at an angle of 30-35 degrees of inclination, deprived of any obstacles such as other buildings or trees. Thus, there should be a direct and clear path between the system and the sun.

Finding the right person for the job

A work so crucial needs professionals working on it for the best results. Before hiring, you need to ensure that the company has a reputable background and a successful history in its experience. There are a few mandatory questions that need to be asked of your potential contractor, such as “if they are bonded or licensed?”; “availability of insurance”; “warranties attached to the materials being used,”; “do they possess the required permits?”; “are all codes, rules, and regulations being followed?”.

It also goes without asking that you need to check their online reviews and recommendations.

Cost: Cheap versus Quality

A cost-effective contractor doesn’t need to give the best result. In case of renovations or new constructions, they must come with a high cost. While hiring a company or a contractor, you pay them not just for the work or the materials but also for their competence.

The initial high cost of constructing or renovating a roof can save you cost that can come barging in later due to bad service or work. High-quality work is something that cannot be expected to be done at cheap rates. Saving in the wrong place initially can cost you more than necessary later. Cheap hires imply that the products that will be used might also not be high quality, or the artistry is not as per your desire.

So, hire professionals and hire at a fair quote. Ensure that the prices cover all materials as well as the labor charges.


Keeping all these factors in mind, the roof job more or less depends upon the kind of people you hire to do the job. In that sense, Bayset, a professional in their endeavors of waterproofing, flooring, and concrete repair, strives to maintain the utmost quality in their work. From waterproofing membranes to sealing to everything else in between, Bayset has set a high standard.

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