7 House Cleaning Tips that Actually Works

Did you know that house cleaning is one of the most effective exercises and workouts altogether? It’s entirely an activity that most of us look forward to on the weekend, or a holiday. However, it can be exhausting, and incredibly stressful for most people, who already have a lot on their plate. But, if you back off from doing the house cleaning work, then you will soon see there is dust and dirt piling up all around your home.

Do you want such a dusty home? Agreed, house cleaning does take up a lot of time, don’t worry, whether you love cleaning or not, there are some quicker ways that can help you clean your house quite instantly.

We have mentioned some of the expert house cleaning tips that actually work, which eventually does save your time, money and a loads of efforts too. Take a look.

7 House Cleaning Tips that actually works


When it comes to cleaning, we either clean our house regularly, or we give the house a quick tidy kick while the guests are on their way. However, for any such last momentum, or for regular routines, you can consider using the below mentioned tips that would work, if done right!

1. Cleaning tools and clothes must be clean enough!

That’s an irony. It is quite very crucial that all the cleaning tools, such as equipment, clothes, dust stick, sponges etc must be clean enough, so that it would keep your house clean too. If you are going to use the same old dirty clothes and sponges to clean your house, then trust me, you will never be able to finish up the cleaning. You can wet the sponge or the cloth and then pop it into the microwave for around 40 seconds- which will remove the bacteria completely. Not necessarily microwaves, even washing machine, dishwashers can do the job.

2. Clean it up-entirely!


Some of us have the habit of cleaning just our room, or probably one room at a time, but instead, try to clean the whole house, entirely. Yes, cleaning becomes quite efficient when you do one task at a time, such as dusting, vacuuming and then the mopping comes in. Rather, try to dust the entire house in one go, and then go for vacuuming and then mopping the whole house. Instead of starting the same task again in every room, you can do all of them in a single step, which will also save you loads of time.

3. Mirror and Glasses need vinegar!


Many of us clean the mirror and glasses with already available products in the market. And yes, it makes the mirror and glasses, quite shiny soon, but they also ruin the effect and the glow of the mirror in the long run. However, you can make use of newspaper in combination with vinegar since it has extremely dense material which also has non-abrasive and soft fibres that leaves no smudges or steaks during the cleaning process. Well, it is also one of the most cost-effective cleaning methods that would help you to save time, money and your mirrors of course. Vinegar is an amazing cleaning agent and can be used for every type of cleaning method since it’s pretty much reliable.

4. Denture tablets can be perfect for teapot, kettle and coffee pots

It’s quite surprising for those who do not have any idea about denture tablets, since it works as an amazing cleaning agent. Yes, denture tabs are an effective cleaning product, especially if you often have a coffee pot and teapot to be cleaned. Many top restaurants and cafes use denture tablets to clean their kettles and pots- which is reliable, hygienic and completely safe for the human body. It has incredible antibacterial properties and it can keep your vessels and pots completely away from bacteria. The denture tablets work as the most perfect scrubbing tool if used with a toothbrush, removing all the tough stains overall.

5. Clean the shower heads and faucets with plastic bag and vinegar

Shower head and faucet cleaning could be challenging since it requires micro-level cleaning, but a very little work overall. Vinegar with a plastic bag will ensure to remove all the unwanted grime, limescale and build up out of your faucet heads and shower heads. However, you need not put too much energy and effort in cleaning the shower heads and faucets, and even the handles. You can also use vinegar and baking soda making a perfect cleaning agent and a mixture.

6. Couch Cleaning with baking soda


Did you ever know that you can now clean your couch using baking soda? Yes, baking soda does a lot of good in the kitchen as well as for the couch and furniture cleaning process. Baking soda is generally quite absorbent, reliable, removes varieties of stains, and also undo the odour and smell from the couch completely. It also helps you to remove the odour from the entire home completely. You can also use this method to clean up soft furnishings, rugs, curtains, carpets, and even the pet beds too.

7. Brown Coca-Cola can remove tough stains

Ah? Isn’t Coca-Cola the cold drink? Well, it is, but it is also one of the most tough stain removal formulas that can be used at ease and of course at every home. You can not only remove the tough stains but also get rid of heavy dust and rust too. Since Coca-Cola contains carbonic and phosphoric acid, it makes a perfect cleaning agent and the most reasonable cleaning solution overall. However, ensure that you use the Coca-Cola method in your bathroom, it’s pretty evident that you do not want your house to become a mess.


Deep-cleaning of your house, especially the tough stains and stubborn marks can never be someone’s top to-do-list. Because cleaning takes a lot of time, effort and sometimes money invested in the laundry too. Again, cleaning products are quite expensive, and yet gives minimal impact. The above mentioned cleaning tips can provide you with the most inexpensive, effective and quick cleaning of your house, just like you can find at websites such as Kingsrugwash.com. However, there are many such ways that help you to get rid of the stains and rust and even the heaviest of the dusts.

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