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How Luxury Cars Benefit from Tech Innovations

How technology is driving innovation in luxury cars is an interesting paradox. On the one hand, most people assume that luxury cars are highly insipid and boring vehicles, with very little sophistication. This is partly because they are so thoroughly modern looking and designed. The interior of most luxury cars are full of advanced features such as navigation systems, electric windows, tinted glass and full electronic safety systems. These features cannot be ignored by anyone traveling in them.

Nowadays, the cars deemed not so luxurious have stepped up their design and look of their models to compete with these luxury cars. Some cars that are decently priced may fool buyers into thinking their models also have all the bells and whistles that luxury cars offer. However, when you really look into how technology is driving innovation in luxury cars, you will see a significant difference in these vehicles. The intriguing high tech features alone stand apart from the basic “upgrades” that come with modern day vehicles.

Yet many of these same people will discount the idea of a luxury car, simply because they think that technology has moved on too quickly. They fail to realize that most luxury cars were never really state of the art in the first place. Their function has simply changed. In other words, their technology has simply kept up with the times. These cars have always been ahead of their time and still manage to maintain the up to date technology advances.

How technology is driving innovation in luxury cars is also illustrated by the fact that it costs far less to manufacture luxury cars than they did not so long ago. Even the materials used for making luxury cars are much cheaper than they were several decades ago. People driving luxury cars have other things to spend their money on, so the average monthly payment for most luxury automobiles is far less than it was decades ago. This means that people can afford to drive luxury cars, even if they cannot afford the ones they really want.

This is partly why manufacturers are able to sell such high-quality luxury cars at such low prices. They do not actually make these luxury cars cheaply in the first place. They do not have to go through the motions of reconditioning old cars to make them attractive to buyers any longer. So how does this apply to the future of the luxury car?

Well, one way that the future of the luxury car might take hold is as a result of more technology being developed for the computer, navigation systems, and power management systems of modern vehicles. These can already help a car to function better no matter what the condition of the road is. Modern automobiles are equipped with such technologies that many believe they already have the beginnings of computer-assisted navigation. Of course, it is also possible that the displays that these systems use may be like the ones on the airplanes that fly around the world. They are sophisticated, yet apparently not complex enough to compete with the human brain.

Many of these manufacturers work very hard to ensure their cars are equipped with the latest and greatest in the world of safety. Navigation used to be made to tell you where to go, now it is also being used to directly communicate with a car’s components like transmission and suspensions to prepare for hills and curves ahead.  Many luxury cars offer high tech features that are frequently in the form of options packages, but lately the expensive price tag comes standard with incorporating expensive new equipment.

With so many performances and tech gadgets, you’ll want to check out to protect yourself from unforeseen situations that may require extended auto warranties.

These luxury cars are designed to have long-lasting engines, state of the art fuel tanks, but sometimes mechanical issues can arise and you want to make sure you are prepared financially for them.  Many repairs would be beyond the average person’s abilities.  Since these cars are top-shelf premium vehicles that already carry a hefty price tag, don’t let a lack of coverage add more financial burden into owning such an elegant pricey vehicle.

If we look at how technology is driving innovation in luxury cars, then the answer might also be to develop new materials for the body and interior of a luxury car. We all know how comfortable and stylish the new luxury limousines are. The sedans on the other hand are becoming smaller and more personal. The end result is a vehicle that is no longer just a four-door family car, but instead a small and sleek sports car that can actually make a driver feel comfortable and relaxed while driving in it.

It seems that the Chinese are currently leading the way when it comes to developing the new generation of luxury cars. They have recently produced a concept vehicle that makes use of a new type of computer-assisted navigation system. It makes use of a map of the United States of America and with the use of the OBD scanner, the Chinese are able to map out the nearest restaurant for their driver, which is located 3.6 seconds before they need to arrive there. This is one application of this new technology in a luxury vehicle. Other applications of this technology could mean that we will soon be seeing luxury limousines that are equipped with televisions in place of seating.

It appears that the future of how technology is driving innovation in luxury cars lies in new materials that are being developed for the construction of these vehicles. We may soon see vehicles that are as airy and small as a purse and are capable of storing ten or more passengers. The future of cars may very well include smaller automobiles that are capable of both traveling long distances and at the same time can be customized with luxury features such as heating systems, AC systems, audio systems and even televisions.

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