Are Luxury Vinyl Tiles Suitable For Pets?

The tiles that you use to cover the floors of your house serve multiple functions. They cover and protect the house’s basic structure, which is made of steel and cement. The tiles can come in various colors and textures, and they can enhance the look and feel of your house. The color, texture, and other properties of your house tiles are essential for your pets’ well-being as well.

The Many Types Of Tiles That You Can Choose For Your House


These days there are a wide variety of tiles that you can use in your house. Many people go for ceramic tiles because they can come in various designs. Moreover, ceramic is a versatile material and can be used to cover the fireplace and the walls of the kitchen as well. Some people prefer tiles made up of hard stones like granite and marble.

Some people also like to use luxury vinyl tiles for their houses. Since there are so many options, finding the right choice for your home can be quite a challenge. If you are planning to get luxury vinyl flooring for your new home, then you can visit lvt.

Choosing The Right Flooring For Your Pets

Choosing A Durable And Sturdy Flooring Material


Luxury vinyl floors are made of resins of polymers like Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or some other PVC-like polymer. Sometimes the PVC resin is mixed with wood; in these cases, it is known as WPC. Sometimes the PVC resin might be combined with some calcium stones; in these cases, they are known as SPC.

Whenever you are deciding on the flooring material for your house, the durability of the material should be your foremost concern. Changing the floor of the house at frequent intervals is not a practical proposition.

So when you are selecting tiles for your home, you have to look for a material that lasts for around fifteen to twenty years. If the floor is not durable, then there will be cracks, scratches, and gaps visible on the floor. These cracks reduce the overall appeal of the home and are also dangerous to walk on.

Vinyl luxury tiles are highly durable. They last for ten to twenty years. They come with an outer transparent coating that is treated to protect against accidental scratches. Scratches are typical if you have pets in the home. Even though pet cats and dogs are groomed regularly, they always try to dig and scratch because they are pretty curious. So having a floor that is resistant to scratches is very important if you have pets in your home.

Luxury vinyl tiles are able to bear a lot of weight. They do not crack even when objects weighing hundreds of pounds are placed on them. Some breeds of dogs can be pretty heavy; for instance, the Great Dane can weigh around 200 pounds. Hence, if you have one of the big heavy dogs as your pet, then you should choose a flooring material like PVC that can tolerate heavy weight without cracking.

Health And Safety For Your Cats And Dogs

Most animals have the habit of licking every surface that they come across. The PVC tiles have an outer coating that resists the growth of bacteria. Since these tiles come with an anti-bacterial coating, they ensure that your cats and dogs will not fall sick regularly, even if they are licking your floors.

The Comfort And Ease Of Walking

You and your pets will have to continuously walk on your flooring, and it is vital that they are easy and comfortable to walk on. Luxury vinyl tile floors are not very slippery, and hence the chances of accidental slips and injury are minimal. Again, they do not have a rough outer surface; hence these are not uncomfortable to walk on.

They Are Easy To Clean

Luxury vinyl tiles are quite easy to clean. They do not absorb stains very easily, and most of the stains or marks can be removed by using a wet mop. If you have pets at home, keeping the house clean will be an obvious concern. Most animals tend to run out in open areas like the garden. When pets enter the home with dirty, muddy feet, then it makes the floor dirty. So tiles that do not absorb stains easily and can be cleaned quickly with very little effort should be your preferred choice for your home.

They Are Compatible With Underfloor Heating Systems


The floor in many cold countries gets very cold on cold winter nights because of heat radiation. Underfloor heating systems use tubing under the floor to heat the home. Luxury vinyl tiles are compatible with such heating systems, and hence they allow you and your pets to keep warm on cold winter nights.

They Come In Color Shades That Do Not Irritate The Animals

Animals are not very receptive to all colors. Some animals get irritated if they see very bright colors. Dogs, for instance, are more receptive to shades of blue and yellow and are not receptive to shades of red. Luxury vinyl tiles are available in a wide variety of colors, and hence you can choose any shade that does not disturb your pet.

They Are Resistant To Water

PVC does not absorb water readily, and this can be of great use to you if you have animals at home. Even the most well-trained animals might urinate on the floor, and it is important that your flooring is resistant to water. PVC usually repels water, and hence they do not get stained even if animals accidentally urinate on them.



Vinyl tiles made their entry around the middle of the 1950s, and they became quite popular in the next few decades. Today they have evolved manifolds and are still in great demand. They are durable, resistant to bacteria, easy to clean, etc. Apart from this, they can also be covered by other fancy materials to improve the look of the house.

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