Score More Interviews with Resume Writing Services

If a resume is your opportunity to summarize your experiences and worth to a company within just a few short sentences, hiring a resume service to make sure those few lines are perfect is a great investment in your professional development. Whether you are looking to start from scratch or you have years of experience, having the help of a writing service can make sure you have the style and keywords necessary to get invited back for an interview.

The benefits of having a professional write it


A professional resume writer helps you showcase why employers should choose you. Communicating your “why” can be a difficult task given that hiring managers will spend just a few seconds looking over your document. The help of a professional can make sure you command the attention of whoever is viewing your document through key industry words and phrases.

Resume writers are also in tune with hiring trends and can help you steer clear of common mistakes that turn employers off. For example, according to ResumeGo, a resume company that helps job seekers write resumes, applicants with work gaps on their resume have a 45% lower chance of scoring an interview. However, if you do have said gap, your writer can help you explain the reason for the gap on your resume and in your cover letter, which will give you a 60% higher chance of getting an interview.

Your writer can help you put an objective statement at the top of your document or include a passage in the opening of your cover letter. They are likely aware of other trends in resume writing, so they will be a great resource if you have been out of the job market for a while and have an outdated resume.

Help with your cover letter


Crafting the perfect cover letter is another essential service that these resume writing companies can offer you. New research finds that applications with tailored cover letters score 50% more interviews than those without. A writer can help you clearly and effectively convey to the company how you will be an asset and why you are interested in them. By crafting the story of your experience around the needs of the job position, the hiring manager is much more likely to want to bring you in for an interview. In fact, ResumeGo found that having a tailored cover letter makes you 81% more likely to be noticed.

The writer can also help you target your letter even further if you know the name and position of the person viewing your letter, helping you convey that you have done adequate research and are invested in their position.

Boost your LinkedIn Profile


Finally, your resume writer can help you pull the perfect content for your LinkedIn profile, which has become another important element in hiring considerations. LinkedIn offers a way for you to communicate both your personality and your professional experiences quickly, and hiring managers often turn to the platform to get a more comprehensive understanding of their candidates. It offers a more visual way for hiring managers to understand candidates and can ultimately land you more interviews.

How to decide on the right resume service for you


Choosing which resume service to hire can seem like a daunting task. To break down the decision process, it’s recommended that you first interview several different writers to see which has a background that most closely aligns with the industry you’re targeting. This will help ensure that your writer is familiar with industry jargon and knows keywords and skills that hiring managers are looking for.

You should decide whether you’d like a more personalized experience or if you’d prefer to have the service just deliver you the finished product. Some companies will give you a direct line of communication with your writer throughout the process while others don’t. It’s also important to consider whether the service is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau to make sure you’re talking to a real company with real people. These are all important considerations in outlining how you’d like your process to go.

Understand the potential downsides


Like everything in life, there are potential problems that can arrive when using a resume writing service. For instance, there are many online resume services out there that employ unqualified resume writers that will likely do no better a job writing your resume than you would. Some “resume mills” also churn out resumes incredibly quickly, without putting much effort into really taking into account your specific needs as an individual. Again, this generally leads to poorly written resumes that aren’t worth your time and money.

When searching online, it’s important to look at the following elements of the resume service:

  • The resume writer’s credentials: See how qualified the resume writers are. Are they certified? Do you get a chance to speak with them and have a consultation?
  • Pricing: Be careful is a deal that seems “too good to be true” because it usually is. A qualified resume writer is not going to be working at minimum wage. It’d be impossible for the math to add up if prices are anything below $100 or so.
  • Turnaround time: While you may think having a 24-hour turnaround time is super convenient, it can actually be a troubling sign. You want a service that’s willing to put in the time to do things thoroughly. It’s unrealistic to think they’ll be able to churn out your resume in a single day while putting in their maximum effort.


Whether you are entering the job market for the first time or have found yourself in need of a job change, hiring a resume writing service will significantly increase your chances of getting an interview. In today’s competitive job market, the hiring manager is spending just a few seconds glancing over your resume, so making sure it includes keywords and phrases that highlight your talents and value is essential.

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