5 PTE Read Aloud Guidelines to Maximize Your Score

Learning foreign languages always involves some form of evaluation. Therefore, many of us decide to take tests. When it comes to English, the most internationally authoritative test is the PTE. Can we prepare for it, and how? Here are some guidelines that might help you maximize your score.

With Knowledge of English – Your Chances Are Greater

Nowadays, it is almost indispensable to know at least one or two foreign languages. Since English is a language of a wide speaking area and a business language – it has become almost a mandatory thing. Whether you want to study abroad, find a job, or wish to continue your life somewhere outside your country – knowledge of English will be necessary for you. OK, most of us know English to some extent (or so we think). However, our opinion or statement in the resume will not be enough if we do not confirm it with some document. So, what shall we do then?

Testing Language Knowledge

If you want to fulfill some of your career or educational goals – the first thing is to apply and send your resume. After that, there are other tests – and the English language test is one of them. Of course, a potential employer or educational institution wants some solid proof. That is why we need to go through evaluations and tests. Depending on your specific needs – you can decide on several different types of testing. However, one of the tests that are internationally accepted all over the world is the PTE test. This test has unique criteria, regardless of where you come from. Precisely for this reason, it is considered one of the best and most relevant tests that include both rhetorical and written skills and knowledge.

What Does the PTE Test Look Like?

This test has numerous advantages, one of which is that you take it on a computer. So, you can skip traveling – and you can take the test from home. Also, this test is very comprehensive because it includes different components such as speaking and writing, but also reading and listening. Checking your knowledge is very objective because the results are determined by the software. That enables an accurate and objective view of the results without fear that there is any protection for individual candidates. In addition, the fact that the results are obtained in a relatively short period of two to five working days is also significant to many candidates. In the report you receive, you will know what you should work on a little more – and what you did well.

What to Do to Maximize Your PTE Score?

Of course, we would all like to do this test perfectly and without any mistakes – but that is rarely possible. However, do not let that discourage you – because, in the ranking of points from 10 to 90, most candidates pass with a score of 65. Even if you don’t make it the first time, don’t get depressed because you have new chances to pass the test – so on the next occasion, you will achieve a better result. Still, if you’re getting ready for the PTE test, here are some ‘read-aloud’ guidelines that you can use to maximize your score as much as possible. Also, if you wish, you can try and do some of the mock tests you can find at

1. Learn to pronounce words well

This is the most important feature in the read-aloud part of the test. How will you read if you can’t pronounce words correctly? Therefore, try to practice reading aloud before the test and expand your vocabulary. When the test starts, you will not have enough time to practice pronunciation. The time you are given is just over 30 seconds before you start reading the text. So, practice reading aloud before the test and make sure you don’t have any problems with pronunciation.

2. Follow the punctuation marks

Just like pronunciation, this is a significant item. Imagine what it’s going to look like if you read everything in one breath. Each text has a period, comma, dashes, etc. Each text has words that you should emphasize – or those you should not overemphasize. Therefore, follow the punctuation marks in the text and try to make the text sound expressive and meaningful when you read it aloud.

3. You must understand the text you are reading


Of course, when you know what you are reading – you will pronounce the words in the text much easier and more correctly. Use the time available to you before reading aloud to look at what the text is all about. Try to understand the content of the text. Then it will be much easier for you to emphasize certain words and pronounce them correctly.

4. Read clearly and stay calm

That is very important because you should not go to extremes. You don’t need to shout while reading, but you shouldn’t be too quiet either. The essence is to convey what the text says. You need to know what a sentence should express – command, mood, sadness, amazement, or something else. All this indicates to us that when reading, we must be calm, not get excited, we need to understand what we are reading, and emphasize all that is important. Therefore, it is necessary to read clearly and calmly. Just practice because everything can be learned, and so it is with reading aloud.

5. Try to relax and don’t be nervous

We know this is easier to say than to do, but at least try. When you are nervous or scared of reading aloud – nothing good will come out of it. On the contrary, you will probably make mistakes even in things you know well. Therefore, before taking the test, try to ease your mind and be as relaxed as possible. It is the only ‘recipe’ for completing your task successfully.

The Bottom Line

Many people do not find it easy to read aloud, even in their native language. So many people have stage fright or are nervous and under pressure because this test is highly important to them. However, you can take our word for it – it’s not as scary as it seems. Practice some of the things we have pointed out to you, and we are sure that you will successfully pass your PTE test.

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