7 Tips for Planning a Photo Booth at Your Event

Creating memorable events is something you should always strive for. While you have surely been in many manifestations and events, you have noticed the places where everyone is being photographed.

Although this seems like another thing you will need to worry about, having a booth improves the image you have intended to set with this event. In addition, organizing a booth is not filled with complicated situations, especially when you have a guide like this one.

We have included a couple of tips that will surely help you to incorporate a perfectly organized booth for the next occasion. That way, your guests will enjoy their stay better, especially with something monumental they will always get to keep as a memory.

1. Select an appropriate booth


There are many variations on what the booth can look like. There are professional booths made by a DIY project. However, for any manifestation, it is better to go for a professional one, since it looks better and makes the event more serious. In addition, you will have no worries, since you are just reserving it, and that is it.

The problem comes when you need to decide what type of cabin will suit your event the most. According to the theme, you can select inflatable ones that look interesting and futuristic, or you can select retro cubes that bring some memories back. In addition, you can select a selfie pod that makes the whole process faster, since the guest is standing. They are being photographed and they go on.

2. Features you need to look for

You will need to know a few things in advance if you are planning on bringing a booth for the next event that you may host. Firstly, the aesthetic reason since it has to attract the attention of your guests, and show an image of a serious brand. By getting booths that do not look appealing, even though they get the job done, you are ruining everyone’s experience.

Next, you will need to assure yourself that all of the needed options for the event are supported by the booth. For example, you need to set up backgrounds, logos, and slogans and if the unit does not have this option, you don’t need it.

In addition, an option where you can collect data about the guests is always beneficial, since you can understand if they have enjoyed their time and get suggestions for the future. A feature where the guests can easily share their photos on social media is always beneficial as well. This will help with your reach, so many people will learn about your brand.

Lastly, you need to consider its compactness, so make sure the booth can be transported easily. This helps the setup, and it just makes the whole installation process better.

3. Look for the best company


Many companies offer photo booths, so it’s very important to try and look for the best one. For that reason, you will need to research to figure out exactly which company can provide the most benenfits.

If you are situated in Australia, try searching for photo booth hire Melbourne. Or you can just check for more information.

4. Ensure right placement

The thing you need to focus on the most is the placement of the booth. It has to be placed somewhere visible for everyone where they will go and get photographed right away. For that reason, it is better to place it somewhere in the front, so when guests get in, they can immediately see it.

Other places that are suitable for the booth are lounges, exits, and the area near the restrooms. Since all of the guests will surely pass through these places, the booth will be ready for them.

When you have determined the location, make sure that you install the unit near a wall or on the side, so it’s not in the way. You should consider the positioning because many people gather so you can prevent crowding.

In case you have decided to place the photobooth somewhere empty, like hallways and corners, make sure to notify all the guests, and invite them to use the booth freely.

5. Include interesting pic art options


Besides the photo itself, many people enjoy the additional pic art options they can add to their photos. For example, if we are talking about a more corporate manifestation, you can add mustaches and hats, or sunglasses and other funny options. By having different templates, you can adjust them for the theme of your event. This makes the guests happy, feel cool, and enjoy their time even more.

6. Have a customized background, logos, or messages

Having a customized background needs to be appropriate to the theme of the event. However, you don’t need to force something to be interesting, it can be simply a color or an idea that you have gotten on the internet. You can include a message on the template, which can serve as a slogan or something that represents the event.

Creating a template can be the most important thing in these scenarios since everyone will be photographed with it. By involving your logo in the design, it helps with your company recognition, and the reach helps you to be acknowledged by more people.

7. Gather useful information


Besides the fun and creating an event interesting for everyone, these booths can serve as a great tool for gathering information that can be vital for your firm. For example, guests can give you their emails or other contact information. With that, you can send them promotions, or invite them to other events that you may be hosting.

The ability to track statistics is a great tool that you can use. For example, you can track the reach of the hashtag you have come up with, and see how many photos have been uploaded by the guests. This can help you to analyze the profile of your guests, and understand your marketing target in the future.

In addition, you can have a simple questionnaire on how they like the current event and things they feel are missing. This can help you in organizing your future events better, and improve everyone’s experience even more.

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