Essay Writing: To Fight or Not

Exclusive essays are unique due to their unusual style. Whether you write a narrative, a descriptive, expository, or persuasive paper, you should think out your writing techniques. Some students admit that writing is not their wheelhouse, and for this purpose, they use essay writing services. provides professional support for students of any program and complexity. If you have no idea how to craft an essay or have no time to think about it right now, it is better to entrust the paper to specialists.

Those who want to learn from their own mistakes and improve their writing by their strengths and efforts should be ready for a battle of wits. This article provides a brief analysis of the most significant figures in literature. Their distinct approaches may serve as a guide for you in professional writing performance. Read on to become closely acquainted with them.

Silver Bullet №1: Not-Knowing: The Essays and Interviews of Donald Barthelme


Being one of the most original and influential postmodernists, Donald Barthelme has earned respect for his prolific literature using experimentation methods. «Not-Knowing» is a collection of essays, miniature stories, interviews, and reviews. Here Barthelme tells his readers about planning, representing it as a consistent process typical for writing any story. He emphasizes the diversity of writing styles and their features to convey the points.

Also, Barthelme has developed his approach to storytelling. According to his method, the absence of a traditional structure opens freedom while creating artistic pieces. For instance, his characters do not necessarily come with purposeful life stories. As a result, they are more realistic.

This work is an excellent example for those who sustain challenges of writing craft and practice a mind journey from no story point to the creating story. In this book, the beginners in writing an essay will find support, understanding, and practical advice on how to move on.

Donald Barthelme believed that any writer may embark upon a task but have no idea what to do. But not knowing is not a problem. It is an art, the start point of our mind before the journey in an unanticipated direction. Taking the risk, involving unexpected events and episodes without having a rigid plan, using unpredictable words and actions make you sound unique and master writing style.

Barthelme’s literature redefined a generation of American writing. His opinions are not the techniques collection only. That is an approach to storytelling that students are welcome to implement too.

Silver Bullet №2: «Fairy Tale is Form, Form is Fairy Tale» by Kate Bernheimer


The Craft Essays from Tin House is a book series of the Writer’s Notebook that combines the brightest seminars by favorite poets and prose writers (Kate Bernheimer, Jim Shepard, Aimee Bender, Steve Almond, and others). It represents the insight of the writing work exploring a broad range of topics such as writing a dialogue, personal stories, being advice, and inspirational pieces of work for learning writers.

Kate Bernheimer is an associate professor of English at the University of Arizona. Her specialization is teaching creative writing and delivering lectures on transnational fairy tales and fairy-tale aesthetics. In «Fairy Tale is Form, Form is Fairy Tale,» Kate Bernheimer suggests practicing forms using well-known fairy tales that have universal applicability. In her essay, she explains the role of form and emphasizes four integral parts of fairy tale applicable for writing:

  • moderation;
  • daydreaming;
  • intuition;
  • magic.

Bernheimer’s writing style is atmospheric. In her modern and popular tales, she integrates mentality and creativity. Fairy tales remain universal and flexible. It reveals a relationship, conflicts, tragedies, and solutions. Minimalist writers and those who practice magical realism incorporation will value her approach.

Kate Bernheimer believes that everyone loves fairy tales, holding a passionate interest. Thousands of writers tend to submit any issue. Talking animals, lonely heroes, and other characters sound hypnotic and bring literary innovations. Although the fairy tale technique is a more radical and difficult path for writing, practitioners may pick up these priceable aspects to write essays on literature or try themselves in professional author activity.

Silver Bullet №3: «Reflections on Writing» by Henry Miller


Henry Miller, an American novelist, is an influential and one of the most controversial personalities in mid-XX century literature. Due to sexual frankness, most of his known works were taboos in Britain the United States until the 1960s.

His «Reflection on Writing» is a jewel-box of personal experience, art, and creative process views. He shares with his readers the remembrances about the beginning of his writing career, full of chaos and dark emotions. In his book, he focuses on expressing those emotions using passionate metaphors.

He represents art as a method of communication between the creator and people willing to interpret the work, not as a process. He teaches us to obey personal instincts and intuition without fear of imperfection or failure. These all become natural parts of life.

He thinks that the world is enormous for anyone who is seeking self-realization. Social judgment and power guide the crowd. An artist starts speaking his voice once an artist leaves the herd. He believed that understanding of the soul matters while social judgments do not.

The anarchist writers who seek ideas for essays, enjoy breaking the rules, turning things upside down, avoiding locking themselves in one genre will estimate his works. Having enough courage in writing and deserving a place in the reader’s world is the success of Henry Miller.

Summing Up

Learning from the great and famous is essential for everyone who is into writing. Authors make a writer re-think and choose the way. Even if you disagree with an author, reading significant works will help you boost critical thinking skills, teach how to write a review, and perhaps help develop your writing style that differs from others. Reading helps evaluate the best features of personality, sentence crafting, structuring, and expanding your vocabulary.

The variety of writing styles has no borders. Determine the closest one for yourself and go on creating your masterpieces!

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