How to Design the Perfect Workstation for Smart Working

The elements placed in the space around us can directly affect our mood, well-being and productivity, bringing about a noticeable improvement in everyone’s life. Some people don’t pay attention to this, but the arrangement of objects in workplaces, offices, or in any location used to do one’s work, can have decisive consequences on the end result of our efforts, also directly affecting our work performance and the quality of our well-being.

It is no coincidence that among the trends most in vogue among interior design specialists is the push for resimercial, that is, the creation of ultra-modern workspaces that are capable of recreating those feelings of comfort and pleasantness that are traditionally associated with the home, and that serve above all to enable workers to carry out their tasks in the best environment imaginable.

Over the past few years, people have in fact discovered that in order to work optimally, whether from home or in the office, they also need an aesthetically stimulating environment that can naturally predispose them to long (or short) work sessions, encouraging concentration and focusing the mind on only a few elements. What is essential is that workspaces be comfortable and pleasant, from any point of view, while also ensuring the presence of certain areas where they can seclude themselves for a short coffee break, a quick phone call, or an informal chat with a few colleagues.

After the lockdown periods due to Covid-19, the urgency to create increasingly comfortable work environments definitely exploded, especially to create comfortable environments for all those employees returning to the office after a period spent at home, smart-working.

After spending entire months at home, working inside makeshift workstations in the living room or in their own bedroom, workers will still clearly experience that feeling of comfort and relaxation that they have come to know during work-from-home sessions, and that they expect to find (quite unconsciously) even in traditional work environments, in offices, in the hope of being able to complete their assignments in a quiet, peaceful and relaxing environment.

Regardless of the new modes of agile working, with all the video calls on Zoom or Teams, and regardless of the actual place where work is done, the essential thing to keep in mind is that our personal workstation must be carefully set up, down to the smallest detail, so that you always have the ideal place to get the most out of your intellectual efforts during your daily work sessions.


You don’t have to be an interior design expert to design a fully functioning workstation capable of meeting all of your worker’s needs. Sometimes, the best space in which to do one’s work is the one that perfectly matches our tastes and our needs.

The workstation should therefore be maximally customized, so that the work can be done under the best conditions imaginable. An optimal result can be safely achieved even at home, especially for all those professionals who have not yet returned to their offices at full speed, or who have reached special agreements that allow them to do most of their work in smart working, staying at home even for three or four days a week.

A key aspect of any self-respecting workstation is certainly the seating, which should be able to easily accommodate our bodies and ensure some comfort, even for hours at a time. Maximum productivity can be achieved even in a small space, where everything is within easy reach, and where distractions are kept to a minimum, including any of your Apple devices.

In addition to the main desk, or at any rate, the space in which to place your computer (assuming you need it for your work), you will need another space in which to place any paperwork, along with everything you need to quickly write a few notes. The workstation will of course need to be suitable for handling video calls and work calls, not forgetting to dedicate an area of your workstation to the drinks or food you are used to consuming during work hours.

To boost your productivity, but also to regularly improve your mood, you might also consider posting on your walls some motivational phrase, motto, or expression that you hold particularly dear, or any artwork that can convey very specific stimuli.

But the quality of your work will also depend, of course, on the breaks you take throughout the day, so it is absolutely necessary that your workstation, perhaps on the diametrically opposite side from where your computer is set up, also include a space for reading, playing games, or any other fun activities you want to indulge in during your workday. A good balance between your breaks and your dedicated work time will be able to generate the highest levels of productivity in a way you never thought possible. The key, from this perspective, is to concentrate for at least twenty to thirty minutes during the initial work sessions, especially in the morning, then indulge in two or three quality breaks throughout the day.

The role of breaks

By taking a series of quality breaks, and distributing them appropriately throughout the day, the worker will thus be able to indulge in moments of relaxation in which to enjoy himself and relax, thus preparing himself extremely effectively for the next work session.

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The optimal workstation should contain designated areas for work, relaxation, and entertainment, thus providing a fulfilling and all-encompassing experience for their user.

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