Should I Choose the Sex Doll’s Standing Function?

The manufacturers of sex dolls are constantly customizing them to cater to the ever-increasing demand and specific needs of sex doll lovers. While purchasing the doll for the first time, you will notice many manufacturers asking if you want the standing feet option or not. It’s one of the most distinctive features of the latest life-sized sex dolls that has captured the imagination of many users. To see some great examples of life sized dolls, head over to Annie’s Dollhouse as they have a wide variety to suit anyone’s needs.

Let us discuss what is standing feet function in sex dolls, what are its advantages and disadvantages to help you make an informed decision on whether or not you should choose the sex doll’s standing feature.

What is the Doll’s Standing Function?

As you might have known already, the standing function of a doll entails modifying her skeleton and feet allowing her to stand without support. The soles of the doll have three protruding metal nails or studs as an extension of the metal skeleton which disperses her weight and provides support to stand up without falling on the ground. Additionally, the doll’s internal bones are made slightly tighter to distribute her weight to the floor more safely. These studs are easily visible when you observe her soles carefully.

Generally, real sex dolls are made of TPE or Silicone material which is a relatively soft material to be able to carry the weight of the doll. When you try to keep the doll standing, the weight of the metal skeleton bend or distort her feet. That’s why, if you ever wanted to make your doll stand up, even for a brief moment, consider the “standing feet” option to avoid damaging her feet.

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What are the Advantages of Doll’s Standing Feet?

Many sex doll lovers choose this feature because:

1.   Make it Look More Realistic

Widely tagged as the most popular sex doll modification in recent years, the standing feet bring a sex doll closer to being more lifelike and resemble a human. Seeing a doll lying on the bed or a couch all the time, knowing she can’t stand up can create frustration in your mind. In the long-term, it can create an unhealthy gap in your relationship which can kill sexual pleasure.

But when she stands and looks into your eyes, she gives a semblance of a real woman which reignites your bond and you’ll notice a new spark during sexual intercourse.

2.   Easy to Dress Her Up

It’s convenient to dress a doll while she’s standing. She can wear a variety of seductive costumes, shoes, and other accessories very easily. Dressing her up in sexy attire is really exciting and can be an instant turn-on for many men which reinforces their bond with her.

Also, standing feet makes it ridiculously easy to apply makeup and play various undressing games that come into the mind of her owner.

3.   Convenience in Cleaning

Standing feet are great for cleaning and washing your sex doll easily. Every inch of her body can be cleaned without too much effort as she can stand alone without any support. Contrarily, a non-standing doll needs to be laid down and cleaned and then, you have to roll her over to the other side to clean the remaining body part. It’s time-consuming and demands extra energy and care to avoid causing any damage.

4.     Photography

Many sex doll owners love to take photoshoots of their cute, little partners. You can pose them in a great many ways, all around the house, and capture the memorable moments forever. Using different angles and light combinations, you can create a perfect photoshoot involving both of you.

She can be the sexy model you have always aspired to take pictures and videos of in sexy poses.

5.   Explore Vertical Sexual Gratification

Another big advantage of Standing Feet is they help you discover your sexual preferences and satiate your wildest of fantasies. Having the option of sex whilst standing, you can find a myriad of possibilities to seek sexual pleasure.

All the standing sex positions that you see in porno movies can easily be practiced on her while she’s standing and believe me, she will be more than happy to give you both horizontal and vertical sexual gratification

Disadvantages of Standing Doll Function

Standing sex dolls are not preferred for people having foot fetish as nuts are visible on the sole. These nuts can irritate the user and kill the sexual appetite. Also, it kinds of restricts the flexibility of her feet. They can be moved only in the downward direction, not upward or side to side.

Even with the standing foot feature, the dolls are hard to stand and always at a risk of falling down. For this reason, users need to find the perfect balance.

Precautions for Using Standing Function Correctly


  • Don’t wear her high heels as the doll may fall.
  • Try to use a stand or wall to give her support if you have to keep her standing for a long time.
  • Don’t wear her stockings as the nuts can damage them.
  • Use more socks or harder insoles when you have to wear her shoes.

Final Remarks: Should You Choose the Standing Function?

This article has provided an in-depth analysis of the standing function of sex dolls. Should you use it or not depends on your sexual preferences and needs and how you want to use your partner.

The manufacturers have varying opinion on whether or not one should choose this advanced feature. Many believe that metal nuts destroy the sanctity of her soles.

But if you love to try vertical sexual experiences or use her as a model, then choosing the standing function can be a great option.

But the final choice is yours to make now that you know with pros and cons of this remarkable feature.

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