Common Things Men Absolutely Fear About Sex

Sexual activity is a source of excitement, relaxation, and comfort with all the great feelings that carry. However, even though it is supposed to be spontaneous, men often feel anxiety during sex. The problem is that men relate sexuality with their egos and they do not want to make mistakes and fail during sex. Logically, this brings pressure that leads to bad performance and experience in bed.

Various problems can cause anxiety in sexual performance, such as sex position, ejaculation period, and doubt whether they will satisfy a woman. All of these problems will kill the passion between the partners.   If the female does not have patience and understanding for all of this, the problem is even bigger. With all of these confusion thoughts that goes through men’s mind, they can not enjoy the act of the sex either.

In this article, we will analyze different fears that men have during sex, as well as solutions for them. Keep in mind that this is a common problem, but men do not like to talk about that.

Fear of the penile size

One of the biggest problems that men have during sex is the fear of leaving their partner unsatisfied. Men think that their organ size is the only thing that has an impact on the woman’s orgasm. They worry whether they can give her the desired pleasure.  Men often heard the line that women say the bigger size is better. Logically, this hit their egos directly and cause anxiety. However, this does not need to make you feel like you are a bad sex partner. Anxiety from this can cause many different problematical thoughts, such as whether the girl will leave him and find someone else.

That is a never-ending circle of thoughts, and all of this anxiety will lead to a bad performance in bed. However, you are not the only one in the bed. The performance depends on your girl and her state of mind as well. The truth is, men often lie about their size, so you should not be embarrassed. You should have self-confidence and see the reaction from your girlfriend. She can be satisfied with your size, and you will realize that you are worried for no proper reason.

Fear of Erectile Dysfunction

One more common problem that all men have is fear when they experience incapable of performing sex for the first time. Logically, the first failure leads to shame and the fear that this can happen again. Although men have the best intentions, this can happen sometimes. At that moment, they have so many questions in their head, such as what will their female partner think, why this is happening to me, did I become impotent, etc. When the fear of these questions is too powerful, it can make men start to avoid sex, rather than thinking whether it will repeat.

The cause of erectile dysfunction is not always the same. In some cases, certain physical health issues can lead to that problem. For example, lack of physical activity, problems with kilograms, and others can make the problem happen. However, in many cases, different psychological problems can be the main cause. That especially counts when we talk about younger generations. Their fear does not allow them to achieve and maintain an erection.

Fortunately for both types of people, the solution to their problem exists. First of all, they should talk with their partner about the fears they have. Despite that, they can also go to a psychiatrist and try to find a solution in that way. Finally, the third option is to get male enhancement pills and solve the problem in that way.

Logically, not all of them are equally good. Some of them can even be dangerous for the overall health of a person. That is the reason why the selection of the pills needs to be at the highest level. You can check out this article and get familiar with some high-quality pills and get familiar with their properties.

Fear of unsatisfying the woman

When we are in love with someone, we are too afraid of losing that person. Some people are too occupied with satisfying their partners and do whatever it takes to give them pleasure. However, with all of this in mind, they forget about themselves and getting potential pleasure. As time pass, these kinds of people convince themselves that they enjoy sex when they give pleasure. When they are constantly focused on their girlfriend and the fear of losing her, they can cause big problems for themselves. They lose the value of being pleasured as well. The truth is, the sex depends on two people. You should expect to receive satisfaction and enjoyment in sex during every sexual act.

Fear of premature ejaculation

As we said, the act of sex is based on giving and receiving pleasure. Men are too occupied with giving their best to satisfy their females. However, they often feel anxious about the ejaculation period. Although men do not talk about that, a common problem that they have is premature ejaculation. Logically, they think that they will spoil sex and disappoint their female partners.

However, all men should know one fact. If they can hold the ejaculation for at least one minute, they do not suffer from premature ejaculation. Many people are unfamiliar with this fact, which leads to anxiety and thinking that they are unable to enjoy sex for a longer period. For that reason, they watch porn movies and avoid sex. The truth is that in most cases, this problem practically does not exist, but man creates insecurity by themselves.

Fear of not getting a female partner pregnant

When the couple wants to make a baby, they expect to achieve that as soon as possible. If it does not happen in a sooner period, men start to think that they are impotent. This fear of not getting their partners pregnant gives them a big pressure and cause bad sexual performance. The truth is that both partners are responsible, and they both participate in the process of making a baby. Studies show that there are many cases where everything is normal with both partners, and the female can not stay pregnant. Numerous factors can have an impact on this. Both of the partners should maintain a healthy lifestyle, but most important of all, they should have a positive attitude about themselves. There is no need to worry at the beginning, you two should continue working on it. In case there is some problem with the men’s semen, there is no need to worry. The problem can be resolved with medical treatments. However, do not feel insecure even though you need to wait some period.

The number of the partners

Men make a big mistake by thinking that their female partner will like to hear that they had many women before her. The truth is that women do not like competition, and they do not want to hear that men had many partners in the past. Men often have fear of telling that they do not have so much experience in bed, so they lie. They should not worry and feel insecure. Women like honestly, and with the right partner, men can have good performance in bed.

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