Top 10 Strategies for Efficient Remote Work While Travelling the World

If you’re interested in exploring the exciting life of working remotely while travelling the world, it can feel a bit daunting trying to figure out where and how to start. This is especially true if you’ve grown accustomed to the daily routine of a traditional office. It’s obvious that the world is changing. According to statistics released by the UK’s Office for National Statistics, 49.2% of employees are working from home. Meanwhile CNBC and Change Research’s survey found that 42% of workers across America are working remotely.

To enjoy your tour of the world, you need to know how to boost productivity when working remotely.

Let’s take a look at some of the steps that’ll help you transition smoothly into working remotely while travelling.

1. Make Plans for Your Internet Connection

Things are different when you’re travelling internationally. You don’t want to arrive at your destination to discover that the only available WiFi is either not working or has a poor connection speed.

It’s always advisable to research WiFi availability at your destination before you travel. Also have a backup plan just to be safe. Consider getting an Internet SIM and having a wireless hotspot to connect to. Making plans to secure a spot at a co-working space is not a bad idea too.

2. Make Plans for a Work Space

The importance of making plans for a workspace ahead of your travel cannot be overemphasized. Your workspace is a sacred place. It can either improve or diminish your productivity and creativity.

If you’ll be staying at a hotel, find out if they have a desk and chair available in your room or if they can make one available for you. If you’re staying with family, communicate ahead of time to let them know what to change in preparation for your arrival. You can also make inquiries about coffee shops near your lodging area. They might have good workspaces.

3. Always Have a Notebook and Pen

Even with proper planning, things can still go wrong. WiFi connection can go off, your laptop can run out of power without a charging outlet nearby, or you might find yourself in an unsafe environment where you can’t make use of your computer. In such scenarios, you want to have the good old trusty companions handy. Always having a notebook and a pen in your bag means you don’t have to lose that random inspiration when it strikes. You can quickly jot down ideas as they come. Also, some writers work with different samples you can find some at  123helpme and then edit them in the way they like.

4. Have a Backup of Important Contacts

Speaking of proper planning, what’ll you do if your laptop suddenly crashes or your phone falls off during that awesome skydiving session? Without a backup of your contacts, you might be unable to reach your co-workers. You might find it difficult to let them know that you’re okay and probably won’t be joining them in the next meeting. Writing down important contacts in a notebook will help you to stay in touch if something goes wrong.

5. When and How Do You Work Best?

This sounds like an obvious one. Finding a work routine you’re comfortable with and sticking with it will drastically boost your productivity levels. An example will be to work in a short burst of 90 minutes, taking a 20-minute break, and repeating the cycle. This gives you the discipline of focusing on work and ignoring social media and other distractions during the 90 minutes interval.

If you work best with music, having a preselected work-playlist will help you stay focused. This means you don’t have to interrupt your work just to shuffle music or select a new song.

6. Buy International Outlet Adapters/Converters Before Your Travel

Don’t wait till you’re at the airport before you get one. Besides the obvious fact that it’ll cost more, you might end up getting an incompatible adapter that can damage your device. Taking time to research the power-outlet-type at your destination and a compatible adapter for your device can save you money. Amazon is a good place to find affordable converters at reasonable prices.

7. Track Your Work Time With Time Management Apps

Employers and employees will find this very useful. If you’re looking for ways to stay focused and boost productivity, you can use time tracking apps. Having an app that monitors your on-screen activity enables you to see how much time you spend on diversions. It keeps you from giving in to distractions. As an employer looking for how to monitor remote employees to ensure efficiency, this is it! It keeps your employees in check knowing their work-time is being logged. For more information on time tracking apps, check out

8. Make Plans for Video Job Meetings and Interviews

Don’t wait till it’s time for an important Skype call with your boss or co-workers before you start running around to put things in order. For example, make plans to pack in a shirt or blouse for business meetings. Travelling doesn’t mean you can’t look your best during a video interview. Dressing adequately will make you look professional.

9. Factor in Time and Date Differences

As you travel, it’s important to take note of the different time zones. Are the people you’re working with aware that the video-meeting time will have you waking up by 4 a.m. at your destination? Taking note of the time difference will help you to plan accordingly. You don’t want a meeting fixed at a time when you’ll find it difficult to locate a working WiFi.

10. Get the Right Gear

Just like an explorer going on a new adventure, you don’t want to find yourself missing important equipment or getting stranded trying to find replacements. Get an extra pair of noise-cancelling headphones just in case you lose one or it gets damaged. You’ll find them handy when working in a noisy environment. Having an extra hard drive is smart too. It provides you with backups of your work just in case you need to work offline or your computer storage space gets filled up. It’s especially important if you work with large media files.

You can have the best of both worlds—travelling while maintaining a flourishing career. As long as you follow the tips we shared in this article, you can balance pleasure and work wherever you go.

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