7 Best Gifts that Boost the Morale of your Remote Workers

What a year 2024 was! A year filled with panic, fear, everyone stuck at home. But with all this, we cannot deny that it made us adopt some new ways of living.

The onset of the pandemic has made people familiar with remote working, and now, more and more companies are going the remote way.

The strict line of office cubicles is now replaced with couches and a work from a home culture that has made it completely alright to wear a tie with pajamas.

All the above may imply that remote working is a beautiful piece of cake to work in, but it directly affects the morale of remote workers.

The work schedule shall take up heights with the comfort and ease of access, and soon the team’s morale shall come down crashing. This affects the productivity of your team and can adversely affect your company’s profits as well.

This is the right time for you to boost your remote workers’ morale with a shower of gifts that are both useful and spirit-lifting. What can be more boosting than a simple surprise? To keep the enthusiasm going, you need to be generous in your appreciation both verbally and materialistically.

Traditional/ overly-gifted things like calendars or a mouse pad sound boring and may not be the right gift to boost their energy.

This isn’t the right way to connect a team that works on different sides of a screen through a video conferencing tool. Simple gift cards aren’t the right bet either.

You need to gauge the needs of each of your remote workers and get them personalized gifts accordingly.

Getting them to attempt surveys on gift options seems a little far-fetched with no surprise element involved. This is immensely taxing as well when you have a big team at hand.

For your convenience and to boost the morale of your remote workers, we have narrowed down 5 amazing gifts that you may get them, suited to the existing circumstances and their workspaces, and help them get their enthusiasm back on track.

1)  Noise-canceling earphones

Gifts that Boost the Morale

No, we aren’t implying that you are very loud or bossy. We are just implying how cool these gadgets are!

Work from home is generally taxing, especially with the added commotion that family, friends, and pets bring along. Finding a quiet place to work from home and concentrating for long hours on a screen can be difficult with constant noise distractions.

Noise-canceling earphones are your one-stop solution to all these problems. Now your employees can work in peace with utmost concentration, attend your video conference calls and webchat.

This shall help your employees deliver assignments in schedule and help develop their listening skills as well!

2)  Massage Balls/ devices

Gifts that Boost the Morale

Work from home brings the associated stress of having to sit in the same place for hours together, causing posture-related problems and pains that may have serious repercussions if prolonged.

This can cause them to slack in their work and cause inconveniences in their work submission as well. Massage devices and cold massage therapy balls can help solve this issue.

This massage gift can cure your employees of pains, aches, and any muscular inconveniences, getting them back to action.

Most of these devices are perfect to use, both inside and outside, and thus are best suited for your employees anywhere, anytime.

3)  Personalized stationery

Gifts that Boost the Morale

Yes, we did say no to a common notepad or a calendar standing on their table. But who doesn’t like personalized things to go with their workplace?

Get your employees personalized notebooks with their names embossed in gold and a motivational quote in the back to keep them going. You might also leave them tiny reminders in between the pages to keep them going through the day.

You can also liven up their mood by gifting them pens with their names, matching bookmarks, a pen stand that matches their books and pens, and a customized box to hold it all in. At a cheap rate at, you can get it all done, a top-notch store delivering personalized happiness.

Personalized gifts also help to give your workers a sense of responsibility and help them take ownership of their job always.

4)  Glass whiteboard

Gifts that Boost the Morale

For the messy ones who have too much on their plates, this glass whiteboard is just the right thing to declutter and organize. It comes with a hidden compartment, and it has iPad and iPhone slots for when multitasking is needed.

This helps to increase organization and productivity and saves paper and the time taken to search for bits of them to note down reminders.

This is just the perfect gift for your employees to work harder without losing files or missed reminders. Thus, this gift improves your team performance drastically.

5)  Gift Box

Gifts that Boost the Morale

Personalized gift boxes are always one of the top gifts you could give for any occasion.

You can choose to assort your gift box with various edibles like chocolates, tea, coffee, biscuits, cheese. It can also include the stationery mentioned above, customizable set of books, pens, reminder pads, and even aromatic candles to set the place they work, with some fragrant essence.

Gift boxes are always a much sought-after option for gifts because of the many purposes in one pack.

They are also much affordable due to the discounts you get on the products sold as a pack.

It is both cheap and useful at the same time and is a must-have for all your remote workers, to serve them something for each mood and keep them boosted about their work.

Parting Thoughts

Work from home can be stressful, especially with the pandemic and social distancing still staying put.

To beat work stress and restore the morale of your remote workers, gifting them verbally and materialistically works a long way.

This also helps you increase productivity while making them happy which is a very important aspect when it comes to growth. So now, the best boss who?

Of course, it is you!

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