8 Signs You Are Not Wearing the Right Shoe Size

If it fits, it doesn’t mean it’s the right size, and yes, we are talking about the shoes here. A lot of people think it’s enough for the sneaker to be the right size, without paying attention to other details related to it. Some people will say, there is no science behind choosing the right size. You try them on, and if it fits, you are getting the pair, and leave the store. But, is it really like that? What if you leave with too big or too small shoes, even though they fit perfectly at the store?

You may also think that they will shrink through time, or you will fix the issue with wearing thick socks, but wearing the wrong size have a lot of consequences. Some of them aren’t dangerous or harmful, but some of them can mess with the body posture, and cause severe injuries. The shoe shouldn’t be very tight, but also not too loose. Sometimes the people are buying half a size bigger models, because of the foot swelling and the socks, and that’s normal, but one size bigger is too much.

These are the most common signs you are wearing the wrong size:

1. You can’t get rid of blisters and calluses

When the footwear isn’t comfortable, bruises, blisters, and calluses can appear on your feet. That happens when the shoe is too tight and the friction between the skin and materials is too big, which is deeply damaging the skin. You can go for another size, or get them to professional shrinking and stretching, so they can fit better. We know that investing in a nice pair of shoes is costly, and it’s really frustrating when it hurts you so badly.

2. Constant pains

If you have pains in the arches and other parts of your feet, then the shoes you wear don’t provide the needed support. They should be comfortable because aching pains can ruin your whole day. Sometimes, uncomfortable shoes are causing pains even when you are sitting. Thin soils are also risky, especially for those who have joint pains often. As time goes by, these shoes will become comfortable eventually, but the few times when they caused aching pains are a real trauma to your body, especially for the spine.

3. They are worn out

You feel the shoes too loose every time you wear them. It’s crucial for you to measure the right size, especially when you are ordering footwear online from e-stores. Read more about different brands, and make sure you always choose the right size, even when you are buying online. When worn out, you are trying to keep them in place during the day, and it’s really uncomfortable and may end with severe pains after you arrive at home.

4. Your toenails are damaged

If the toes are touching the surface of the shoe, it’s grazing, and there is unpleasant friction, the size might be too small. If you see that something is wrong with the toenails, like changing colors, ingrowing, pain, and unpleasant appearance, it’s possible that your shoes aren’t the right size, even though they fit perfectly. During the day, the feet expand, and they aren’t the same in the morning and after we get home. That’s normal, and we must keep that fact in mind when buying a new pair.

5. You feel like you can’t walk properly

You or the people around you can notice if you change the way you walk. The style should be the same when you are wearing sneakers, boots, or even when you walk barefoot. If things change a lot once you put the shoes on, then you are wearing the wrong size.

6. Your knees are in pain

You may think about how a pair of footwear can affect the knees? But, if they aren’t supportive, and don’t provide the cushioning in the right place, the whole body takes an unnatural posture to maintain the balance. That means, your legs are taking a different posture, and the knees are, as you know, the most flexible part of it. When wearing the wrong size, they can throw you out of balance, and that can hurt a lot, which leads to…

7. Pelvic pains

Yes, it’s related too. There are joints in the pelvic area too, and it’s the connection between the legs and upper body. So, now you know how important is to be properly supported. Wrong shoe size can damage the joints, because of the urge for a balance for the whole body. So, if you see that something is wrong with your shoes, or you think they are causing problems, you can get them for stretching and shrinking, or pass them to someone else who will wear them nicely.

8. Visible changes in the feet appearance

If you see that your feet are somehow changed, the nails take another direction, or the toes look weird, then your shoes are the wrong size. That shouldn’t happen. The changes are caused by the unnatural pressure against the surface of the shoe, and it’s a real stress for the whole body, because of the pains.


When it comes to footwear, you don’t need to follow the trends and current styles. You surely don’t want to cause neuropathy just because you liked the style. There are plenty of side effects, and blisters are the least problem in this case. When wearing the wrong size, you are risking different deformities, and that can reduce mobility. The feet have a responsible role in our life, and you surely don’t want to stress them out with stylish sneakers that cause a lot of pain.

Sometimes, these people end in the hospital because of severe injuries caused by tight shoes. You must choose the right shape, even though it doesn’t look really stylish or elegant. You must be sure there is enough space for the foot because it becomes a little bigger during the day. It’s always better to try the shoes on, and if you want to buy them online, ask the provider to send you the exact measures, so you can compare them with the models you already have.

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