9 Fashion Tips for Tall Skinny Teenagers

You are finally independent enough to start choosing the clothes you want to wear. Neither mom nor dad can influence that anymore, but now you have other worries. Choosing clothes for you presents more problems than you thought because of your height and weight.

The clothes you find in shopping malls don’t fit you because they have short sleeves or pants. Or maybe most of the t-shirts or pants you like aren’t designed for you. Not to mention the shoes, it can be a real nightmare.

If you’re still not sure how to dress for your body shape, we’ve got a few tricks to help you out. So get paper and pen and read carefully.

1. Monochrome fashion is your best friend

We have good news for you, and that is that this style is back in 2024. So, in addition to adapting your clothes to your body, you will also be chic! Monochrome clothing, without too many details and kitsch, offers you the opportunity to emphasize your silhouette. When you add a nice belt to a good dress or pants, you’ll look like you stepped off the runway! But there is another good thing when you look at your pictures from your youth, you won’t be embarrassed by the outfits you came up with, which few people can say.

2. Layering and more layering

To create the illusion that you look bigger, start by layering your clothes. It’s no secret that this trick really visually makes you look bigger. Another good thing is that you will never be cold! For example, if you prefer a more elegant style, a shirt and sweater are a great combination for you! And if you prefer an urban style, there is of course the well-known short-sleeved T-shirt under which you wear a long-sleeved T-shirt. Both options follow the trend and make you look better!

3. Colors make everything beautiful

If you don’t like the monochrome style and think it’s boring, you can always choose colors. Lately, fashion experts point out that more patterns and colors can actually hide anything you want. Wondering how? Besides all those colors, people will hardly notice anything else. If you are brave and creative enough then this will be fun as it gives you the opportunity to experiment. And we all know that experimenting with dressing can easily lead you to find your own style. However, we must warn you that if you don’t like to attract attention, it would be best to put the clothes with strong colors at the bottom of the closet.

4. Custom made

Unless you are skilled with a sewing machine, we recommend this choice only in emergency situations. Unfortunately, things that are hand-sewn or tailored to your body can be more expensive when it comes to jackets or formal wear. But the good thing is that you can still find cheap t-shirts or pants that fit you, all online! What you need to pay attention to is whether that style suits you.

5. Know where to sho

If custom-made clothing doesn’t fit your budget, you can always find something for you online or at the mall. To begin with, it’s important to first research which brands are friendly to your body type. You probably haven’t come across such before, but don’t be desperate. There are still brands that pay attention to different body types, including yours. If you’re more into urban and street style, Gstreet is the right place for teenager clothes your heart desires.

6. Embrace skinny and slim jeans

Skinny jeans will become your best friend if you are a girl. High-waisted jeans will give you the opportunity to show off your figure. The good thing about finding good jeans is that you can always shorten the length if they are too big for you. So you don’t need to worry about finding a good size because your tailor can always be on speed dial. But a warning to all boys, this is not the best option for you. No matter how fashion-yes-yes is, you should still avoid it. Instead of skinny jeans, slim or fitted pants are for you.

7. Vertical stripes are your enemy

With stripes like this, you can only appear taller than you are. It’s just that this print is made for short people and can only help them. You can replace the stripes with pockets or a belt, which will complete your look and visually add a couple of kilos. This is perhaps the simplest trick you can use. So quickly throw all the stripes out of your closet and go shopping for a good belt.

8. Black and white

We all know that black clothes make you look thinner, so wearing black clothes will highlight your slim frame. Therefore, always opt for lighter clothes. Almost everyone knows this rule – white will make you look bigger and more elegant. So, when you choose a color in the future, be sure to choose lighter shades. Of course, black color is also beautiful and you can always wear it if you like it. There is no rule in fashion that can conflict with your rules. The most important thing is to have fun while you explore what style suits you, and these are just some of the tips that you can apply.

9. Pay attention to the sleeves

If you are thin we will have to disappoint you. Why? As much as baggy clothes are a must-have for an urban style, this fit will likely not suit your figure. Larger numbers on you will additionally highlight the number of kilos you have and make you look thinner than you really are. That is why it is very important to pay attention when choosing shirts. The sleeves must fit your body, so do not choose shirts where the sleeves do not go down to the middle of your triceps.


To sum up, if you follow all of these tricks you will visually achieve the look you want. But it’s more important how you feel in those clothes! The famous Anna Wintour says that the most important thing is to experiment, and only then adapt the clothes to your figure. And sometimes that doesn’t even matter. Dressing up is a creative process, so always enjoy it!

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