Social Media Tips for Startups and Entrepreneurs (2024 guide)

Appearing on a multitude of different online platforms, with the adapting content to match, is a great way of reaching a wide range of people and sticking with them in a range of ways rather than just being with them in a one dimensional way. For those that are feeling inspired, take a look at this short guide, containing some key social media tips for startups and entrepreneurs.


Starting off simply with perhaps the most common and well-known platform, Facebook is one of the easiest profiles to set up as a business. A multifaceted social media platform that doesn’t really favor one particular type of content, it’s perfect for sharing pictures, videos, and even long-form text posts if you’ve got something new and exciting to announce. With an easily installable Facebook page manager app and even new ‘Top Fan’ features that encourage and drive user engagement, it’s also easy to stay connected to your followers and talk with them directly.

According to Red Rag Marketing, Facebook might also be a good place to start if you want to experiment with sponsored and promoted ads on your social media – which will help you to extend that reach and find more like-minded people that might enjoy your product/service. A different type of marketing, these advertisements do have markers to show that they are sponsored, but they largely resemble normal posts and so are a bit more organic. If you want to drive engagement with these sorts of posts, why not start with something informative or fun that grabs someone’s attention rather than making them want to keep on scrolling. You might want to use different accounts for this.

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Overt advertising is often ignored, and so get creative with something that you think might pique your demographic’s interest – this could be an informative video exploring some interesting facts or statistics surrounding your company’s sector, or maybe even some simple but effective visuals that make your brand recognizable and stand out in a user’s saturated timeline.


A photograph-driven social media platform, Instagram is great for sharing high-quality product shots, or eye-catching promotional imagery if you don’t necessarily sell something tangible that can be captured on camera. A picture often says a thousand words, so in this case, keep the text in the captions to a minimum, save to some crucial hashtags that you should research to ensure your posts are visible and discoverable by the sorts of people that you’re trying to attract.

Story Time – Another function of this social media platform is the ‘stories’ feature, which allows you to post 24-hour, temporary posts that are typically relevant to something ongoing at that current moment in time. This is perfect for keeping at the forefront of your customer’s minds, as you can keep them updated with the development of the business in a personable manner, or even take a more professional approach and show new offers from your business as they arise – Just be careful not to sound too spammy with this one.

Facebook also has this functionality, and while it might be fair to say that fewer people care about it, Facebook owning Instagram means you can link up the story features and kill two birds with one stone. Being efficient is a key part of the process, after all.

Tip – Making content for all forms of social media can be time-consuming and exhausting at the best of times, and so once you’ve got used to posting across the different platforms in different formats, why not start scheduling some posts as part of a routine? This way, you can ensure that your engaging content goes out at the best times each day, without having to dedicate every waking moment to refreshing and perfecting your feed when you could be working on something else.


LinkedIn is yet another wholly unique platform that’s widely different from the others and attracts a completely different type of person – or at least the same person with a completely different attitude, and reasoning for using the platform. If you’re an entrepreneur that wants to reach out to some different like-minded professionals in your industry, and garner insight into the latest ongoings in your field, this might be one to keep in mind. According to CareerArc, Linkedin is one of the best social recruitment tools out there today.

Maintaining a traditional website

As a side note, it’d be remiss of us to go over different online strategies for you as an entrepreneur/business owner and not mention having your own personal website. Not only is this the cornerstone of any online business strategy, but it also acts as a hub to then link off to your other social media profiles as ‘spokes’.

If you’re unsure of what to include on your own personal company site, start by thinking about what your company’s core values are, and what message you want to put across to you potential customers, and go from there. You should also think about what unique value that you can provide, perhaps in an insight, informative blog section, etc.

Truckcraft Bodies, a UK commercial vehicle bodybuilder with over 15 years of experience in their field, is a prime example of a company with a valuable online presence and might provide some inspiration. Alongside giving the company values and information on their focus on customer service, they also feature a blog component that keeps visitors and followers informed of the latest going on in the sector.


You might not think of YouTube as a social media platform per se, but it ties in nicely with some of the other platforms on this list, and when thinking about different forms of content that you can put out there online, video is extremely important. Got a new product or service that you want to promote and think will make a good piece of video content? Take a look at what is popular on the platform currently, and see how you could relate it to your business.

Remember, being a platform that is largely saturated by video game content and other entertainment-based media, YouTube does favor and wants to promote anything that is educational and based in a business niche, so if you can offer something unique then it should do better. They will try to help it out as much as possible. Just try not to do something that’s already been done before, as the chances are it will have been done better.

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