How To Make Your Wedding Party A Living Memory

A wedding is a single-day life experience. It is a special day when you and your partner take vows to remain together until death. For this reason, you want to make it a memorable event. This aspect calls for extensive planning. You must organize everything from the wedding ceremony to the reception.

However, reception and evening party is what makes a wedding memorable. The ceremony part is common for all weddings as it involves taking vows. You can make your evening party exceptional by having the right entertainers.

Some people consider getting strip crews while others opt for live bands. Regardless of your options, here are some ways you can transform your wedding party into a living memory:

Offer song request opportunities

The wedding party is a celebration moment. You want to offer everyone an opportunity to feel part and purse of the party. One way you can achieve this is by offering them a chance to request a song.

When sending out the invitation cards, include a note asking the guests to send their song requests. You can have a secretary note down the requested songs and hand the list over to the party’s DJ.

Certainly, this action will make everyone enjoy the moment. It will create a sense of value and honor among your guests, making it hard for them to forget that party. So, consider this as an idea to help you make your wedding party memorable.

Consider live performances


Performance is the blood of every party. The kind of entertainment you will have at your party will determine its mood. If the entertainment is poor, your party will become boring. When you have hi-note performers and an entertainment squad, everyone will go weird, and your party will be a lifetime memory.

This aspect is no different with a wedding party. You must make it lively and up to standard. One way to achieve this goal s opting for live performance. Invite reputable entertainers and dancers like Sky Strippers (click here to learn more). The live performance will make everyone join the dance flow as they hype the tune and voice.

You can mix a music playlist and live performance to create a powerful entertainment blend. Also, ensure the invited band play songs in your guest request list. This way, you will make them feel worthwhile and enjoy their moment at your party.

Have a series of couple activities

It is your enrollment night to the couple’s squad. You are no longer a boyfriend and girlfriend after taking vows. Rather, you are a husband and wife. The wedding party is your official initiation to the couple’s life. For this reason, the invited couples should perform different activities to show you how life is in the new world.

When planning your wedding party, have a series of couple activities. You can consider including a couple dancing session. Also, each couple can have a fun moment like carrying each other or taking a particular challenge. Such activities will make the party enjoyable and become fundamental blocks for memories.

Choose a perfect theme


A wedding party theme is a crucial aspect of your plans. When you choose a wedding theme, everything else lies in its place. The theme gives you guidance on the colors and elements in your venue and guests dressing code.

This element does not apply to the ceremony only. Your wedding party theme extends to the ambiance and mood of the people in your reception and night celebrations. A powerful theme will be inspirational. For instance, when you go with bright colors representing happiness, the same mood will be on your guests and attendants’ faces.

Always prioritize theme selection. A small mishap in this area can ruin your big day. So, build your wedding party ambiance by choosing a perfect theme.

Pick a significant location for the party

Your wedding is a one-day event. Thus, you must make it special by choosing a significant location. Find a venue that will help you build lasting memories. The location can be a beach hotel or places with exceptional architecture. However, it must be accessible to your guests and have enough space for all planned activities.

Have a personalized program

Breaking the norm is a foundation stone for creating memories at a party. This element can be the turning point in your wedding. Instead of having a usual program, you need to personalize it. Create a customized program fit for the party.

For instance, your program can contain details about the groom and bride. You can also include some ironic warnings like “do not take a photo” together with the weddings program. Try to have every aspect that can make your wedding party unique. This way, people will remember it forever.

Interact with all guests

It is your party, and guests want to feel your touch. Everyone at the wedding party sacrificed their time to attend your special day. As such, each of them has some expectations. One of them is a special recognition from the newly-wedded couple. In other words, they expect you and your partner to recognize their attendance.

The best way to satisfy this desire is by interacting with the guest. Ensure you salute every guest at your wedding party. If allowed, you can shake hands and have a tee-a-tee conversation for a few seconds. This way, you will make them feel honored and go home with memories of the party.

Do not forget to have signature cocktails

At the end of the day, people remember a few things about your party. But they cannot forget what you serve them to eat and drink. Serving a significant cocktail will create memories. Your guest will always remember the drinks every time you meet for a bottle of wine. So, never miss a cocktail on your party night.

Wrapping up


In a word, the desire of every couple is to create a living memory of their wedding party. This is why they will hire every kind of entertainer. The overall objective is to impress their guests. However, you can achieve this by applying the above tips effectively

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