5 Must-Have Questions to Ask Before Breast Implantation

Sometimes, we feel so conscious and insecure about our body, and many of us still want a better physique, a higher beauty, and want to look attractive. I have personally come across women, who feel ashamed of their body, and are so involved to change their physique. And, there comes a thought about breast augmentation and cosmetic surgeries. Well, you have been thinking about breast enhancement, and yes, all those weeks and months could be exhilarating, I know!

However, breast implantation and augmentation are not easy processes, it requires a lot of thinking, financial support, and literally, you need to be aware of the side effects too along with the right cosmetic brand like You need to be completely aware of the procedure and always know about what to expect after the surgery since there would be practices that you must follow.

Here, we have mentioned five crucial questions that you must ask before you give a green signal for breast implantation and augmentation. Take a look.

5 Must-Have Questions to ask before breast implantation

Along with many important factors before breast implantation, there are few questions that you must ask yourself and the surgeon before you get involved or get the surgery and implantation done. You have to ensure that you are completely comfortable with the procedure and you know all the details about the surgery and post-surgery life.

1. How does breast implantation work?

Breast implantation is everything about cosmetic surgery on the breasts which is often performed to increase the breast size and shape. It is worked out to increase the volume of the chest area. However, there could be cases where the patients could choose the fat transfer for the chest region, which will improve the size of the breasts. It certainly differs from patient to patient, and in the end, the surgery and implantation are done according to the patient’s need. The entire implantation or surgery process takes up to 3 hours to the maximum and typically performed under anesthesia. The incisions are done on the predetermined regions beneath the breasts, and if the position is perfect then the incisions will be closed. There could be post-surgery care and treatment, but only your surgeon can give you the details about it.

2. The type of breast implant I should get?

Oh, so there are different types of breast implantation methods? Yes, there are! And this is one of the most commonly asked questions by women before they think about augmentation and implantation. However, for some, it becomes a little challenging to determine the right type of breast augmentation and implants that will suit them the best. Well, let me tell you, the benefits and outcomes could be different for different women, and you need to discuss your results with the surgeon before you get into implantation and surgery. You can choose from silicone gel implantation to saline implants, whichever suits you better in every way.

3. What are the alternatives for breast implants?

Well, if you are someone, who’s looking for a natural approach to breast augmentation and implantation, then you can consider the fat transfer method. Also, this process is considered safe and a bit secure for the long term, as compared to silicone implants or saline implants. So, what exactly is fat transfer? A certain amount of fat is extracted from your body, with the help of liposuction and then it is transferred to your breasts. However, for this particular process, you must have enough fats elsewhere in your body, or otherwise, it won’t be possible at all. Most often, the fats are grafted from the thigh area, buttocks, or even the stomach region. However, it is often considered from the thigh area, so if you have enough thighs then this procedure could be the best for you.

4. Are breast implants absolutely safe?

Artificial surgeries, implantations are often done for a future benefit, and breast implants are absolutely safe, provided you get it done from a reputed hospital or surgeon, and yes breast implants are completely FDA approved and authority approved that would result in change, enhancement, and increase in the volume, shape, and size of the breasts. However, just like any other artificial surgeries and procedures, even breast implants have some risks involved, including:

  • Asymmetry
  • Infection
  • Implant rupture
  • Irrelevant output
  • Dissatisfied results
  • Breast implant illness

Well, your body absorbing the saline solution beneath your breasts is perfectly okay and safe. However, there can be asymmetric situations and moments that a woman would have to deal with before the implantation. The silicone implant will need to be replaced, yet it doesn’t leak or gets absorbed into the body.

5. Can I get breast implantation and breast lift at the same time?

Yes, you can! In fact, in many cases, both these procedures are done soon after another. Why? Because breast lift and breast augmentation increase the breast volume to the required size and shape. Many surgeons perform both procedures at the same time because it’s completely safe. This would be the best choice or option to go with, if you had lost weight recently or if you are too skinny or lack a basic physique. Overall, this procedure can give you the perfect confidence that you have been waiting for.

6. How long does the implant last and its recovery time?

Sure, implants make you feel better, but they are not designed to last forever, or throughout your entire life. Yet, you can expect your breast implant to last 10 years, and then you would have to go through the same process for a revision or a replacement. About recovery time, the patients can expect some discomfort or swelling, but you need to make sure that you always follow the post-surgery or post-implantation procedures regularly.


It is recommended that you always go with the reputed breast implantation clinics and hospitals since they can provide you the best. You must remember to ask your surgeon or the doctor about every single detail, don’t mind, even if it’s the silliest query you have had- ever! Ensure that you are comfortable doing the procedure and under no pressure.

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