Attention All Joggers! 5 Essentials You Must Have While Jogging

Maintaining physical fitness in such times seems like a herculean task. The past one year has brought major lifestyle changes in people, the results of which are visible in their body and mind. While some have complained of unnecessary weight gain, others are victims of insomnia and irregular metabolism.

While the new normal may seem to be a blessing for working professionals for they get to do their work from the comfort of their couch, its long term effects will not agree with the health of most. It is for this reason that it has become important to keep your body moving. A stroll from your bed to your couch and from your couch to your fridge does not count as exercise. One needs to put in effort in order to take charge of the irregular lifestyle.

If you are someone who feels guilty after reading the above paragraphs, relax for this blog is not meant to make you feel guilty. If you have been contemplating changing your lifestyle, now is the time. Maybe you are not in the mood for hard-core exercises from the very beginning. No problem for running is one of the basic exercises which lets you cover for all those cheat days. A sprint session daily can bring a paradigm shift in your health and brace you for further exercises too. So, what are you waiting for? Put these must-haves running gear in your cart and sprint your way to fitness!

Shoes, obviously!

Do we dare mention why you need to buy running shoes and cannot do with the regular pair! Running shoes have better grip and superior quality cushioning which makes them just ideal for all kinds of roads. What more? They are made out of sturdy and breathable material so that your feet remain protected from injuries and bacteria too.

According to reports, running a minimum distance of 20 miles every week can increase your life expectancy too. However, one cannot start afresh and aim at reaching the target without adequate training and equipment. Thus, running shoes are required as an essential part of your running gear.

Running apparel

One just cannot plan to take up running and start the very next without necessary running apparel. Running gear is not just some piece of fancy clothing which you can substitute but requires investment in comfort and health. Running shorts from are an extremely important piece of clothing that allows you to breathe while running. Moreover, if you are up for longer distances while running, make sure to pack these shorts in your kitty as they allow you to go the extra mile. Since their length is above the knee, it also becomes easier to prevent chafing while you are running. Furthermore, they reduce the discomfort caused by wearing underwear during running. You can simply use these shorts as your underpants because of the quality of the material. Just make sure that while investing in shorts, the material, length, and designing must be taken special care of. Especially when you are running in the summer. Purchasing poor quality shorts can cause rashes and itching.

Time your vitals

Another important part of running is to have a target and a tool to assess the results. A sports watch obviously becomes an essential part of your running gear for the very reason that it allows you to keep your pace, splits, and lap times in check. If you are new to running regularly, then learn that it is important to set daily targets which will not only increase the thrill of running but will also keep you motivated. You can easily find a running session on the internet uploaded by one of the gyms or fitness enthusiasts. Simply download this sheet so that you may be able to compare the performances later on. A training journal will also come in handy while training since it keeps a track of your progress. With the help of an online journal, you will be able to check if you have achieved your target within the given time.

Maintaining body temperature and coolers

Needless to say, you don’t want to get dehydrated halfway through the course for the very reason that it can cause severe physical problems. If your running track is long, make sure to carry coolers in order to stay hydrated and maintain the body temperature. It is quite common to get dehydrated while running as the runner tends to sweat a lot. This creates a need for intake of fluids that can maintain the balance of the body. Always carry a waist pack or fanny pouch along with yourself while jogging or running. Pack it with water or glucose drink so that you may not get dehydrated.

UV protection

Fitness can never be achieved by compromising health. You cannot jump on to action without making relevant arrangements. There is no denying the fact that sunburns are real bad for your health. Too much exposure with the UV rays of the sun can have detrimental effects on the skin and is also one of the major reasons for skin cancer. If you are committing to jogging or running on a regular basis, apply and carry sun protection along with you. At times, sweat might also wash away the sunscreen off your face. Carrying a sunscreen by your side is advisable especially if you are going for longer distances. Some people also have sensitive skin and in that case, the choice of sunscreen must be made only after consulting your dermatologist. Sun protection is essential across all ages and genders if you do not want to be at the receiving end of skin allergies and issues.

To cut a long story short, running is an essential part of the daily exercise regimen which improves your breathing patterns and develops stamina for other workouts as well. However, make sure that you are all prepared with the necessary gear before you embark on your fitness adventure.

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