What to do on your First Time at the Gym

Walking into the gym for your very first time can be a surreal experience. It may come with a bit of anxiety as you really don’t know what to do, but excited that you’ve made a massive step towards your fitness goals.

What should a Beginner do on Your First Time at the Gym?

It is worth noting that the first-day experience at the gym can also be a bit intimidating. From the intense facial expressions you’ll see on some of the already built fitness buffs to the odd grunting noises you could be hearing from the fitness center and weights dropping on the floor, it may seem like a whole new world.

However, the focus should be to get started working on your fitness goals at the gym. Here’s what you will need to do first if you’re a beginner.

Book a Tour of the Fitness Center

It would be best if you began by booking a tour of the facility. During the tour, be sure to take note of special locations and different parts of the gym, for example, the locker room. You should also ask your tour guide what each machine does if you’re not sure about the purpose of some pieces of equipment in the facility.

Hire a Personal Trainer (PT)

After you tour the gym, consider hiring a personal trainer for your first sessions. A certified PT will take you through valuable one-on-one sessions to help you feel at ease in the fitness center and, most importantly, ensure that you understand how to best use the different equipment types in the facility.

Begin Working out on your own

After around five one-on-one sessions, you should be able to work out on your own and get into a workout routine. If you cannot afford to hire a personal trainer, you may also ask one of the PTs to show you around the fitness center, educating you on how different machines work, so you feel at ease on the gym floor. Even though the first experience may be intimidating, it would help if you don’t feel shy asking for help.

Here is How to prepare for your First Time at the Gym

If you can afford a Personal Trainer, Sign up for a Few Sessions with One

There are several exercises that you can perform with the equipment inside the gym. We recommend booking a few sessions with a certified personal trainer as this will help clear your thoughts, ensuring that you hit the ground running, so you don’t get distracted from your goals.

Nobody will judge you inside the gym. However, if you feel self-conscious about being seen with the personal trainer, consider booking your sessions during off-peak hours. You can consider hitting the gym on weekends or late at night when it is near closing time, and there are only a few people left in the gym.

Own your Gym Equipment/Space

Ideally, you should expect other fitness enthusiasts to ask often when you’re almost done with equipment or how many sets you’re still left with. You shouldn’t feel intimidated when still using an equipment or space.

Usually, the persons inquiring about the space or equipment will do so politely. Just so you know; here are some of the key terms you should expect to hear more often inside the gym.

Set: A set is the number of times you are doing a specific exercise. For instance, if you do 12 bicep curls, take a break and then repeat that exercise, you will have completed two sets.
Repetitions/Reps: Reps can be used in reference to the number of times you do a specific move. For instance, if you complete 12 bicep curls, that will be considered a rep.
Work in: Work in refers to sharing the machine with others. For instance, you can complete a set and let your buddy complete his/her set.
Eat Well

You will also need to ensure that you eat well before hitting the gym. It may not be a wise idea to get into the gym on an empty stomach.

It is also not a good idea to exercise on a full stomach, meaning that you will need to eat just at the right time. Here are a few pointers that you may find helpful regarding eating well. Make sure you do your research to know the best way to go and what equipment to use. Guides on Your Workout Book‘s website are more than useful.

Eat High-Carb Foods

Your body relies heavily on carbs for energy, so it would help to have a carbohydrate-rich meal before a workout. You may consider carb to can maximize your glycogen stores. This will involve sticking to a carb-rich diet for 1-7 days.

Include Proteins in your Diet

Studies indicate that you can improve your athletic performance by eating pre-workout protein. Eating protein before exercising can also increase your muscle performance, muscle recovery, and muscle growth. Check out

Now, to make the results of your workout more prominent, it would help if you eat a complete meal with fat and protein 2 to 3 hours before going to the gym. If you can’t eat within 2 to 3 hours of your workout and afford to eat 45 to 60 minutes before exercise, be sure only to eat foods rich in proteins and carbohydrates and are easy to digest to avoid stomach discomfort as you work out.

Proper Gym Etiquette you shouldn’t break on your First Time at the Gym

There are also important unwritten rules you should not break when you get into the gym for the first time. Here are five things you should not do in the gym.

Using Cell Phones

Avid gym goers consider picking, making calls, or chatting on your phone when still on a machine rude. Always leave your phone at home, in the locker, or in the car when exercising. You can only make calls in the locker room.

Limit Cardio Time

This would help if the gym is packed so you can allow others to use the space or equipment.

Share your Machine

If you’re currently using a machine and another fitness enthusiast is waiting, it would be nice to ask them if they won’t mind ‘working in.’

Maintain Hygiene

When you’re done exercising, don’t leave your machines sweaty. It would be better if you wipe them down.

Many gyms today have personal trainers on board who can help you get started. If you are ready to get started check out Elevate 360 at that will make your exercises useful and easy!

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