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6 Things to Avoid When Renting a Car for the First Time

It doesn’t matter if you like to go to the beach, forest, mountain, whatever the occasion or purpose, what’s important is that we all love to travel. It is the ideal way to explore other cultures, meet new people, and try something new. One thing that speaks volumes about how we are a different person when we come back from some trip is that we are full of impressions and whether it is about some sight, monument, some new friend that we make, or about authentic food or drinks, the reason doesn’t really matter, as that bright light in our eyes says it all. Of course, the more you travel, the more likely it is that you will come back from some trip unsatisfied, but it is all part of the journey, as to how would someone know if they would like something or not if they do not try it first?

There are plenty of travel-related customs, and renting a car is for sure one of them. Now, those who have experience in doing so will testify that it’s not just about picking the desired vehicle, turning on the engine, and simply go, as every renting company is different, has different rules, obligations, and of course, pricing. It may look like a small thing but renting a car brings many questions, which is why we will help you get answers to them by providing the fact about what things you should avoid when renting a car for the first time.

Taking their GPS

Rent-a-car companies can offer a lot of gadgets to make the ride much pleasant, but of course, for an extra price. One of the most popular gadgets is GPS, which is definitely valuable, but there is no need to spend extra money on it since every smartphone can be used to show you the way. Many navigation apps offer offline maps, and that is the best way to avoid extra charges for the internet, especially if you are in a foreign country, so there is no need for a GPS device. Another option is to bring along GPS if you have it at home and use it, but be sure that you updated the maps.

Taking the car right at the airport

Some rent-a-car companies are more costly than others, and probably the most expensive are those at the airports. Airports are charging fees for renting a car there, and those fees are usually too high. The best thing is to do the research before renting a car, and see which company is close enough and has the best prices. In that way, you will avoid searching around for the best price and paying too much for something that is not worth it. Luckily, many companies are situated near airports, and it won’t be complicated to find them. Besides that, many of them offer you to bring the car right to the airport for much lower fees than the one you need to pay if you get a car right at the airport.

Car insurance, to buy or not to buy?

We are all aware of how important insurance is, which is why one should always make sure they get one for the car they want to rent. Now, depending on the type of coverage you already have for your vehicle, there are two possibilities. If it says that it is full coverage insurance, it means that there is no need to get another insurance policy as rental cars are included. That is because rental vehicles are considered as replacement vehicles, and it doesn’t matter if the rental is of more value or not, in case of any damage or accident, the insurance will cover it. The other option is for a situation when the main insurance policy has the minimum legally permissible coverage, which means that you will need to get a new auto insurance policy for a rental.

Paying too much for the fuel

When it comes to the fuel, rent-a-car companies have a simple rule – the tank needs to be full when they get the car back, or you need to pay for it. It means that if the tank is half full, the rental company will ask for you to pay for the rest, and that can be pretty expensive. Because of that, the best option is to refuel it on time and avoid unnecessary extra charges.

Being late to return the vehicle

The price for renting a car is usually based on 24 hours period, so returning it depends on the time you rented it. Many companies have half an hour tolerance, but it is always better to return the vehicle on time to avoid extra charges. The most usual scenario is when the company charges for one more day, no matter if someone is only one hour late, and avoiding that, will save you a lot of money.

Going to the foreign country

Crossing the borders with rented cars is in many countries forbidden, and it may bring extra charges, so it is better to avoid that. On most borders, they will ask the driver to prove that they are driving their own car, and it is impossible if the vehicle is rented. That can create more problems than extra charges, and it is never a good idea to try something like that.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, you will find these tips quite handy when you rent a car for the first time, as in many cases, knowing what to avoid is much more beneficial than knowing what to look for, as we all know what we want and need. Let us end with one hint: Do your homework and, before the trip, check reviews and do some research so that once you get to the desired destination, you will know which rental company to choose because some rental companies like have not only a vast customer experience but also a great offer of vehicles with even better features for their tenants.

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