6 Places to find Affordable Gym Wear in 2024

For many years now my main passion and hobby are working out. Whether that be hitting the weights, going for an outdoor run or playing a sport. One thing I have found to make a big difference in the performances of my workouts are the clothes I wear. It’s important you have the right clothing for any activity you that you participate in. For example: If you were to be running a half marathon in the midst of summer, you wouldn’t want to be wearing a gym hoodie and some thick, nonstretchy joggers. This would be a hindrance to your running time and even health depending on the temperature that day. So dressing accordingly for a workout or activity is paramount for getting the best out of yourself and performing at optimal levels without any restrictions. With that being said, I would like to share with you some of the Gym Apparel I am currently using, and why.

1. Mass Aesthetics


So Mass Aesthetics is an online fitness clothing brand. I came across one of their Facebook ads and it caught my eye. I’m always looking for new brands and Gym Apparel as I myself am a bodybuilding fanatic, so I had a look through their website. I ended up purchasing one of their T-shirts which are reasonably priced. I was very impressed with the quality, the fit and the material of this top. It was a material I have never felt before in a T-shirt. It was a perfect workout top as it is made from a blend of Nylon/Spandex is had incredible stretch, along with sweat-wicking properties and a silk-like feel. I have been wearing the top for 6 months now and it literally hasn’t changed one bit. The color is still there, the stretch, the shape…everything. It’s a good thing for the customers but a bad thing for them as there’s no need for anyone to ever buy another one once they have one. So for the money, you get a lifetime value like no other. I am just about to order some of their Joggers and I’m excited to see & feel the quality of them also.

2. Primark


Yea I’m sure you have heard of it, most towns and cities have a Primark in them. This retail store is renounced for its cheap prices and actually decent quality products (in most cases) Not so long ago they incorporated a sportswear section into their stores. This was a great idea as the market for fitness wear is growing more and more. I couldn’t go and check it out for myself.

I ended up purchasing a muscle fit marble effect T-shirt for a very cheap price. I find the quality to be great, but after so many washes the shape started to deteriorate and color faded a little. This was after a lot of wear and tear so I can’t complain about how long it did last especially for the price. They have a great collection of jogging bottoms which a nice and plain, nothing too fancy. They are perfect for the gym and even loungewear.

3. Gymshark


Gymshark has grown incredibly since it’s launch in 2012. With that growth comes allowance for bigger bulk orders and in turn cheaper prices for the customer. They have a big variety of lifestyle & fitness clothing with a great style and quality to them. I purchased one of their fitted zipped hoodies called the critical hoodie and loved it. The fit was perfect, and it was stylish but not too much out there. The designs from Gymshark are spot on and I’m guaranteed there is something for everyone on their site. They have the added luxury of having headquarters in the UK & the USA. This allows them to ship faster, more effectively and cheaper to different parts of the world.

4. Firm Abs

FIRM ABS is a professional fitness apparel & accessories brand that serves fitness enthusiasts from all around the world. Every piece of clothing is designed and developed by our in-house team, breaking through the traditional ideas of fitness clothing. Combining function, aesthetics, and performance materials, we are on the cutting edge of the future of fitness-fashion. We have created a cost-effective model that lets our customers receive high-quality performance clothing without the high price.

5. Nike


This wouldn’t be a gym brand list if it didn’t have Nike in it. After all, it is one of, if not the biggest sportswear brands in the world today. Nike is a pioneer in its field. With a countless amount of legendary athletes ranging from all sports. Michael Jordan you heard of him? Yep, Nike athlete with a whole range of trainers called that started in 1984 and still going strong today. Surely, you can find numerous reviews on this popular shoe brand mainly recommending it as one of the top best shoes for the gym. If you want to check out further reviews on the top gym shoes just head over to Don’t get confused by the title of this article and me mentioning Jordan’s because I can tell you now, they are not what you call an affordable trainer, nor are most of the endorsed athlete’s additions.

They do on the other hand have very affordable activewear in regards to compression wear, jogging bottoms, quarter zips, tank tops you name it. You will have to shop about a-bit to find the best deals as there is a huge price range throughout the Nike franchise. The good thing is there are multiple retailers that stock Nike clothing such as JD Sports, sports direct, Footlocker, Footasylum…and the list goes on…for a very long time. All these shops & retailers are available online or in the high street.



ASOS is an online fashion and cosmetic retailer. They have an incredible variety and range of products with a great feature of filtering the price ranges for your needs and allowance. They have a huge activewear section to search through. I would make the most of the filtering system as it also filters the style or type of garment you are looking for. Otherwise, the huge volume of options can be overwhelming. You will find they stock Nike on ASOS amongst 850 more brands. They have their own range of clothing which you will find most often than not to be at the lower end of the price range.

If you love online shopping then you will have a field day in ASOS. One thing I absolutely love about ASOS is the premier delivery service. For just £9.95 a year you get free next day delivery on every order. A great saving throughout the year as just from 2 orders you get get your money’s worth.

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