Tips To Stay in Good Mood Every Day – 2024 Guide

How to be happy? Although we are increasingly subject to mood swings – the good mood is an attainable category. You don’t even need much effort to accomplish this. It is enough to know that you can activate the happiness hormone in your body and change your attitude. Here’s how you can do it and make this 2024 go in light spirits and a good mood.

Run The Hormones Of Happiness


The good mood does not depend on some invisible forces and external factors. Emotions originate in our heads, and they are due to the chemistry that happens in the brain. Our brain sends the signals between synapses and creates a sense of pleasure, sadness, worry, etc. Of course, there is not just one happiness hormone, but many of them. These are actually neurotransmitters that are produced in our bodies. Each one acts on our good mood in its own specific way. Also, there are many neural connections in our brain – that is, the paths these neurotransmitters travel. Conditions for their normal flow need to be created. These are all conditions for good mood and joy.

Is The Key To Good Mood In Hormones?


Although we sometimes experience them extremely, emotions are just a little game of our brain – caused by the biochemical processes within it. It is thought that four major hormones are responsible for a good mood, although there are numerous side factors that in some way affect our well-being and good mood. However, when we talk about the hormones of happiness, then we usually think of one of the following:



Serotonin is a neurotransmitter most commonly called the happiness hormone. When you are in a good mood, its level is certainly high, when you are depressed and moody, it is probably low. Certainly, you can say that you are sad or nervous about something that happened to you and that sadness is driven by those outside influences. But not quite. When your serotonin levels are higher, you will accept and deal with bad situations differently and more optimistically – rather than despair. Serotonin affects appetite, learning, and memory, social behavior and desire to socialize, sexual desire, and a good mood overall. This is why it is often synonymous with the hormone of happiness and the cure for mood.



This is a neurotransmitter considered responsible for a sense of satisfaction. Is it different from luck? It is very closely related. You will hardly be happy if you are not satisfied at the same time. Dopamine is a sense of reward when you have completed, achieved, done, or experienced something. It is also the feeling that can make you addicted the moment you see that pleasure is easily attainable. However, too much dopamine is not recommended. In such a case, it can contribute to losing touch with reality, just as it does when you are on drugs. On the other hand, deficiency of this hormone causes bad mood, depression, low libido, lack of will and ambition.



This is more a hormone of love than a hormone of happiness. It is mainly produced in our brains. Do you feel some kindness, warmth and invigorating energy and confidence when you hug someone – or are you in the presence of a loved one? Do you feel nice when you smell a certain scent? It is this feeling that triggers our neurotransmitters that erupt during physical contact with someone. This is why the touches and the scents feel so pleasing.



Endorphin is the fourth hormone often referred to as the happiness hormone. Its primary role is to block pain and emerge as an instinctive response to stress, fear, physical pain. When its level is low – you can be nervous, panicky, anxious, or under constant unnecessary stress. Higher endorphin levels help you get through the bad times – and it is your light at the end of the tunnel.

Do This And A Good Mood Is Guaranteed

It’s normal for your mood to change over the day – your work has accumulated, someone makes you angry, or you get attacked by dark thoughts. There are solutions, and they are very simple. Follow these tips and let them get into the habit – so you will always be in a good mood.

1. Imagination Helps

Daydreaming helps to ward off depression. There is also scientific confirmation for this. Daily targeted daydreaming for five minutes has a significant antidepressant effect. Imagine successfully coping with specific stressful situations, triggering the secretion of dopamine, a hormone that brings about mental well-being and increases resistance to stress. Who will take care of you, if not yourself? You can always find at least some time to relax.

2. Vanilla Scent

Although there is no scent therapy to completely cure depression – there are some that can provide immediate help. Lemon and jasmine scents have been proven to elevate mood, soothe nervousness – and “drive” negative thoughts. The smell of cinnamon or vanilla alleviates the symptoms of depression by evoking positive thoughts and pleasant memories. According to A-lifestyle, perfumes or body sprays that are formulated as a kind of aromatherapy will give you a unique scent – and give you a sense of comfort. For example, vanilla perfumes will cause a pleasant emotional state. Vanilla essential oil molecules stimulate parts of our brains and help us feel at rest in three minutes. According to many perfume users, creed aventus perfume works to improve the mode instantly, although it has no scientific validity. However, some believe that some of its valuable ingredients play a helpful role. There is an informative article on these topics, visit the site to see it.

3. Healing Touch

Not only does massage help with physical recovery but it is also great for our psyche. The massage stimulates the nerves under the skin leading to the pituitary gland, which produces the hormones of happiness, endorphins. Two half-hour massages a week raise endorphin levels by 30 percent. They also lower the level of the hormone responsible for tension, and it has an equally good effect on the body when you massage someone.

4. Eat Fruit


Two bowls of fruit a day will help you feel cheerful and optimistic, a UCLA study has found. This is due to the complex carbohydrates that increase serotonin production. It is best to eat the fruit in the morning and early afternoon.

5. Exercise More

Regular physical activity leads to the release of happiness hormones that increase the mood. It would be ideal if you exercise for 30 minutes each day or at least introduce brisk walking into your routine.

6. Omega-3 Fatty Acids Protects Against Depression

Omega-3 essential fats are a great food for the brain. It takes three or four times a week to eat fish. Also, take one or two grams of omega-3 capsules each day and protect your brain cells from stress and depression.

7. Remove The Clutter

Although many people avoid tidying up the house, it turns out that 20 minutes of daily cleaning and tidying up of a mess – reduces the production of stress hormones by 45% over the next three hours.

8. Get Some Sleep


A sound sleep is invaluable for a good mood and as a defense against stress. Therefore, if you need it, wear earplugs to help you fall asleep faster and sleep undisturbed.

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