The Escape Room – A Wonderful Experience that Improves Mood and Enhances Skills

Being locked up in a room is a new cool trend. The Escape Room is an attraction that everyone talks about. It is a physical adventure game where players are required to solve different puzzles by using certain clues and strategies to get out of the locked room. These clues are hidden within the rooms and players are given a certain time limit to find them.

The popularity of Escape Room has risen so much that even the corporate world is utilizing it to build team spirit among their employees. Yes, it is a fun-filled game where players have to use their brains TOGETHER.  Often we hear that ‘too many people spoil the broth’ but in Escape Room when many brains work together in sync, they are able to get the best results. This is what is taught in the corporate world to generate revenue.

In an Escape Room game, the players need to utilize their eyes, ears, brains, and entire body to get the best way to get out of the room. It is a wonderful game that can be played by any age group, though the minimum requirement is 10 years to 12 years of age. There is nothing much to worry about if your kid is inside the room because the whole room is monitored by owners. Some supervisors also wear costumes and contribute to the game.

If you stay in Atlanta, Georgia you can enjoy the Escape the Room game at Paranoia Quest. They are open now and follow strict measures of COVID-19 safety guidelines. Between every game, they disinfect the room to ensure that all that players are safe. They have varieties of themes that can make your Escape the Room experience memorable. Check their website to know more about their location and variety of games.

Experience in Escape Room Game

It is the best mind game that keeps testing your brain function and decision-making skills. If you have never been to an escape room, then there are people who have been there who can tell you that it is the world’s best experience and there is no other game that can be compared with it.

  • It is the best game for those who love puzzles and challenges. If you love scrabble board games, then you will be completely overexcited after entering the room.
  • When you are inside the room looking for clues and hint hidden behind devices, locked chest, under the rock, and in photographs it seems overwhelming.  Once you start finding clues, then with every success it becomes interesting.
  • It still depends on what kind of people are there in your group. If you are in a group who also loves solving puzzle-like you then your game will be thrilling and exciting, but when some people in your group are dull and unable to solve mysteries, then it is all upon you and it kind of gets boring.

Health Benefits of Escape Rooms

Improve Knowledge

In an escape room, our organs are working continuously to help us understand and gain knowledge from all the information, mysteries, and codes provided within the room. We love exploring new things to gain knowledge. This is what Escape Room does by putting us in an environment where work and communicates with technologies, items codes, and texts.

Enhance Senses

Escape Room helps you use your sixth sense which is the last thing that we ever use in our daily life. By staying in a mysterious surrounding, viewing mysterious objects, and hearing sounds enable us to use our senses strongly and work as a team by using our instincts.

Makes your Organs Active

When you are inside an Escape Room you are using your ears, hand, eyes, nose, mouth, and entire body which are helping in the development of motor skills.  Escape Rooms provide unique tasks which enable us to grow our knowledge and physical ability.

Socially Interactive

A study was done on a group of strangers who were sent inside the Escape Room. Later, when they all came out from the escape room they were all chatting, laughing, and sharing their experiences. The study proved that the Escape Room helps in social interaction and building confidence in a person to communicate socially even under high-pressure situations.

Physically Active

Those who are lazy and love lying on the bed are not meant for the Escape Room games. This game makes a person physically active because players have to run to every corner of the room, sit, bend, crouch to ensure that they find clues from every corner. This is the best way of making a person physically active.

Improves Memory of Adults

With age, our memory deteriorates. Most of the assisted living centers try puzzling games with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s patients to improve their memory at an old age. An escape room is somewhat similar to that because it boosts our memory when we work with codes, languages, and symbols.

Whether you play with strangers or with your friends the Escape Room is a fun-filled adventurous game that leaves a wonderful memory behind. I have not seen a single group who has come out without interacting or laughing at the dumbest things that they’ve done inside.

An escape room is the best way of starting a new life after being locked inside our homes for two years during the pandemic. If you are planning a gathering at your home after a long time, to break the ice, then you’re wrong. Switch the venue from your home to the nearest Escape Room game venue. You should know what theme will be most exciting and suits everyone’s mood. Choosing the right theme makes it more thrilling.


Claustrophobic people should avoid playing this game as players are locked in the room for 15-30 minutes. Even heart patients can leave the game because it requires a lot of jumping, running, sitting, walking, and couching in different places.

As far as we know, nobody will disagree with playing this game.  Everyone wants to lighten their mood which has been impacted by the deadly coronavirus. This Christmas, plan a trip to the nearest Escape the Room game center with family to enjoy and relax.

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