Best Places and Cities to Live in New Zealand in 2024

Have you ever considered moving to the one and only, beautiful and unique, New Zealand? Even though it is endowed in various nature splendors and characteristic wildlife, it remains popular for tourists seeking to experience even more than the astonishing nature of this two-island country. Even though living there is something else, various places and mesmerizing cities are offering almost ideal living conditions so choosing the best among them is a challenging task.

New Zealand is located in the lands down under, but it does not impact the fact that it is one of the most desired destinations for experts from all over the world. Therefore, people don’t mind traveling across the globe to reach the fine lands of New Zealand to settle themselves and become part of a new community.

What makes New Zealand an attraction, among many other things, is that its unique natural beauties were used for the filming of scenes from one of the most successful trilogies of movie-making. Namely, the entire movie was filmed across more than a hundred locations over New Zealand, whose out of this world landscapes corresponded to the needs of this epic fantasy classic. Not only was the movie filmed in multiple regions throughout the country, but the remains of the scenes have been popular over the years, still enabling the visitors to experience parts from the movie for themselves. Therefore, New Zealand kept something more from the movie, and that is the nickname of “Middle Earth”.

More than 200 ethnicities are living in harmony all over New Zealand, where about two-thirds come from some part of Europe. It is not uncommon for people to come to this “Land of the Big White Cloud” just for sightseeing and exploring its wonderful nature, and decide to move after their vacation is over. Surely, the atmosphere changes and the spirit of vacation fades away over time, but the vast majority that decides to take a step towards settling in New Zealand stay strong in their decision and, what is more important, they are happy to be and stay here. Among many things regarding New Zealand, you may find different areas of interest rated for you for easier checking

We shall present you with some of the benefits and special features of certain magnificent places in New Zealand which you may consider making your new home. Since the economy of this unique country has been on the constant rise over the years and the demand for working people is high, finding a job that will suit you best should not be a problem. Therefore, do your research and, welcome!


Although it is one of the most favorable cities where a majority of the newcomers decide to settle, Auckland offers much more than just a housing place. Beside it stands out from the competition as one of the most amazing waterfront cities, it also provides various types of entertainment and has a range of different restaurants specializing in a different type of cuisine. Apart from that it offers its citizens to enjoy different blessings of nature and enables them to experience wonderful beaches. Non the less, finding a job in Auckland should be a child’s play, considering the abundance of offers from multiple business sectors.

On the other hand, housing is not that pennyworth, so finding a place on the periphery of the town could do the trick. Another minor setback is the traffic and tedious jams, but taking all the things into concern, Auckland is a place of great opportunities.


The capital of the “Land of the Big White Cloud” is, interestingly, the second-largest city in New Zealand. Apart from being a home to a national museum and housing the parliament, the location of the most beautiful beach of this country, the Oriental Beach, lies within the borders of this city. Since the city is flawlessly interconnected with trains and buses, living on the peripheral side of the town is not considered to be a setback, and it may affect the price of the housing.


So, if you are looking for a city that is crowded with tourists, making Rotorua a place of your residence may be the answer to your prayers. Namely, the high frequency of tourist transition in this area enables multiple job opportunities to show up daily. Rotorua is well known for its geothermal charms and is located in the center of the North Island; therefore, it is perfectly connected with Auckland and Napier, while Mount Ruapehu and Mount Maunganui are within two and a half hours driving radius. Therefore, you could easily reach them if you enjoy skiing.


The location of this beautiful coastal city is safely situated in the middle of Hawke’s Bay. Although the living expenses are much lower than that of Auckland and Wellington, the city is alive and flourishing, so finding an adequate workplace should not be a trouble. Apart from that, you may enjoy marvelous vineyards, astonishing seashore and if you are a golf fan, spacious golf courses will be your guilty pleasure. What is a valuable asset of Napier is its position and the envious amount of sun shining during the whole year, hence making it a prior choice than the other surrounding cities in winter months.


The location and weather of this jewel of the “Middle Earth” are just amazing. Not only can the tourists enjoy swimming and surfing all summer long, but they can also experience world-class skiing during the winter months. There are activities in and around the city suitable for both younger and elder visitors, therefore there are always job opportunities since the frequency of tourists is grandeur.

Sadly, the housing in Queenstown is the most expensive in New Zealand, hence finding a place somewhere in the suburbs may prove to be a solution. Nevertheless, it is not necessarily a bad thing, since the views from anywhere from the Central Otago region can be truly amazing.

Being part of New Zealand is a special thing and the ones who can live in this beautiful country consider them lucky for a reason. Even though the high demand for working force in various sectors is on the rise and does not seem to stagger, it would be wise to secure your place and come to the “Middle Earth” to settle. Become a part of this heaven on earth and enjoy your stay.

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