Autumn in Switzerland: 5 Top Places You Must See – 2024 Guide

While a few hikers get ready for a new adventure, the cows graze peacefully on the alp, enjoying the first rays of the morning sun with an incredible panoramic view. The surrounding pastures shine with colorful flowers. Yellow, blue, pink, yes, almost all colors are present here.

Although 255 is more minor than the USA, Switzerland is one of the most diverse countries in the world. For example, in this tiny state, over 13,000 feet will be covered in just 120 miles. There are more than 1500 lakes and 2000 mountain peaks in Switzerland.

This makes the country a place with almost no limits. Where the heart blossoms, dreams become a reality, and incredible moments can be collected.

This article will show you 5 top places in autumn that you need to have on your radar. To complement your trip, we recommend visiting websites like, where you can download a free e-book with the 111 most beautiful places.

1. Sustenpass – the most beautiful pass in Switzerland


Switzerland is the country in the heart of the Alps. The mountains take up a complete 60% of the nation’s surface area. So it is not surprising that the country has many alpine passes. One of the most beautiful pass roads in Switzerland is the Sustenpass. And in September and October, the landscape is a pure highlight due to the different colors.

Although the pass used to have almost no significance in terms of trade, it suddenly became essential militarily. Napoleon occupied strategically important Swiss passes, and so a good alternative was needed. Today, the Sustenpass is mainly used for tourism and is extremely popular with the Swiss. A highlight is the Lake Steinsee with the impressive Stein glacier. But this glacier, like many others, is witness to climate change. In the last 40 years, the “eternal ice” length has decreased by a good 1 mile. This means that at that time, the glacier still reached the Lake. In the Swiss Alps, glaciers lose an average of 2.5-5% of their ice mass per year, depending on how warm the summer and snowy the winter is.

2. Grindelwald – A world apart


Grindelwald is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Switzerland. But if you know where, you enjoy an impressive panorama of Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau entirely by yourself. The easiest way is to take the cable car to Grindelwald First. There are still many people here, although you will encounter far less in autumn than in summer.

Most tourists now hike to the well-known Bachalpsee. Also a scenic gem, but when you walk around two hours to the Grosse Scheidegg, you will feel limitless. As part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the most beautiful mountain panoramas in the Swiss Alps opens up. On warm days, an impressive natural phenomenon can even be observed from a distance. Because sometimes, pieces of ice from the various glaciers break off and thunder down the mountain.

3. Oberblegisee – boundless hiking bliss


Who has ever seen a bright blue glacial lake? There are quite a few of them in Switzerland because practically every Lake is a relic of glaciers. Some of them are still fed with water directly from them today. And that’s precisely what gives them their milky, light blue color.

The Lake Oberblegisee in the Glarus Alps is one of them. The mountain lake can be reached after around 1.5 hours of hiking from the Braunwald mountain railway station. Hence, the hike is easy to do on a well-maintained hiking trail. Those who want to can treat themselves to a cool swim in the Oberblegisee. In autumn, the temperatures are pretty cold. But also in summer, the water is always fresh due to the glacier. Extremely motivated hikers have almost unlimited possibilities to continue their hike. Those who want to dive into the deepest Swiss Alps and have a lot of experience can take the alpine hiking path to the Rossmatter Valley. Those who prefer a more leisurely pace can take the high-level trail in the direction of Schwanden.

4. Creux du Van – the Grand Canyon of Switzerland


The ibex family stands proudly on the rock arch in the Neuchâtel Jura. It is around three miles long and was also created by glaciers. Creux du Van is the name of the natural wonder. Or Grand Canyon of Switzerland, as the local tourism agency markets it. The rock arch has become so popular that a lot of people come here on warm summer days.

But in autumn, the crowds decrease quickly, and you partly have the feeling to own the whole Grand Canyon for yourself. Only with the ibexes do you have to share it, which also enjoy the freedom. In summer, they are the number 1 photo symbol, even though they are wild animals. That’s why it’s essential to keep your distance.
If you like hiking, you should do the circular hike from Noiraigue via the Areuse Gorge to the Creux du Van back to Noiraigue. It takes about 5.5 hours and is gorgeous. Also beautiful is the coloring of the leaves to the yellow-gold and red colors.

5. Morschach to Sisikon – panoramic dream above Lake Lucerne


For those who love panoramic views of mountains and lakes, this dreamlike hike is almost a must. Morschach is a place where Winston Churchill and the British Queen spent their holidays. The far-reaching view of the royal blue Lake Lucerne and the snow-white mountain peaks visibly fascinated the celebrities.

Now already in advance: The scenic hike will enchant the guests even more. Again and again, green meadows, grazing sheep and cows, and the Lake, as mentioned above, Lucerne, and the Alps combine to create a perfect photo motif. Just such pictures, where everyone still raves about their Swiss holidays for a long time and likes to show his friends.


Switzerland is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Although we have only mentioned five destinations here, the possibilities are almost limitless. Especially in autumn, when the leaves turn yellow and red and the first snowfalls in the mountains, an incomparable dream world opens up for connoisseurs and photographers.

Written by Marc Gottwald.

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