Top 6 VIP Clubs and Party Places You Must visit in Rome

When we think about Italy, the first thing that comes to our mind is the city of Rome, the capital of the country, which has a very rich history and culture. It’s one of the most visited tourist spots, attracting millions of tourists every year, except this one. Sadly, Italy was one of the most highly affected countries by the current coronavirus pandemic, and most of the country is closed for travels, expecting the second wave of the spreading. People from Italy faced great losses in March, April, and May, since they spent most of the time at home, while the doctors were fighting for every life at the hospitals.

This situation made the Italian authorities to improve the local tourism, promoting their great places to the Italians. They were encouraging them to travel in the neighboring cities and smaller places, and even the unpleasant global situation with the tourism and economy, Italy didn’t face some great loss when it comes to tourism income. But, the fact is that the country is still attractive to the foreigners, who are planning to visit it next year, hoping that the situation with the pandemic will be more stable, and we will be allowed to leave our home countries and travel abroad.

When it comes to Rome, we usually relate it to history and culture, but it also has some high-quality nightlife content to offer. Knowing that travel is restricted in this area, we can only hope that the situation will soon be better and we will be able to plan our next year’s trips and vacations. Until that happens, you may want to learn more about the Rome nightlife, and all the party venues and VIP clubs there. You should know that you can have a great culture excursion during the day, and if you are there alone, especially at nights, you can check to find a company to join you at the party.

Here are a few of the most popular party places in and around Rome:

1. Akab

This is a great club for the people who love to listen to jazz, reggae, rock, and soul music after 11 pm. It’s known for the live program, and you can usually visit it every Friday and Saturday. Also, you can be sure you will get a nice dance and you will come home completely tired, but happy and satisfied. This is not the usual type of club with a loud house and techno music, so it probably won’t happen to be part of drunk incidents and unpleasant situations.

The club is based in the area of Testaccio, which is a Roman neighborhood, and it’s always related to cultural events. But, at the nights, life takes a whole different course, so instead of Akab, you can visit a lot more party venues around, and we guarantee that you will have a great time anyway, no matter which one place you choose.

2. Vinile

This is a relatively new VIP club that was first opened in 2014. It’s located in the Roman area named Ostiense, and its first name was 45 Girl nightclub. Later, it was completely renovated and probably got new owners. It works every day of the week, except Mondays. The working hours start at 11 pm, and live music is always chosen with a great and refined taste. Also, you can’t expect the traditional techno clubbing scene there, but instead of that, you can enjoy the great choice of blues, rock, jazz, swing, and even folklore. Sometimes, after live music, some local DJ is allowed to present their sets, but after that, the party is over, and everyone should go home.

3. Gilda

It works mostly for private parties, and many celebrities are visiting it regularly. For example, you can meet Italian celebrities and politicians there. The club also has a private piano bar and two main dancefloors, and it’s one of the places you must visit, even if you are in Rome just for a weekend. But, in summer, during July and August, the scene is moved to the beach outside the city, usually to Maccarese beach, so they can organize summer parties with all the tourists who visit the Italian Riviera.

4. Radio Londra

This is the place where the alternative musicians, artists, and fans are gathering so they can enjoy their lifestyle without being judged by the so-called ordinary people. If you prefer the alternative scene and you want to listen to their live performance or special DJ sets, you can consider visiting Radio Londra. The best thing? The venue features a beer pub and pizza place, and if you get hungry during the party, you can go to the second floor, have a drink, and eat a pizza, and then go back to the audience.

5. Caruso Cafe De Oriente


This is another one party venue based in Testaccio, and it usually offers Latino parties and dancing sessions, followed by live performances of Latin-American bands and artists. You don’t need to wait for midnight so you can go there, because they have an active agenda all the time. This is a very popular place for those who want to dance salsa and other exotic Latino dances. They update their website and social profiles regularly, so if you follow them, you won’t miss any important event there.

6. Micca Club

You can visit this club in the early evening and watch some artistic burlesque show, or you can arrive later for a soul or jazz live session. No matter which time do you choose, you can be sure you will always have an exceptional evening because they offer a pretty rich agenda, so they can satisfy everyone’s taste in music.

These are just six entertainment venues you should consider visiting when you will be in Italy next time. Sadly, all of them are now temporarily closed, because of the pandemic and the whole situation with the virus in Italy. But, we can only hope that in just a few months everything will be back to normal, and we can visit this beautiful country without anything to stop us.

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